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Controllers unleashed: Apple TV gaming is about to get a Kraken-sized upgrade!

By removing the Siri remote requirement in tvOS 10, Apple is making a big improvement to Apple TV gaming.

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Anna Lunoe's Hyperhouse is Apple Music's secret killer feature

If you've only tuned in to Beats 1 during primetime hours, you're missing Apple Music's best content — the stuff Spotify can't touch.

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Apple Music playlist sharing is completely broken — but it's an easy fix

Apple Music playlist sharing is terrible right now. But Apple could fix it this fall with just a few tweaks to the service.

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Vector illustrations are more than just fun on the iPad Pro

It’s rare that a $9 iOS app is good enough that you might prefer it to the professional desktop-class counterpart. But Autodesk Graphic is just that great. It’s so good, it’s arguably worth buying an iPad Pro for—as long as you pick up the Apple Pencil, too.

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Metal for OS X is so huge, I no longer need a Mac Pro

When Apple unveiled Metal for OS X at the 2015 WWDC keynote, I wasn't very impressed.

Metal, Apple's optimized set of 3D tools for developers, first showed up on iOS last year in the form of a particularly beautiful Unreal Engine demo. it provided answers for serious problems that my development team faced when making cinematic games on the iPhone and iPad.

But Metal for OS X? The particle effects on stage were less impressive than last year's iOS demo, and moreover, while watching the demo onstage, I couldn't help but note that Unreal Engine games barely exist for the Mac. There's Tomb Raider, the Borderlands trilogy, X-Com, and a handful of indie titles, but many major games like Mass Effect haven't been ported.

I worried that "Metal" had become Apple's version of "Blast Processing," a catch phrase in the 90s for the Sega Genesis. In commercials, Sega would gloat that only the Genesis had "Blast processing." The only problem was, Blast Processing didn't really do anything that mattered.

But it turns out, I was wrong.

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8 Apple Watch fixes I want in the next software update

The Apple Watch has correctly been lauded by critics as the best wearable on the market to date. That said, it's a first generation product — and it shows.

The central problem with the Apple Watch is its software. When I hand someone an iPhone, its user interface is intuitive. Yet to me, the Apple Watch isn't something that's easy to understand. On top of that, for a company that's known for sweating the details, Apple has seemingly missed a few with its software.

I like my Apple Watch. It's great. But here are eight simple software changes — four fitness-based quirks, four general tweaks — that would make it even better.

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