Best Mother's Day apps for iPhone and iPad

Mother's Day is less than a week away, and you might be stressing about what to do for Mom. Fret no more; we've got some great ways you can use your iPhone or iPad to honor Mom, this Sunday. Be it with flowers, cards, scrapbooks, food, or drinks, iMore's got you covered. Let's put your favorite device to work and use it to make Mom feel extra special this Mother's Day.

Cleverbug Cards App

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If there's one thing your mom will be expecting this Mother's Day, it's a card. There are many different cards apps available in the App Store, but Cleverbug Cards Apps has grabbed my attention as a great option this Mother's Day. It has just been updated with a bunch of great new Mother's Day card options, and not only can you have them printed and delivered straight to your mom, but you can also choose to deliver them electronically via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or SMS for free.

Cleverbug integrates with Facebook so that you can quickly and easily add photos from Facebook to your Card. Just select your mom as the recipient, and Cleverbug will automatically add her most popular photos to the card -- you can, of course, also swap out the photos if you prefer to add specific ones.

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Flower Garden / Flowerly

The other common Mother's Day gift is flowers. Flower Garden and Flowerly are two great iPhone and iPad apps that let you send virtual flowers to Mom via Facebook and email. Flower Garden is a bit more "fun" in that you actually grow the flowers that you're going to include in your bouquet.

Since not everyone is into that sort of thing, I'm also including Flowerly, an app that simply let's you choose a bouquet and card and send it on its way.

Both apps are great options for sending Mom a virtual bouquet on Mother's Day.

Healthy Desserts by Green Kitchen

Healthy Desserts by Green Kitchen review

There's a good chance that Mom has spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking meals and baking treats for you and the family. Mother's Day is the perfect day to return the favor. With Healthy Desserts by Green Kitchen, you'll find delicious treats to present to your mom. And she'll really appreciate it when, after she's done enjoying the delectable dessert, you tell her that it was made with healthy ingredients. Moms love yummy desserts, but often feel guilty about eating them.

If you want to go all out and cook an entire meal, check out some of our other favorite cooking apps available in the App Store.

Don't forget to install the app on Mom's iPhone and/or iPad as well!


What's a great meal and dessert without the perfect cocktail to go with it? With Mixologist for iPhone, you can find the recipe to Mom's favorite drink and mix one up with extra love just for her. If Mom isn't into alcoholic drinks, there are also some tasty non-alcoholic options as well.

ScrapPad - Mother's Day Photo Journal

Is Mom a scrapbooker? Then she's going to love ScrapPad. During your Mother's Day celebrations, be sure to take lots of photos, including of the tiniest details, and use them to create the ultimate scrapbook with ScrapPad - Mother's Day Photo Journal for iPad. The Mother's Day kit includes fun clipart and graphics designed just for the day. And the best part? Once you've created the digital version of the scrapbook, you can order it to be printed as a physical book that Mom will cherish forever.

Your best Mother's Day apps for iPhone and iPad?

Those are my picks for best iPhone and iPad apps for Mother's Day. With them, you can send Mom a special card, a bouquet of flowers, make her the perfect treat, mix her a delicious drink, and create a scrapbook that she'll forever love. Any apps I'm missing out on? Any you'd recommend more? Let me know!

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