iPhone 4S video vs. a great white shark: They're going to need a bigger boat

A huge Great White Shark was spotted in the wild by a boat owner and luckily for us, he was an iPhone 4S user. We already knew that the iPhone 4S was capable of capturing some fantastic 1080p video content but when you see the result with this magnificent 18 foot long shark in it, it really brings it home.

This great white circled our 21ft boat for 20 minutes and made contact with the boat (slapped its tail on the boat). We were about 25 miles southeast of Wrightsville Beach.

There are not many moments when you come face to face with such a stunning sight in the wild. No matter how bad your hat may be, Harry, there is no better phone to have in your pocket than the iPhone 4S!

Source: YouTube via Daring Fireball


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