Apple sells out of iPhone 4S pre-orders in less than 24 hours

iPhone 4S pre-orders went live less than 24 hrs ago in the US and Apple's online store is already showing it as sold out, with delivery times now estimated at 1-2 weeks.

To those who haven't ordered yet, you can still try to grab one when they go on sale at Apple Retail and other brick-and-mortar stores on Friday, October 14 at 8am local time. To pundits who thought iPhone 4S was a major misstep, you're probably too late to backpedal.

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Rene Ritchie

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  • AT&T sold out as well. it will take 14-21days to ship on their page.
  • Even after all the bad-mouthing on the blogs, it sells wildly. If Steve chose his time to go, he chose it well. His passing will probably generate more revenue than Apple could have dreamed of. I write this with the greatest respect for my personal hero, with no cynicism intended at all.
  • It wasn't just blogs/writers. There was a poll on here that had like 60% of people saying there weren't going to buy it.
  • No iFlop here. Live.Bleed.Apple
  • AT&T told me when I went today to a local store, that they will be getting large orders and will have plenty enough for all customers coming. I was happy with that news since I blotched my pre-order. :(
  • My wife just pre-ordered today from AT&T. Lol I hope that she's going to get hers before the 14-21 days.
  • Although - I do think they could've done more with the iPhone in 16 months. However, their CEO was dying of cancer and I'm sure that curtailed some innovation.
  • As sad as it is to see SJ gone, I don't think his passing away curtailed any innovation. I strongly believe releasing this phone was part of their roadmap.
    It may not look like it on the outside, but deep inside there's a lot of improvement compared to iPhone 4. I am confident your wife will enjoy her new phone.
  • I have to agree. I was getting annoyed reading all the comments about how this iPhone 4S sucks and I'm switching to Android boo hoo hoo then to see the iPhone 4S sell out pre-orders in 24 hours. There is still a lot they crammed into this phone.
  • Banned iPhone 4s Promo [Video] :
  • It's amazing, I have an iPhone 4, and I figured that I'd sit this one out, but as soon as I saw the keynote highlights I knew that I had to have it, obviously I wasn't the only one!
  • Only the 16Gb model has sold out on sprints online pre-order
  • very disappointed that with the whole 4s thing but i still bought one anyways...
    figured i was gonna want one along the road might as well get it right when they come out...
  • I will prob always refer to my 4s as the for Steve tribute model. Next year my wife will get my for Steve and iwill use her upgrade for the next gen iPhone
  • I'm sure he was working on the redesigned iPhone 5. So that will be his last creation, along with the iPad 3.
  • Of course, just because somebody wants something doesn't make it good. Eg: Supersized Big Mac Value Meals. But, for the record, I ordered my Supersized (64 gig) 4S iPhone last night.
  • 16BG for the FAIL! Should have gotten 64GB like the rest of us!
  • I don't need 64 gigs. My last 3 devices all have 16 gigs, which is plenty. And I'm getting it on Friday!
  • Agreed, well, other than the 'Bitches' part ;-) . I have thousands of pics, videos and songs and none of them resides on my iPhone. Everyone uses them differently. I broke the chain years ago and only use the cloud.
  • On people wanting a different form factor, look at it like a Porsche of phones... I like how John Gruber puts it:
    "Apple isn’t going to make a new form factor just for the sake of newness itself — they make changes only if the changes make things decidedly better. Thinner, stronger, smaller, more efficient. If they don’t have a new design that brings about such adjectives, they’re going to stick with what they have.
    Apple pursues timeless style, not fleeting trendiness. This iPhone design might be like that of the Porsche 911 — a distinctive, iconic, timeless, instantly-recognizable representation of the product’s brand itself."
  • Agree totally, the capability in the upgrade is what matters not the looks. The 4s is an improvement and offers more than the 4, that is about the sum of it. The talk about minor upgrade and missing the mark is clearly negated by the sales numbers which show true demand.
  • I wouldn't say that looks don't matter, they do matter but it shouldn't be the be all and end all that so many people make it out to be. It's not as if the iPhone 4 is an ugly phone anyway.
    The only thing people were PO'd about was not having a bigger screen. Big deal. I'm sure that will come.
  • I'm actually more curious about iPhone 4S allocations to the different carriers. If AT&T got 200,000, I'm going to guess that Verizon and Sprint probably got around the same amount, though it's only a guess. So if we estimate a possibly 600,000 phones sold on Day 1, I wonder how many 4S's Apple had to sell before they could no longer meet the October 14th release date? On top of THAT, we must realize that the 4S is launching in multiple countries simultaneously. The sales numbers must be staggering!!! WOW!
  • who in the hell will buy that ONLY NOOBS BUY IPHONES... all these are updates lmao
  • Hubby and I decided last minute to pre-order ours last night about 10:30PM. We received our confirmation emails saying they would be delivered Oct 14. Just minutes later several Twitter sources notified delivery dates were 1-2 weeks. Phew! That was close!
  • The thing that nobody is taking into account here (or very few people, anyways) is the ramping of production. Because they maintained the same form factor, only some of the internals needed to be adjusted. Because they have already worked the kinks out of the iPhone 4 with regards to some of the most difficult and most likely to fail internals (which have largely remained unchanged, such as the LCD), there's little difficulty in production. They keep that train going full-steam, and are able to deliver many more devices on launch day.
  • I have every iphone version. i refuse to sell a single one of them. =)
  • People shouldn't complain about the screen size. It's the ideal size for using one handed and is also the highest res screen out there. I had a droid x and it's not the most comfortable phone to use. If people want the iOS experience with a larger screen then get an iPad. Also, if they increased the screen size then that would mean a larger battery which also means a larger/thicker device.
  • I'm a huge apple fan but Doesn't Andriod active something like 400,000 phones a day... 200K isn't that impressive...
  • Of course they sell like 400,000 a day but that is across many models, across many manufacturers, and many carriers. This is one phone across multiple carriers. You do the math.
  • all that crap that comes out of fellow apple users is unreal.. half of the people on this site.. DOGGED the release of the iphone4s booo hsss hsss . its a big improvement on the iphone4 and the numbers dont lie.. good job on ANOTHER successful release.. i will hold off. and well those ip4s users.. still have two years for the upgrade ill slide right into my ip5 next year.. i love it
  • yea. cause apple would name their 6th gen iphone, iPhone 5
    lol. morons
  • who really cares what they name it. Personally, I would like them just to call it iPhone...that's it..period. Just like MB Pro, MBA, Mac Mini, etc. . No numbers after them, nice & simple.
  • I preordered mine(16g white)from Best Buy. :o)
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  • The real issue isn't whether it sold a lot, because there are lots of iphone users on AT&T with older iphones (3, 3GS) andupgrade eligibility, and that is a ready market for a new phone. Certainly it makes more sense to grab the latest rather than wait an unknown amount of time for the next iphone. The real question is how many sold to people paying full retail or upgrades from iP4. And also the number of orders for verizon, as no iphone 4 customers have upgrade eligibility so all sales are people who are either paying full price or are new to the iphone.
  • While I think a "mini-wedge" shape like the Macbook Air would have been nice and allowed it to be called an iPhone 5, the current form factor isn't bad. I'd still have preferred that they make a removable aluminum back with a swappable battery underneath it.
    I don't often disagree with Apple, but making ALL of their battery operated devices with non-swappable batteries just isn't all that practical, especially in a phone. I don't like having to carry around a Mophie juice pack air for a heavy-use day, when a tiny extra battery in my pocket would be more convenient.
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