eBay Exact lets you buy customized 3D-printed products from your iOS device

eBay has introduced a new iOS app called eBay Exact that lets you buy 3D-printed merchandise from leading 3D companies, according to The Next Web. It's available for download from the App Store.

The app, which is iPhone and iPod touch-native, lets you order products ranging from electronic accessories like an MP3 player shaped like a mixtape cassette to jewelry to a personalized figurine. Once you've selected the item you want, a "Customize" button lets you specify elements you'd like to make it unique for yourself. For example, you can select a $30 iPhone case from Sculpteo, tell it which iPhone model you're using, create a signature, customize the pattern and identify the material you'd like to use.

There are only a few items at present, with prices ranging from less than $10 (for a plastic iPhone case) to more than $300 (for a sculpted metal ring).

Right now the app lets you order products from MakerBot, a New York-based company, Sculpteo, based in France, and Toronto's Hot Pop Factory. Each product is shipped from each company's 3D printer facilities.

Peter Cohen