China Telecom aiming to launch iPhone 4S in February

Beijing Telecom, a subsidiary of China Telecom, has announced that they're aiming to release the iPhone 4S by the beginning of March, and that the final regulatory certifications just made it through on Monday. As you might guess,  iPhone launches in the area can get a little crazy, but with wider carrier availability, maybe the congestion and panic will let up a bit. Currently, the iPhone 4S is only available on China Unicom, though there have been hints that China Mobile will enjoy the next-gen iPhone.

It's interesting to hear more about the retail side of the iPhone in China, since the vast majority of news from that corner of the world revolves around Apple's manufacturing partner, Foxconn.  I'm sure by this point, Apple's retail presence isn't sullied by knock-off stores anymore, even though there's still plenty of copycat devices floating around.

There's no pricing information available for the CDMA-based iPhone 4S on China Telecom, but something tells me a steep pricetag won't deter the locals from snatching 'em up.

Source: China Daily

Simon Sage

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