Camera's on iPhone

Just switch over to iPhone from BlackBerry or Android and wondering how to get an LED notification for new messages? While it's not quite the same things, with iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, you can take advantage of your camera flash as an indicator. If you find yourself missing messages due to not hearing the sounds, or would rather skip the noises and just see a light, check out a few simple steps to get yourself going.

  1. Open your settings and scroll down to Accessibility. iPhone General Settings
  2. Scroll to the middle and look for LED Flash for Alerts, and switch to on. iPhone Accessibility Options

Just like that you can now take advantage of utilizing your LED from your camera as a message indicator for new incoming messages. Luckily you can easily switch the options off and on easily while on the go, so if you want to turn it off at any point you can without an issue.

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