C-Spire getting iPhone 4S on Nov. 11, unlimited

Regional US carrier, C-Spire is officially getting the iPhone 4S on Nov. 11.

As a carrier dedicated to delivering the best personalized wireless experience, we’re proud to offer the amazing new iPhone 4S to our customers,” said Hu Meena, president and chief executive officer for C Spire. “iPhone 4S offers an abundance of new features, and with our Choice Infinite data plans customers can enjoy all of them on our network without having to think about their next bill.

So yes to "unlimited data" but with a caveat: The lower end "unlimited plans" do not include streaming data. So if you don't pony up for a higher-end plan, no Pandora for you.

Otherwise, what do you think? Planning to get your first iPhone on C-Spire? Planning to switch?

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Source: Business Wire