iPhone developers can now start preparing for Apple's massive EU App Store overhaul — TestFlight update introduces app marketplaces, web browser engines and more

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Ahead of Apple’s big EU App Store overhaul in iOS 17.4, developers can now try out the update’s new features in App Store Connect and TestFlight.

According to a post on Apple’s Developer website, "Developers who have agreed to the new business terms can now use new features in App Store Connect and the App Store Connect API to set up marketplace distribution and marketplace apps and use TestFlight to beta test these features. TestFlight also supports apps using alternative browser engines, and alternative payments through payment service providers and linking out to a webpage."

Previously, iPhone apps could only be distributed through Apple’s App Store. Because of a Digital Markets Act (DMA) ruling by the EU, Apple is now required to offer alternative ways for developers to distribute their apps, as well as offering different payment platforms and allowing web browsers to use different web engines — all with a deadline of March 5 for these reforms to be in place. Subsequently, Apple announced how it would comply with these big changes for EU iPhone users and developers in January with iOS 17.4.

As for TestFlight, it allows developers to roll out updates to their apps for users to try out, quash any bugs, and give feedback. With these new features in iOS 17.4 beta, developers will be able to test third-party app marketplaces, and the rest of these EU App Store changes.

If you want to try out the iOS 17.4 beta, you can go to Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates. We should mention, though, that installing a beta version comes with its own risks — so install with caution.

What else does iOS 17.4 bring?

Apple Podcasts transcription

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It’s not just these changes, spurred by the EU, that are coming to iOS 17.4. New emojis, such as a phoenix, a mushroom, and more will be included. Apple’s Podcasts app will automatically transcribe episodes, allowing those with hearing impairments to read along with their favorite show.

Finally, Apple’s next-gen CarPlay has also been discovered in iOS 17.4, with eight new CarPlay apps being prepared. New functions include checking if the car doors are closed, climate controls, and more.

There’s no word when this major update will be available for iPhones, but with the DMA deadline of March 5 fast approaching, we wouldn’t be surprised to see iOS 17.4 arrive by the end of the month.

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