Groupon for iPhone - app review

Groupon for iPhone is an App Store front end for the free Groupon service that acts like a buying group in your city. You can get a wide selection of things at a discount from massages to baseball tickets.

You can go to the website to view what the daily deal is, or just launch the iPhone app. The app allows you to select a city, place an order, view your Groupons, expirations and more.

This is how it works. Groupon coordinates deals with vendors in your area. When a certain number of people "buy" the Groupon, the deal is on and everyone is charged. If the limit for the deal is not met, no one gets charged.

The Groupon app is divided into three sections: Today's Deal, My Groupons and Settings. Today's Deal shows you all of the information about the daily deal. You see the cost, how many bids are needed for the deal to happen and let's you know when the deal is "on" too. It gives details on how much you are saving and what's in the "fine print". Fine print includes the expiration information, blackout dates, etc. If you have decided that this is a Goupon you want, click the Buy button. You are not charged until the quota for this deal is met; nice.

The My Groupon section is to review what Groupons you have and get a history of your purchases. Location and expiration information of your Groupons are kept here as well.

The last section is settings and currently the only option is to enable a passcode lock for the app.

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  • Great way to save in your town
  • No billing till "Deal is On"
  • Can use the web or iPhone app
  • Refer friends, earn a one-time $10 credit
  • Can buy gift cards to use towards Groupon purchases
  • You can follow Groupon in your city via Twiter


  • Needs more cities

TiPb iPhone 4-star rated


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