AT&T working with Apple to cram 4G indicator onto iPhone 4S statusbar?

As TiPb feared, This Is My Next says AT&T may indeed have plans to seize some competitive advantage over Verizon and Sprint by using a little faux 4G, just as they've been doing with Android for a while now.

the carrier is apparently “working with Apple” to change the indicator in theiPhone 4S (which tops out at 14.4Mbps, up from the iPhone 4′s 7.2Mbps) to show “4G” in the status bar as well.

Apple has a history of not allowing carriers to manipulate any aspects of the iPhone so hopefully AT&T won't get too far with this. Apple themselves don't even mentioned HSPA+ in their iPhone 4S specs, even though it technically qualifies as HSPA +. Likewise, Apple SVP of marketing, Phil Schiller mentioned during the Lets Talk iPhone keynote that Apple won't get into the business of determining what's true 4G and what isn't.

Given that Verizon and Sprint are only getting the same EV-DO rev A radio speeds as iPhone 4, it's easy to see why AT&T is pushing so hard. In fact, they've even put out a handy infographic to push the point:

Source: This Is My Next, AT&T PR

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