We saw this deal a little while ago, but it's about to expire. If you want to get the new iPhone 11 and don't want to go broke for it, you need to act fast while you can. It's time to move on from that old, slow smartphone and upgrade to something new, shiny, and speedy. As long as it's on Sprint's list of approved phones, you can get the new iPhone 11 64GB phone for $0 a month, and your trade in can be in any condition. Once it has been received by Sprint, you'll start getting a $29.17 monthly credit applied to your monthly bill for the duration of your lease.

Go New

Apple iPhone 11 64GB smartphone

Sign up on a new line with Sprint's Flex Lease and trade in your old smartphone in any condition and you'll get the iPhone 11 for $0 a month. The savings come to you in the form of a $29.17 credit applied to your monthly bill after the trade-in.

Free with Trade-in

So, in order to fully get this deal you will need approved credit. Then sign up with a new line of service on Sprint's Flex Lease. Of course you'll also need an eligible phone to trade in. That includes both Apple and Android smartphones, which is nice if you're interested in switching ecosystems at all. The eligible phones include the iPhone 7 or newer, the Samsung Galaxy S9 or newer, the Note 9 or newer, the Google Pixel 3 or newer, the LG G8, the LG V40, or the LG V50. Remember, these phones can be in any condition.

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The Flex Lease is an 18-month commitment. After that time is up, you can return the phone and upgrade to a new model or buy the rest of the price of the phone. If you choose to buy out the phone instead of upgrading to whatever new phone is out at the time, you can either pay off the rest in one lump sum or choose a six-month payment plan.

We gave the iPhone 11 4.5 stars and a The Best badge. Rene Ritchie said "...with the added ultra wide camera and Night Mode, improved selfies, industry-leading A13 Bionic chipset, Gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi 6, and iOS 13 operating system... iPhone 11 is the most compelling iPhone Apple has ever made."

Don't forget to grab a new case for your new phone and a new screen protector while you're at it.