Apple announces SIRI artificial intelligence voice control for iPhone 4S

As part of their Let's Talk iPhone event today, Apple showed off their SIRI acquisition as the new, artificially intelligent voice control system for iPhone 4S. It hooks into Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha, and it's natural language interface will automatically perform a number of tasks, including:

  • Tell my wife I'm running late
  • Remind me to call the vet
  • Any good burger joints around here?
  • Call a taxi

It can converse with you:

  • "I found a number of burger joints near here, I've organized them by rating." And you can even respond, "how about tacos instead?"

It can send and read messages, search the web, look up map locations, set reminders, tell you the weather, set a meeting or event, set alarms, and more.

English, French, and German at launch. In Beta at first. More languages and services to launch in the future.

This looks to be the killer feature Apple is counting on to move the externally not-redesigned iPhone 4S this year.