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Apple announces iPhone 4S

As expected, Apple today announced iPhone 4S, their fifth generation iPhone that looks exactly the same on the outside but is all new on the inside.

  • Apple A5 chipset, dual core Cortex A9 for 7 times faster graphics. This is basically the iPad 2 chip but probably not clocked as fast.
  • Longer batter life - 8 hrs talk time on 3G, 9 hours browsing on Wi-Fi, 10 hours video, 40 hours music.
  • New intelligent switching between antennas
  • HSPA+ 14.4 (no 21?)
  • CDMA + GSM World phone
  • 8mp rear-facing camera, CMOS backside illuminated sensor, 73% more photons! High end IR filter. Wide f2.4. Super fast photo taking chip. 1.1 seconds for first photo.
  • 1080p, real-time video stabilization, real-time temporal noise reduction.
  • SIRI artificially intelligent voice control (looks great).
  • 16GB, 32 GB, 64GB
  • AT&T/GSM, Verizon, Sprint

More as this develops!

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • will be waiting for the next iphone!!
  • fuck this shit
  • Yawn.
  • Already underwhelmed...
  • As a Verizon Wireless user... This is useless....
  • great live video podcast guys and gal and friend in the back!!
  • Wow!!!
  • seriously some of you guys had to come to expect this. especially after theleaks.
  • Pass
  • I hope everyone "booed" him
  • Complete ass. Way to be a fail apple. It's been a year and a half and ur coming out with this junk. Really disappointed
  • apple are just thinking of the bloggers, now all the bloggers who wrote but this blackberry looks like the last one can simply copy n paste and replace blackberry with apple lol.
  • Well said i was thinkin the same thing
  • How about a fixed antenna so I stop dropping calls in log signal areas?
  • u guys are gonna launch the I5 or keep on crapping the hell of us?
  • Weeeeeeeek!!!
  • i don't understand why all the negativity? to be honest, coming from blackberry to droid x to now ip4 on verizon, the iphone has the best feel and layout out of anything out there right now -- still, even 1+ years after.
    i don't a friggin mini tablet. as great as droid x was, it was a bitch to carry that thing in my front pocket, or ride my bike with it in my front pocket. iphone is perfect. i don't want the phone to grow or feel cheaper like the other droid phones out there. for those that do, your selection is clear.
    does this want me to make to upgrade from ip4 to ip4s no, but if i was buying a brand new phone, the specs are very impressive, considering the smaller package.
  • You all need to change your diapers. For real
  • i lold.
  • This cannot be all that theyve managed to achieve in 16 months. Roll on next week and the Nexus Prime
  • one MORE THING?
  • Now it makes more sense of Apple actions lately.
    Apple kept suing Android phone manufacturers, especially Samsung, because they could keep up with the Android handsets.
    And explain why Steve Jobs had to resign as CEO, because he didn't want to be blamed for the new super iphone fiv.....4S. lol
  • FFFFuck this shit getting bionic if this is the only iphone.....
  • hahaha .. I love it .. and only because everyone is pissed off about it. Angry people make me laugh. I love my iPhone 4, btw.
  • See you later Apple. Too little too late. Im tired of your timelines and BS. Here I come Android!
  • jajajajaja we won't gonna miss u! bye bye! go and buy a TV as a cellphone lol... angry people make me happy jajaja I'm laughing a lot! damn it . :)
  • Yea cause waiting till oct to release the same phone with a different chip is so worth the wait im angry I don't even have an iphone..... this is just a release for sprint...
  • The big loser in this is Sprint. How will they sell 8 million units a year. I say sayonara to $20 billion.....
  • HHmm. Looks like it's "Prime" time.
  • So much for that upgrade that could have gone to Apple. I'll keep my upgrade for a while longer it seems. Just not enough here to justify a switch yet.
  • Yawn...
  • Major disapointment... iPhone brought more profit to Apple than all others smartphones combined and that's all we get after a year an a half?!?!
  • more than one iphone my ass and fuck this
  • I'm a little disappointed about no 4 in screen but in traditional apple style, they have to leave off something. What time Friday do I need to wake up?
  • I guess I should be happy I picked up my i4 in July before Verizon capped data. Still underwhelmed tho
  • Glad to see ios5 for my iPad2 but I guess I will hold onto my HTC Icredible just a little longer. If RIM can just get apps and QNX on the BBs I would consider going back in that direction. BB for work, iPad2 for play! :)
  • Lol oh wow. This def lived up to all the hype after like 14 months. Smh, if you have an iPhone 4, this upgrade would be pointless!
  • The only reason I would consider this is that I have so much invested in iPhone apps and accessories, that I would hate to throw all that money away. Otherwise, not super impressed.
  • In a competitive market coming up with the iphone 4s is a bad move... they seem like they just gave up on the fight against android... DROID prime here I come waited to see if this will be worth the update...
  • Really, AS EXPECTED?
    Is that what everyone was expecting?
    I was pretty sure the iPhone 5 was what people were waiting for.
  • That makes is official. Expect a new model iPhone in even numbered years, and tech refresh in odd numbered years. I'm on the even year plan with AT&T, so I guess I'll be getting the bigger screen, FaceTime HD model next fall. That said, I do like what they've added to the 4S and the changes make it a monster of a phone, but it was not enough to make me want to pay to get out of my current contract.
  • Still rocking the 3.5 inch screen. Chicks and skinny jeans wearing dudes rejoice!
  • Man, it is a good update if there was only the iPhone in the smartphone market. I remember that everyone like the upgraded version on iphone 3 to 3G and to 3GS. That's because the Android OS wasn't popular at those times. But now, it is completely different. The competition is way stronger than few years ago. Android handsets are being upgraded basically monthly by different manufacturers. To keep up with that Apple should upgrade the iphone like at least 2 times a year. But after 16 months, just upgrading the old phone is too little for the users who are "spoiled" to the speed of the market.
  • Absolutely none of those phones have had any staying power. People are still buying the iphone 4 today despite the fact it has been out for 16 months, can any of those other phone manufacturers say that about their handsets?
    My more than a year old iPhone 4 will have added functionality next week, can any of those android phone owners say that?
    it amazes me how shortsighted all these wannabe phone critics are. ICloud is a big deal, Siri is a big deal, itunes match is a big deal. Its not all about specs, but what you can do with them, and i guarantee that you will be able to do a whole hell of alot more with an iphone 4s than you will be able to do with the competition...not just today, but even after its a year or two years old. You cannot say that about most of the competition.
  • C'mon. You don't need to buy the old phone when always there are new phones coming out in Android. And all the features you spoke about....Android had them all for months, except the itunes, which you are required to used to download the contents.
  • WP7 Mango FTW!
  • ONLY a true fan boy or someone with money will switch from the 4
  • Hey everyone check apples stock 5% hit already..hahaha glad this is happening to the most innovative company in the world
  • Glad I got the samsung galaxy s2 with ATT update
  • minus 5%, that´s how.
  • I don't get your point guys! IOS is outstanding, siri brings a new tech wave. Also hardware isn't the most important factor now... compare IOS vs Android... 'cause IOS' performace is above all....
  • underwhelmed to say the least :-P
  • wow. that's it? my Droid Charge tops that thing and it's 6 months old lol!
    I upgraded last spring from a 3gs so I'm no fan boy of android or IOS. but honestly, I expected much more from apple. I'm shocked they didn't even bother to upgrade that tiny screen. only thing the 4s has over my Charge is the processor which basically nothing is optimized for.
    when I bought my 3gs, apple had such a lead. wtf happened? this thing is basically dead on arrival.
  • Until iPhone has a storage card facility that I can save word & Excel files onto it will remain on the shelf for me.
  • so weak.....way to be average
  • your a dumb ass!!! WP7 is the worlds worst operating system
  • good
  • So does "CDMA + GSM World phone" and "AT&T/GSM, Verizon, Sprint" mean that we can buy one phone and move it from one provider to another if we choose, and use it with any GSM SIM card while traveling abroad?
  • Waiting for the release of this phone
  • I don't care what anyone says. The Iphone has held its own and the upgrade is enough to make me want it over the iphone 4. I have been with Palm (webOS), Google (Droid 2), and now Apple (Iphone 4). I have to say I was a little skeptical of switching from my Droid 2 to a phone with a smaller screen, but after using it for the last few hours I really don't think I could ever go back to Android. Not unless they did a major overhaul on the GUI. Iphone may not get updates as much as Android, but where they lack in update speed they fully make up for in third party support. I have to say it really sucks going into a store looking for some decent accessories for your phone and not finding hardly anything except a wall full of iphone stuff. It was a toss up between Iphone (because of the quality of the phone and third party support) and HTC Titan (because of the 4.7" screen, full Microsoft office suite, and 25 free gigs of cloud storage). Iphone won because of the support and now I couldn't be happier.... well.... maybe if I could find an easier way create a mobile hotspot for free.
  • Whats funny is knowing how many people that are cussing and fussing about it only being an Iphone 4s , will still be in a mile long line to get one .