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Google Shopper for iPhone available now

Google has released Google Shopper for iPhone, which was previously only available for Android devices. Google Shopper is an app that provides information on products that you may wish to buy and lets you read product reviews and compare prices at online and local stores, using location services.

You can search for a product using text input, Voice Search or by scanning the barcode with the iPhone camera. Once you have found the product you want, you can then find the item at nearby retailers and with some stores you can even check if they have it in stock. You can also build gift lists and star products for future purchase as well as share items with friends across your social network.

Google Shopper is available today via the App Store and works with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0 and above. The app is only available in English, for the United States and UK markets.

[iTunes Link (opens in new tab)]

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  • Sounds interesting maybe I can use this to replace bings
  • Hmm, of course, not available in Canada. I really wish tipb would say this in the article... It would help us shed some light on how poorly we are treated.
  • I agree with Shawn for all us TiPb readers in Canada. This has come up quite a few times for me when I try to check out a new app after reading about it here.
  • I'll check it out
  • Last sentence in the post does actually say "The app is only available in English, for the United States and UK markets."
  • After testing, I prefer the Amazon app's barcode scanner. The Google scanner does not let you know if you are holding the phone wrong. Whereas, the Amazon one turns from red to green to let you know. Both scanners did work and provide correct information during my limited testing.......