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BugMe! Stickies for iPhone and iPad review

BugMe! Stickies is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you create notes that resemble the popular, square, colorful sticky notes that we're all familiar with. You can use these stickies to create text or handwritten notes, set alarms and reminders, and even download stationary-like stickies that can be used to send notes to your friends.

BugMe! displays all your stickies on a virtual cork board. There's a share button that lets you save an image of your cork board to your Camera Roll, send it via email, or visit the in-app store to purchase more papers.

When creating a note, you can add text or use your finger or stylus to handwrite on it. For the text, there are four different sizes, six fonts, and five colors. To cycle through the choices, you simply tap the appropriate icon. The paintbrush tool includes eight colors and two sizes for each size. You can also choose between different paper types, or choose one of your own photos to use a paper.

BugMe! also allows you to set an alarm to your notes with a list of quick option like "top of the hour", "15 minutes", "next week", "tomorrow morning", and more. If you prefer to set an exact time, you can do that too.

In Settings, you'll find options to change the default paper style, choose an alarm sound, snap your notes to grid, enable nagging alarms, and more.

The BugMe! store features six different note packs, each available for $0.99. Or you can purchase them all at once for $5.99.

The good

  • Make quick notes
  • Alarms and reminders
  • Save notes to launcher
  • Send notes to friends
  • Customize the look
  • Use photos

The bad

  • No undo button
  • The "Mega Pack" is actually $0.05 more than purchasing individually
  • Notes don't sync between devices

The bottom line

BugMe! is a cute and fun way to keep notes and set reminders, especially if you're someone who used to, or still does, use physical sticky notes.

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • I wonder if I could get this for my MacBook Pro. I still use the old stickies and put them on my laptop as reminders!! So sad.
  • It's not available for Mac, but every Mac comes with an app called Stickies that is very similar. You should check it out :)
  • Ha - BugMe - I remember this app from the Palm days. Good times.
  • "six different note packs, each available for $0.99. Or you can purchase them all at once for $5.99."
    "The "Mega Pack" only saves you $0.05 from purchasing individually"
    Sounds to me you're paying .05 MORE buying the Mega Pack (!?)
  • Indeed! I just assumed without thinking it would be the other way around! Ha! Fixed.
  • I have two questions about this: 1) Why would iMore do a review of this software and only include iPhone screenshots when it clearly is really intended for a larger screen device like an iPad? 2) Why, why, why would they make the user interface ... brown? I mean come on, brown?? I get that it matches the corkboard, but there is actually no *reason* to match the corkboard. Grey, Black, choose your own colour, they would all "match" as well as brown and they would have the advantage of NOT BEING BROWN.
  • The iPhone was the device I was using. Didn't think not having iPad screenshots would be so upsetting. Sorry. The app store has a lot of iPad screenshots you can check out if you're interested. I'm pretty sure it was available on the iPhone first, so not so sure about it being "intended" for the iPad. It was actually first developed for Palm back in the day. The brown actually doesn't bother me, but I agree that having a selection of colors would be a great feature to add
  • I wish that this would work over the home screen too and not just the app.
  • A work around is saving an image of your cork board or note and setting it as your background