While a previous rumor claimed that the iPhone 7 would come in a dark blue variant that would replace Space Gray, it seems that instead that Space Gray might be getting darker. Indeed, the latest report suggests that Apple's next iPhone could have a color closer to the Space Black stainless steel Apple Watch.

Apple's 'Space Gray' might get a little darker this fall with the iPhone 7

From AppleInsider:

Citing his own sources, Danbo of Macotakara reached out to AppleInsider on Monday to indicate that Apple is expected to offer the "iPhone 7" in a "much darker color" than the current space gray option found on the iPhone 6s series.

Tipsters apparently indicated that the new, darker shade of iPhone will be close to black, though not quite black.

From the launch of the iPhone 3G and until the introduction of the iPhone 5s, Apple had always released phones in black. With the launch of the iPhone 5s, the company switched to the lighter Space Gray, possibly due to the fact that black is more difficult to anodize.

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