Apple airs new celebrity iPhone 4S commercial: Marty Scorsese has a busy day

Martin Scorcese
Martin Scorcese (Image credit: Apple)

Apple has begun airing a new iPhone 4S commercial, again focusing on celebrities using Siri and this time featuring director Marty Scorsese having a busy day. The ad continues the campaign begun with Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschenel, and a double dose of John Malkovich and highlights:

  • Showing today's calendar
  • moving appointments
  • Finding friends
  • Checking traffic

With nary a network glitch nor misunderstood word to be found. That Apple is continuing to focus the latest round of iPhone 4S commercials on Siri, a feature still in beta that's experienced more than its fair share of growing pains in interesting. The celebrity aspect may or may not help, but showing viewers how Siri can be used in real-as-in-tv situations probably does increase interest.

For more on Siri and what Apple's virtual personal assistant can do, check out our ultimate guide to Siri.

So what do you think? Does Scorcese, a director, work better than actors like Jackson, Deschenel, and Malcovich? Does this ad do anything for you?

Rene Ritchie

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