iPhone 3GS in Canada: Rogers Redeemed-ish?

Above, customers at the Montreal Apple Store wait for Rogers to get their systems working

For the second year in a row, Rogers provided awesome new plans for their customers, but did it at literally the 11th hour and utterly failed to inform many of their service reps about the last-minute changes in pricing and policy for the iPhone 3GS (kudos for getting the marketing folks up to speed though!) and also failed to get enough bandwidth and infrastructure in place to make sure Apple could actually upgrade customers, and Sales Central could remain functional.

Result: mass chaos on iPhone launch day.

Luckily for one Rogers customer, however, Rogers online rep Keith McArthur, the office of the President of Rogers, and a little luck resulted in a happy ending. Mark wrote in to let us know about his experience:

Step 6: I went to the Apple Store, purchased my phone (that was Sunday) and faxed the bill the same day.

<Step 7: This morning, [the person from the office of Rogers' president] called me back telling me they have credited me. He also asked me if I was enjoying the phone

Congrats Mark. Let's hope the rest of us have just as much luck when we call in!

Rene Ritchie

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