How to: Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 3G/3GS Using blackra1n and blacksn0w -- Mac OS X Edition

blackra1n is the latest, simplest Jailbreak tool from iPhone hacker George Hotz (Geohot) and supports all modern iPhone and iPod touch devices running the latest 3.1.2 firmware. blacksn0w is the associated Unlock utility. (Jailbreaking lets you run software not approved by Apple, like background tasks, Google Voice apps, etc. Unlocking lets you use your iPhone on other carriers, like T-Mobile US or international carriers when traveling). blackra1n makes the process faster and easier than ever before, but if you need extra help, TiPb has your back.

Note: For those of you who are planning on jailbreaking your new iPhone 3GS with the updated bootrom, you should be aware that BlackRa1n supports only a tethered jailbreak. This simply means if you have to reset your phone or your battery runs out on you, you will need to connect your device to your computer and run BlackRa1n to be able to boot your iPhone.

Disclaimer: Neither TiPb nor I take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing. If you don't understand it -- don't do it.

Lets get started, after the jump!


First things first, before we start please be sure you are currently on the 05.11.07 baseband. If you are not, connect to iTunes and update your software to 3.1.2. Once that is done it is time to begin. You will need to go to the BlackRa1n homepage, and click on the Apple to download the proper software. You will want to save the zip file to your desktop and then double-click on it. This will then create the BlackRa1n launch icon.

The Jailbreak Process

Connect your iPhone to your computer. Once connected double-click the BlackRa1n icon to begin the process.


Now simply click "make it rain". Your device will now enter recovery mode.



Your device will now reboot.


Once your device reboots the jailbreak process is complete and you will see the following message on your desktop.


Installing Cydia/Rock/Unlock

On your Springboard you will now see the BlackRa1n icon. Make sure you have a data connection and then press the icon to proceed.

* If you plan to unlock your device for T-Mobile USA (or any carrier not supporting iPhone 3G bands) you must first disable 3G in your settings before proceeding. *


Here you will now choose your installer. Your choices are Cydia and Rock. You can also select "sn0w" if you are unlocking your device. After you make your selections press "install".

* Do not select "sn0w" if you are not unlocking your iPhone. *


Once complete your Springboard will reset and you will now see Cydia or Rock, whichever you chose, on your screen.


Congratulations, you have successfully jailbroke/unlocked your iPhone. If you wish, you can uninstall BlackRa1n from your iPhone by simply going back into the application and pressing "uninstall".

If you are in need of some further help with this process please visit our iPhone Jailbreak/Unlock forums as there are many friendly forum members who are always willing to help you out.

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  • Can someone with JB/UN experience help me with a question...
    I have the 3GS and a family plan that I share with my wife (she has a Motorola flip phone). She wants an iphone, but I already pay $200/month for our plan and don't want to add another $30 in data for an iphone for her. Is it possible for me to take my iPhone, put her SIM card into it and not have AT&T realize that's what I've done? Would I need to JB/UN it? Ideally, I will give her my 3GS in June when the new iPhone rolls out and I buy that one. Thanks for the help.
  • 1)Is this the same jailbreak process for windows on 3.1.2?
    2) I have an iPhone 3g. Would this be a regular or tethered jailbreak?
  • Hey Tworth the tutorial I made for windows is over here, made it just this morning I'll update with pics soon.
  • @Luc. Thanks. Another question. When I jailbreak, does it erase all of my contacts, bookmarks, music, videos etc from my iPhone.
    Luc do you jailbreak? What is risk of it bricking? Thanks.
  • I have jailbroken my 3g about 4 of my friends iPod touches and a friends 3gs using windows blackra1n and they are all in perfect working order. And all of the data you had before the jailbreak stays perfectly intact.
  • I have to take my iPhone in to get it fixed under Insur. Plan and I have already set it back to org. ( no longer jail broken) by doing a full restore and a safe past backup that was not from my jailbreak time. Is there a way that they can see that it was jailbroke in the past after restore? Thank you for the info in advance.
  • So Simple! wonderful.
  • @Tworth23 Yes you will keep all your stuff except some settings. Yes I do Jailbreak and no to my knowledge you cannot brick an iPhone, if anything goes wrong restore to official firmware in iTunes.
    @B3gin Yes by doing a full restore they are unable to tell you have jailbroken. I recommend you check out the FAQ's posted by tipb
  • Chad Garret Is mancandy to all the fanboys.
  • @Luc, I have windows vista. I heard that when you download black rain, while downloading to computer you should download in windows xp mode. Is that true, if so how do I do that ?
  • @ luc: Thanks i figured i was safe but better to check tjan to mess my warranty up by not knowing. sorry I didn't dig deep enough into the site. I only have my iPhone as my connection to the web right now so searching sites is a hassle sometimes so I figured at least I was on topic 
  • Just wanted to state that jailbreaking my 3GS was the best decision I've ever made. I was reluctant at first, but sucked it up and made it rain. It's like having a new phone. I could never go back to a stock iPhone. All those users on the fence should jump immediately!
  • To those that have jailbroken iPhones, what would you say are the top must have cydia apps, and winterboard themes?
  • @Belichick-
    what are your reasons why JB is the best idea?
  • @Jtz5
    3g usage w/ no 10mb restriction
    game system emulators SNES, genesis, etc.
    Changing background, icons, basically anything and everything... seriously.
    It's worth it. Give it a whirl.
  • @ Belichick - First, as a resident of Indianapolis I appreciate your screen name. Secondly, the JB apps I use on a daily basis are SBsettings and Backgrounder/Kirikae together. Kirikae just makes managing background apps that much easier, almost like the Palm Pre though slightly less elegant. I also free my 3G data connection so that Apple's limits (ie 10MB or less apps only) are gone. I also have cracked it to allow the official Apple tethering software to be useable on ATT. This is much easier and cheaper than PDANet and other apps of that nature. I don't use winterboard because I have a 3G and I've found it to be too much of a resource hog. That's pretty much the extent of what I use. I unlocked though I've never put another SIM in there. I just wanted it to be worth a whole lot more if I ever try to sell the device on ebay. I'll have to try a T-Mo SIM sometime just to try it out.
  • @Al,
    Nice little dig, I'll give you credit. Mark my words, the Patriots will beat the Colts in the AFC championship game on your own turf.
  • hey i lost all my apps is there a way i can get them back. some apps i bought them from appstore and they want money again to be download. they are lost from itunes im working on a mac
  • jtz5,
    Yes you can. If her SIM is from the same carrier as yours, then you should be able to.
    When phones are locked, it just means they wont accept a sim card from a DIFFERENT CARRIER. It DOES NOT mean they wont take a different sim card.
  • Well I, for one just jailbroke my phone and I'm wondering what took me so long!!! Truth is I never would've done it had I not had to deploy. It would be hella expensive to roam so I chose to jailbreak then unlock using Blackra1n and it worked perfectly!! I even figured out how to get data just using my Edge coverage. I wish Apple/ATT would just let go of the reins already and allow you to unlock "legally". Until then, I'm not going back to a factory default phone again. Even when I come back home. :)
  • I think that nowadays an article on how to jailbreak should clarify if this method installs an ssh demon on your phone by default. This used to be the case and several worms are active exploiting this. Yes you can then change your root password but it is not as simple as plain not having an ssh demon running on your phone
  • This did not work. My iphone got stuck at the iTunes USB cable screen...
  • Ron jeremy is a twat
  • had my iphone 3gs a little over a week now i'm abit worried that i may screw my phone up after all this, are there any issues with this unlock and jailbreaking? does it tether? ( is that when i can use other peoples wifi)
    all the apps where do i get them from for the phone?
    soz for the questions am new to all this
  • @Tworth18 Yes you may have to do that, to enable compatibilty mode right click blackrain and select windows xp.
  • ooops forgot to ask will this work with windows 7 64x
    can sum1 point the way please
  • for those that jailbreak and surf for new themes...Be careful of iNav theme and other Blackberry themes. They will put invisible bookmarks on your springboard. You can remove through ssh terminal but it also works just removing the theme. ;-)
  • My advice to Jailbreakers is to get used to their new phones for at least 6 months first.
    Having now taken the plunge, I am so impressed by the quality of some of the JB apps out there. Expect it to cost you for the best software though, it's not a free for all!
    My only real concern is updating to V3.2 when Apple release it. Like others out there, I've spent hours tweaking everything I possibly can ...but it's been time well spent.
  • Does she have her own data plan? if she does, swapping sim cards might work. She can put her sim card in the iphone without a data but ATT will fuck with it, i.e. calls will drop out. You'd have to fake her imei code.
  • I have a Iphone 3GS firmware 04.26.08, 32 GB. I am running 3.01 (7a400). can I upgrade to any more recent firmware (i.e. 3.10, 3.12) and still jailbreak AND unlock with having a tethered jailbreak? Basically, what are my options if I don't want a tethered jailbreak? Any help would be appreciated.
  • @silver surfer: I'm in exactly the same boat as you. Just reading about it now, dont ahve enough info to hand to understand exactly what the process and implications are.
  • i dont mind the tethered jb , the prob is my 3gs will reboot every night for no apparent reasons. that means i have to rerun blackra1n every morning! and its not related to batt being low power. /var/logs revealed nothing
  • For the newest Apple 3GS phones, some people (based on build number) are having issues with rebooting there iphone where it gets stuck on the ITUNES screen. Is there a fix for this yet??? Also, what activates the Springboard slider drop down at the top of the screen?
  • Can I cancel my service with AT&T and then jailbreak and unlock my 3GS? I understand there are instructions on how to jailbreak and unlock the phone, so I can start service with T-Mobile.
    The goal is to keep my same number and not cancel service with AT&T until I can confirm they will not charge me the cancellation fee, since I get horrible coverage at my house.
  • Loved the Ra1n until today when all my apps vanished, except the Rock ones. I didn't do anything crazy, just iBox carbon theme, a custom battery, ringtones, fonts and some tethering. Restore currently in progress, but a major pain in the butt for no reason. Call me on my 'vanilla phone' from now on.
  • Sure I'll just restore my phone from my iTunes backup that I so cleverly made before making it ra1n... What should 1 do 1f every t1me 1 try restor1ng 1Tunes encounters an unexpected problem and crashes. Yes I did a restore factory settings before trying to restore. Have fun jailbreaking kids! You have no idea what adventur3s awa1t u.
  • hi Guys
    Got a new 3G s otb 3.1.2. baseband 5.11 , factory unlocked build in week 45 ( seen in serialnumber )
    So i guess its bootrom 359.3.2 may be even newer ??! , cause i cant see it any more in USB view
    just Snr, ecid, afa ...
    i tried many many times to jailbreak with pwnage 3.1.4
    and it didnt work at all..
    Even blackra1n didnt work, allways stays in recovery mode ( -> connect to iTunes)
    So is there any news for its possible to jailbreak that new bootrom...
    Really miss some Cydia Apps so i hope there ll be a way to jailbreak the new bootroms.
    pls advise
  • if i use a 3g unlocked and jailbroken on tmobile network do i still need to pay for the data package
  • Great article! Another great solution is to get the iphone factory unlocked.
  • Does anybody of you have an experience with unlocked 3Gs in Japan. Is it working there?
  • Great info. All is working well on my 3G. Now on T-M.
  • Hello, I had problem with join to any Wi-Fi network after 3.1.2 jailbreak and unlock. If you are using official iphone, you shouldn’t get this trouble. But fortunally I’ve solved this problem by doing this” : On your iPhone 3G and 3GS, navigate to Settings –> General –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings, after reboot you’ll be able to join WiFi network.
  • thank you thank you so much. i was able to jailbreak and unlock my phone!!
  • i am trying to jailbreak my iphone 3GS and i am having problems. one jb made me have to plug phone into itunes everytime i rebooted, now with another jb, it's stuck in recovery mode and i have to restore iphone now and re-sync it. can anyone help? thx
  • Hi, I just unlocked/jailbreaked my iPhone 3GS successfully using blackra1n but now I cannot join any WIFI networks...:(
    I tried resetting the "Network Settings" but after the reboot it still does not solve the problem. Pls help me out!!
  • WIFI problem solved!!! I just reset the network settings once more and it fixed my problem...
    i unlocked with black rain but now i am losing functions everywhere no camera cant recieve a blue tooth file o app store no itunes each day more things vanish whats going on and how do i get them back each day my phone gets worse
  • ps i am a windows xp pro user
  • Help, please ..
    I just jailbroke and unlock my Iphone 3gs using blackra1n and blacksnow, now my phone is asking me to connect to itunes when I reboot, how can i solve the problem?.
  • help please, i jailbreak and unlock my iphone with blackrain but when i switch off the iphone and switch it back on it is asking me to connect to itunes again and i have to unlock it all over again. Is this normal or there is another way around it?
  • Pavel Says:
    November 30th, 2009 at 6:26 am
    Does anybody of you have an experience with unlocked 3Gs in Japan. Is it working there?
    Yes! I was able to use my Sim from the Philippines while in Japan. Also I was able to use my Softbank Prepaid Sim, but only to make calls. SMS is not supported with a Softbank Prepaid Sim purchased with the Panasonic Prepaid handset. BTW Japan S U X!
  • WAIT! I don't have to download the .ipsw File as I did to JB my 3G? Just use iTunes to update from 3.0.1 to 3.1.2? Then use blackra1n? Can it be that simple?
  • There is clearly an issue with the latest iphone 3GS in regards to JB via blackrain and the rebooting to i Tunes. An solutions out there?
  • Juan more taim::
    WAIT! I don’t have to download the .ipsw File as I did to JB my 3G? Just use iTunes to update from 3.0.1 to 3.1.2? Then use blackra1n? Can it be that simple?
  • OMGOSH thank you for telling me that iNav themes add invisible apps!! lol when i first downloaded my themes, you know the iNav ones looked cool and then i noticed i have invisible pages on my ipod and i was like wtheck! and then i figured out that they were bookmarks but invisible. now i know the source and i can delete them, jeez!! Thanks billypod!
  • Hi everyone...
    I just jailbroke my new 3GS 47 week series with Blackra1n and I too was in the same boat where I was getting stuck in the reboot plug-in screen for Itunes. Make sure that you close down Itunes before 'making it rain' and then when it does reboot after the rain process close down Itunes again....
    I hope this helps. It's what worked for me.
  • I'm also getting stuck in the itunes reboot screen. What do I do now? Do I have to restore my iphone?
  • Hey I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Are the data plans for the 3g and 3gs the same? I know the 3gs supports 7.2mbp hsdpa and the 3g doesn't but if I where to take a sim card from a 3gs and put it into a 3g would the 3g still have voice/data service? The reason I ask this is because my sister currently has a 3g and she is eligible for an upgrade to a 3gs for $199. I was going to use her upgrade, put my sim from my razr into the 3gs and put her new sim card back into her 3g. This would help me out a lot cause then I could circumvent the data plan which I don't really need anyways. Thanks in advance guys.
  • jailbroke my iphone wid blackra1n .. but now .. i dont have network. No wifi around .. so wanted to know if there is a way i could fix ' no network ' with a patch or something.
    Thanks in advance ;)
  • @ AI go to settings on ur iphone then general->reset-> reset network settings.
    your WIFI will work now
    and error for youtube is also solved go to cydia and add this source “”
    Once the repository has been added successfully, search for “Push Fix & Youtube” in Cydia and install this application. This app will automatically fix Push Notification System and Youtube app issues on your unlocked and jailbroken iPhone.
  • My iphone 3gs got unusual probem every thing looks ok and then it never accept any sim that's after unlocking and after I restart it I got the Itunes USB cable screen I've try every thing I knowed but nothing worked will you kindlly help me to fined the way to make it run
  • IPhone unlocking in Canada? Will an unlocked iPhone work with a bell sim card?
  • hi, i have bought iphone 3gs 3.1.2 in dec'09. it has the new there a JB available for this?
  • Hi, After jailbreaking my ipod touch, every time I lpug into my mac I get I tunes telling me to restore to factory software. Is there anyway to stop it doing this or have it sync correctly and work as normal?
  • i got a problem.
    ever since i JBed my iphone 3G its been turning off/on randomly.
    i cant use my iphone while its by itself, without no charger.
    please help. i restored it to factory settings. and without blackra1n. it works perfectlty, but i want free apps! and themes!
    please please. help.
  • Hi everyone,
    Regarding wifi access problem after rebooting and jailbreaking/unlocking with blackrain and blacksnow on 3.1.2 3GS baseband 05.11.07; please try the following:
    If you reset all network settings, reboot and it does not work, dont panic and do it again, and maybe again while jailbreaking it again on reboot the same way as before.....and it finally works and find wifi networks and access points!
    I did a complete restore as my phone got a faulty display desktop screen, and had to jailbreak with rain, backup from itunes, then unlock with snow....then install cydia...etc...and had to reset wifi settings a few times and reboot before it finally worked!
    Hope this helps you guys! Good luck!
  • I bought a 3Gs about two weeks ago with the latest software installed. I JB'd the phone using Blackra1n. Installed Cydia and RockApp. Installed various apps from the Apple store and RockApp. Tonight I had to power off the phone for my daughter's concert. When I went to turn the phone back on it went straight to the restore screen. Everything was working perfect up until this evening. Any ideas as to what might be going on??
  • For Skidmark:
    Unfortunately, with the latest 3GS, Blackrain/Snow jailbreaking, you will have to jailbreak your iphone each and every time you power it off completely through your computer & Itunes, and with Blackrain.
    If you have the latest 3.1.2 version installed, which I believe you have and the latest baseband as well......there is no fix so far that can bypass this annoying procedure.
    Why dont you put your phone on airplane mode and put it to sleep instead in such cases, by pressing the power button for 3 seconds or so only? This will avoid you the painful process of entering recovery mode....etc...
    Maybe there will be a fix later on, but for now.....I am afraid not to my knowledge.
    Good luck!
  • Quick update on Wifi/GPS/Maps after installing through Blackrain/Snow on 3GS with latest 3.1.2 + latest baseband:
    I did recover, as explained above in my other post, the wifi functionality, however my GPS/Maps...etc....location on GPS stopped working!
    I did use the push fix that can be downloaded through Cydia sources called that need to be installed first, then applied the patch and rebooted/jailbreak...etc...thereafter.
    In the process, I lost all password for my emails accounts, and had to re-enter them all, as well as the Wifi network password I use......however I did retrieve the functionality of the GPS again, and all seems to be in order.
    Tedious work and frustrating...but works in the end!
    Thanks to the all the contributers & developers spending time on all these issues; you guys deserve our support, and donations are the right thing to do whenever possible to all of us.
    I will certainly do so!
  • je suis un peu dans la galere jai acheté un iphone par un mec qui me semblé cool et apres deux semaines le telephone m indique reseau indisponible donc je pense qu il doit etre voler ou declarer perdu ou voler mais je voudrais changer imiei cest un iphone 3g 16g fw 3.1.2 de l aide help me please
  • I am little in the galley i have bought an iphone by a guy who me seemed cool and apres two weeks the telephone m points out unavailable reseau therefore I think qu he owes etre to fly or to declarer lost or to fly but I would like to change imiei cest an iphone 3g 16g fw 3.1.2 of l help
  • Thanks!!!!Worked like a charm
  • Went thru did the unlock now stuck on the apple screen! Please help
  • Thank you!!! Simple, not confusing for us non-techies. Very appreciative
  • I just did the blackra1n JB, worked just fine - or so I thought. After a couple of hours, I get a message in Safari (or time I try to check mail, and so on) that says I am not subscribed to a data plan. Wi-fi works just fine, but you can't always find a hotspot. If I reboot and make it rain my data plan comes back, but after a bit my data plan dissapears again.
    5.11.07 modem firmware, iPhone 3GS
    3.1.2 OS
    Anyone having a similar issue? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • 3GS. I dont have to connect to itunes after totally powering my phone off.
    I just power it off with the RED slider and I power it on again and its working fine.
    Just wanted to tell this bc there seems to be a misunderstanding here that everyone has to connect their 3GS to itunes after powering off ????????
    I dont need to do that at all.
    I Jailbraked the phone using PWNage tool and then unlocked it by installing Cydia and then from within Cydia installed Blackra1n.
    Could it be because I installed the Blackra1n on the phone itself by cydia ??? and unlocked it from there ???
  • hello...
    whenever i try to unlock for t-mobile and put my sim card all i get is like 5 dots where the service bars should be..
    can anyone help please? I have disabled 3g but still is not working
  • also i have just a regular t-mobile plan.. do i need a smart phone plan for the phone to work?
  • Hi All,
    I have jailbroke and unlocked my iphone 3gs. however, when i sync all the applications from apple stores via itune, they simply don't work on my iphone.
    can anyone help please?
  • I have a factory unlocked 3gs 3.1.2 that I just jaibroke and now I am trying to get it to tether to T-mobile with no luck
    I install the file from It puts the profile in under general settings but when I go to network there is no tethering option. Does anyone have any ideas to get this working? Thanks
  • can anyone tells me why i dont have blackrain icon on my iphone after i run the blackrain
  • Hi to all,
    I have an iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 (7D11) with modem firmware 05.11.07. I have tried blackra1nRC3Win.exe, but once I try to install apps from a torrent that I have downloaded I get a message that the application was not installed on the iPhone because of an unknown error (OxE8008001) or because it was not signed. In addition to that whenever I try to reboot I get the known message about being in recovery mode and that I need to recover the iPhone in order to work. Any ideas???
  • I tried this on my brothers iPod touch and it worked but when I did it on my iPhone 3gs and the screen just goes blank after the picture comes up pls help me
  • Thanxx lots Blackrain.. u guys rock... this is the best of the best .. peace..
  • Few stupid questions I cant find the answers to.
    The tethered thing.......does it only affect 3GS?
    Will I still be able to use the app store if I want?
    Will my phone find other carriers when it cant find a att tower?
    In the end all I really want is to be able to drag and drop music without the whole loosing the usic i have thing in itunes.
  • How will delete unusable lot of bookmark icons from iphone. please reply me
    Thank you
  • ok so i have blackra1n and cydia on my ipod and under my itunes on my computer,, but my SAFARI, ITUNES, my NOTES, etc. icons somehow got deleted off of my computer and my ipod.. any ideas on how to get them back???! PLEASE PLEASE help!!? thnx.
  • Is there any solution for avoiding jailbreaking my 3GS iphone every time after reboot?
    Will the commercial websites be able to sort this out? Are they using different solutions then blackrain?
  • i cant install cydia or anything from Blackra1n because its saying (please check your internet conectin.) but i am connected i did everything reset the network and so on still it is not working what should i do plz help me. (i have ipod touch 1G)
  • Hey fellas
    So im desperate, from South Africa, got an iphone 3G OS 3.1.2 on ebay in the states, got sent to SA, i installed blackra1n, that went fine, then installed Cydia, that worked fine, but after that my wifi stopped working, there is now no way for me to unlock the phone (ie to intall sn0w). is there any way for me to install snow via my PC? i cant use 3g because the phone isnt picking up my carrier yet because i need to unlock... its like a freaking vicious cycle... can anyone give me some help???
  • I have been having problems for two days tring to get on my wifi after turning off my iphone 3gs. Thank you to the person that said reset my network settings. IT WORKED PERFECTLY. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. :)
    I am very happy.
  • Unbelievably easy - just as advertised!
    5.11.07 modem firmware, iPhone 3G 3.1.2 OS - Purchased from Softbank Japan October 2009 - JB/unlocked in Taiwan.
  • Having problems with 3GS with JB.
    After JB, it got stuck at recovery screen (iTunes).
    Anybody has any solution for this? Now, it is downloading the firmware from iTunes (300+ MB) in order to restore I suppose
  • I have an Iphone 3gs on 3.1.2. I'm using a mac on os x. I've been trying to get blackra1n to work for days but I keep getting stuck at the same point. I run the app and it says everything has worked fine but my phone just goes into recovery and I don't ever get to see the GeoHot image. What am I doing wrong? I have used three different usb leads, deleted itunes and reinstalled. Nothing seems to work.
    Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have also tried jailbreaking using Pwnage tool 3.1.4 and I just get errors (1600,1604 and 2001). I'm starting to think my phone is unhackable!
  • can any one tel me where i can get a iphone 3s-s unlocked in the philippines . thanks . dale
  • I have an iphone 3G which I used blackrain to jailbreak. Everything works perfectly fine, except that I completely lost the GPS (and, hence, maps..etc all don't work). Anyone knows whatto know? I would really appreciate it.
  • sorry--typo. I meant, anyone knows what to do? Again, I would appreciate it.
  • @Clare I have the same problem. It looks like we have to install push fix but this has been removed from cydia. Does youtube work? That doesn't work on my 3g either
  • @Clare,
    I followed the instructions from the below link.
    and copied the certificate files fro the rapid share link which is in the instructions.
    GPS and Youtube are working again but after the reboot I had to insert the passwords of the mail accounts and the APN for the 3G network.
  • Unable to unlock my iPhone 3GS 3.1.2. I have tried several times and it just gets to the phase where the phone is in recovery mode and is stuck there. No solution other than to restore it... I guess I have one that does not unlock or break, a shame since I am moving to Ukraine and could use it there with a KyivStar simm...
    Has anyone figured out why some are not able to break with out a total restore?
  • i have an iphone 3g and it is jail broken, but when i select apps to be put on to the phone i keep getting this unknown error message (oxE8008001), right after it stopped syncing, i tried everything, authorizing and reauthorizin...looked trough every forum,,im starting to get crazy-please help!
  • @strumf
    you have to first patch mobileinstallation file on your iphone from Cydia in order for the cracked apps to be installed.
    here's how to:
  • @aa
    first i tried your link and because it didnt work i saw that my phone has a 3.1.2 jailbreak firmware, and now it works, so thank you so much!!!
  • Hi... I got a new iphone without any simcard in it. I inserted my prepaid sim and ran the blackra1n after installing 3.1.2 from itunes. Now my phone is in recovery mode but instead of seeing GeoHot page on iphone I can see a USB cable with itunes sign on my phone. Does anybody knows why this happened and how to resolve this.
  • for the new 3gs i was getting the itunes recovery message again and again.
    what i did is exited itunes helper and itunes. then i exited the blackrain software
    and relaunched it. and presto!! my phone booted with blackrain!
  • Any word on when we can jailbreak a "new" 3gs without the tethering?
  • Any word on when we can jailbreak a "new" 3gs without the tethering? -- Also, is there a way people can tell if they have the new BOOTROM?
  • it took me many hours (after restoring many times), but now it worked :-)
    I would recommend to everyone to be very clear informing that is required to:
    - Execute BLACKRA1N
    - Click "Make it Rain"
    - As soon as the IPhone ask for Restore...
    - Close BLACKRA1N
    - start BLACKRA1N again
    - Click "Make it Rain"
  • iphone 3g 3.1.2 05.11.07 sim T-mobile, I followed the Blackra1n Rc3 instruction step by step couple of times, it jailbeaks/unlock fine, but no service, did every other possible thing to get my phone to work, but no luck.I am T-Mobile user and all it says No service, If I click Carrier under setting, it says searching and then it brings back T-Mobil and AT&T, so if I select either of one it says “Your selected cellular network is no longer available, you can choose a different network in settings”
    I think I am not the only one who’s having this issue, I heard lot of people having this issue after unlocking with Blackra1n Rc3, can some please help, really appreciate it.
  • iphone 3gs unlocked problems
  • hi ther can anybody please tell me how long it takes for the iphone to reboot once uv let it rain! because iv jus don it to mine and all i have is a blank white screen gettin slightly worried now help!!!!!!!!
  • Is there any chance that in the near you future blackrain will have a non-tethered jailbreak?
  • i used the teethered jailbreak and it was cool except when installing things that require you to reboot the phone. which happens alot when you are first installing things. I only really use the jailbreak for vanity reasons and also the new pre like cards switching thing. I am in love with all of these things but not if everytime i do something that requires a reboot to have to "make it rain" again. .... and again....and again. Its slightly annoying. I guess you have to pick one. if you have a 3g then i would say go for it. 3gs i im just not sure is worth it until its untethered.
  • resetting network settings on my 3gs didnt fix the wifi issues. any ideas? pls email me- reward via paypal for a fix that works.
  • any news on the recovery mode after every restart problem?
    do i realy need to JB my 3gs phone after every restart?
    that sucks!
  • Is there any way i can jailbreak my ipod touch 3GS without having wireless internet?
  • in my country the government blocks websites, blackra1n is one..i used hotspot shield on my computer to get through the block and downloaded blackra1n, everything went great, my iphone 3G has blackra1n but when i open it to install cydia and those it says 'please check your internet connection' and my wifi is fine on everything else...if its blocked too from my government to download it, IS THERE ANYWAY TO UN-JAILBREAK IT?--somebody please help..
  • I downloaded Blackra1n and I successfully unlocked and jailbreaked my iPhone 3G with 5.11.07 baseband and the 3.1.2. software. Once I finished, I saw no further use of Blackra1n, so I uninstalled it from the Springboard, but I figured that I should have downloaded Cydia to get ringtones, wallpaper, etc. So I did the whole process over with obtaining Blackra1n on my Springboard as an app, and once I finished. I went on my phone and the app didn't appear. If anyone knows how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated because I see this as the best method to get Cydia via Blackra1n and I don't know another. A quick reply would be highly appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  • What country you stay,?
  • Hi, I have jail broken my phone 3gs 16gb using blackrain but everytime i reboot, the the screen displays the connect to itunes sign and i need to make it rain again to get the phone working. Please coould you suggest how can i fix this. Thanks
  • Hi! Damsal in distress.. I need help. I have the 3gs - and I've discovered that everytime it gets restarted blackra1n needs to be re-installed. Well, this is the second time my phone has turned off on me and it won't reinstall.
    It says plug into itunes, then I download blackra1n. The guys face comes on my screen.. about 4-5 minutes go by and then the small circular hour glass thing appears in the center of the screen and then reboots it. Says plug into itunes - if still connected in it automatically puts the guys face on again and repeats the same process.
    Has this happened to anyone else before? Is there anything I can do? I don't have internet where my PC is (where my phone normally syncs) so I am just as a Starbucks hoping someone can save me.
    Please let me know if you can help - thank you so much!!
  • ok i jailbroke a ipt 2g with blackra1n on a mac mini, and want to kno how to stop my ipt 2g from going into recovery every time i power off. can someone help? i know how to get out of recovery, all you do is rerun blackra1n. but how do you stop from ending up in recoverymode after every power off?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
  • I think u did something wrong. Recover it using itunes and use blackra1n again.
  • hi, i tried many time use the method above to jb.
    but whenever i press make it rain it goes into the connecting itune msg.
    any one can help?
    i tried closing itunes and press make it rain but it did not work for me. anything i missed?
  • If I use blackra1n to unlock the phone, but NOT jailbreak it, will it remain unlocked if I uninstall blackra1n? Thanks!
  • also, would a turbo sim card benefit/hurt/or not effect the unlocking?
  • Hi.. I successfully jailbroke my iphone 3gs 16gig with blackra1n. I heard theres needs to be a patch installed so
    I can still sync it with itunes, and I cant find it anywhere. Anyone else here knows?
  • Hi, I had jailbreak my phone after quitting itunes. However, can I install apps like winterboard etc that requires that phone/springboard to restart as I heard that version 3.1.2 jailbreak is still very unstable and cannot restart.
  • Hey thanks worked like a charm.I am unable to set data though no cell data menu under network.All else works fine.I am running firmware 3.0 on 1st gen Iphone.
  • I just jb my 3g with no problems except one. All the apps I previously had that came from Cydia/Rock are gone. How do I get them back? I know they are still in the folder structure on the phone so it can't be too difficult. Can use ifile to edit files. I also made a backup before jb. do i just need to restore or will that put me back where i was?
  • I didn't answer quick enough to my complain, but don't worry about it Preeti. I got it squared away. I live in the United States though. Everything is working 100%.
  • I've got the 8 gb iphone 3g. It's version 3.1.2 and has the latest firmware 5.11.07. When I run blackra1n everything works fine, it reboots, I get the restore screen, and I see Geohots face. However, once this is done I don't have the blackra1n app on any of my screens. I've tried every method I saw on this comment page and have had no luck, any help would be great.
  • So I Have a quick questions for anyone who knows... I just Restored my iPhone 3GS from back up.. about a week ago and im looking at Jailbreaking. (gave it up for about a year now) If I do the Jailbreak it should leave all my data, and apps alone and not affect it?.. so ideally I wouldn't have to Jailbreak after a restore?.. if I do have to go down that route is it safe to restore from a back up? 2nd lets say Apple finally releases 3.2 and I want to update to that.. and get rid of Jailbreak will I be able to back up my newly Jailbroken iPhone on 3.1.2.. and restore to 3.2 from a backup, without the jailbreak. would there be any problems?
  • I have had to j.b. my phone four times in the past couple of weeks. The phone freezed up and I get the Apple of Death logo. I restore from the previous backup, but someone said I should restore the phone and set it up as a "New Phone" in iTunes! If I do, I'd have to reconfigure all my settings, music permissions, etc. wouldn't I? Bummer.
    Any thoughts or comments?
  • Hi, I got new iphone 3gs 32gb for my Christmas software 3.1.2 as I am on vodafone I had to run the blackrain software etc and now everytime my battery runs out or phone goes to no signal for a period of time I have tolet it rain again. I was wondering that as vodafone now do the iphone does that mean I dont have to blackrain anymore if so what do I do? Thanks
  • for some reason this isnt working for me im using a mac my itunes and firmware is updated after i click the make it rain button and the recovery happens i got the message saying enjoy jail broke iphone but the done what for reboot message still appears, then when it finally reboots the screen is juts a picture of a usb cable and itunes and doesnt allow me to view anything else can someone help me plx?
  • i unlocked my iphone,, its working with all normal GSM SIM cards,,, but its not working with 3G networks,, it shows carries name on the top,,, 3G sing with no signal bars (just five dots) and i cant make calls, cant receive call and cant send or receive msgs.. interesting thing is this, i can access to internet via SIM card. i tried switch 3G on/off from settings, still the same. WIFI is working properly.. can anybody plz help me on this will be much appreciated.
    thanks heaps in advance.
  • I did this to both of the 3G and 3GS. Everything is perfectly fine with the 3G, but with the 3GS, when I reboot it gets stuck on recovery mode, unless I run blackra1n on it again. How do I get rid of the recovery mode?
  • Anabela, by now there's now way to get rid of this situation. You either avoid to reboot or power off your phone, or jailbreak it again with blackra1n. If you lose WiFi, then reset network settings (Settings –> General –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings) and again jailbreak it if the USB cable with iTunes icon appears. Did work for me, actually for my iPhone 3GS.
  • is there anybody who can help me on entry 142 (amrit). ????
    pls help me asap,, i cant use my iphone anymore.
  • Amrit, have you tried to reset or restore your phone? It's possible you need to do that and then jailbreak and unlock again. Of course I can't be sure.
  • For anyone having trouble with having to restore your iphone 3gs after rebooting. all you have to do is plug in your iphone, and rerun black rain. it will restore everything the way its was before you had to reboot. hope this was helpful
  • I just got my 3gs, jail broke it and i love it except if it restarts, and it could restart for no reason while your out and then you cant use your phone, and that can be a problem if you depend on it for gps nav or in an emergency, i m really thinking of giving it back and getting the 3g or just paying for the programs i want to use on it, Any thoughts if there going to have a fix for the new 3gs phones so this doesnt happen any more.
  • "Justin" - you are a LIFESAVER!! i have tried jailbreaking my iphone 3gs with 3.1.2 via blackra1n a dozen times and it always went into recovery. i had to restore it and use my back up to get everything back - long and painful process.
    i cannot thank you enough!!
  • Hey, i jailbroke my iphone a couple of months ago using blackra1n, but i didnt unlock it cuz i didnt need to atm, but now im moving to another country and need to unlock it and i tried installing blackra1n again on my phone and the process worked but the icon didnt show up on my phone.. ? What do i do, and do i need to put the other simcard in right away after i unlock the phone?
  • hey whats up y'all??
    can this system work with windows???
    thanx very much
  • hi ive jailbroken my iphone 3gs firmware 3.2.1 and it worked fine for a while til i tried to get winterboard, it rebooted then the connect itunes screen came up so i restored and jailbroke it again and all works well til it ran out of battery and turned off and when i charged it d screen that had the connect itunes came back again can any one help me as to why it keeps doing that? my iphone 3g has no problem i can reboot it and everything stil working fine, pleaseeeee someone help.
  • help me
    i uninstalled black ra1n without installing cydia on my iPhone 3g 3.12 and now i want to use black ra1n again on my iPhone but the icon of black ra1n is not appearing on screen while going through the same procedure what to some one....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @Yobad thanks for clarifying this about the blackra1n 3.1.2 05.11.07 jailbreak: "And all of the data you had before the jailbreak stays perfectly intact."
    Amazing how many thousands of pages is written about this jailbreak and yet no one clearly says the above which is probably the #1 question in everyone's mind who is a normal person and not an iphone hacker.
    Thanks again.
  • FYI.... If you jailbreak your newer version Iphone 3gs ( say the last couple months) with Blackra1n RC3. If you (turn off, reboot or the battery dies) you will see the connect to Itunes Icon when you turn your phone back on and Itunes will tell you you need to restore. DO NOT RESTORE!!! all you need to do is re run Blackra1n rc3 and your phone will be retuned to its normal state with all your apps and info. This is what we must deal with for now... 2 IF you uninstall Blackra1n after jailbreaking or unlocking your phone will remain jailbroken and unlocked
    BUT you will not be able to get the installer back unless you restore with Itunes and re-jailbrake your iphone.
    hope that helps
  • ALSO... might i suggest that you get Aptbackup from Cydia.. it dosent back up your apps from Cydia but does make a list of your Cydia apps and saves that file in the normal iphone back up data. so if you need to restore youre Iphone completely after you re jailbreak.. just goto cydia and download aptbackup again and click restore and the app will download and install your Cydia stuff... it has a few problems getting everything but does a great job on the majority of apps.. makes restoring alot easier
    oh... and its free
  • Justin (thread 147), THANKS! I was having the problem with my 3Gs after jailbreaking with the itunes/plug icons. I was afraid I would have to restore. Your solution worked like a charm. Note to others--you are running black rain from the computer, not the iphone, since, of course, the iphone is stuck.
  • Hi
    I have downloaded Blackrain and downloaded Cydia and Rockm but when i want to enter one of them, it just goes back to my apps page!
    plz help
  • My iPhone WiFi problem is that when I try and join my home wifi I enter the CORRECT password however it will not accept it just says unable to join - anyone got any ideas?
  • Hey all...
    I tried the re run of blackrain as suggessyed by justin but it takes a lot of time n afterwards it again goes back to the same old thing that connect to itunes and itunes says ur phone needs a restore...
    Please Help...
  • hey all please help !!!!
    i've an ipod touch 32gb 3.1.2 , i jailbraked it usin blackra1n and installed cydia but now whenever i swich off my ipod it always want me to RESTORE my ipod again and when my ipod turn off by it self again itunes demands for restore
    please help mee i'm not able to install any crack app
  • amit.. plug in your iphone to the computer and rerun the blackra1n program without accessing to the iTune. DO NOT click on the restore button in iTune.
  • Hi all.
    I am running iphone 3G 3.1.2, jailbroken and unlocked using blackra1n and ultrasn0w(big thank you to those guys... legends). got one problem tho, my wifi works, but only within 3 meters of any wireless router. I have tried resetting network connections, also have run push fix in Cydia, still with limited wifi range. How far should i be able to pick up wireless from? and are there any solutions to this problemo... thanks in advance
  • i unlocked my iphone,, its working with all normal GSM SIM cards,,, but its not working with 3G networks,, it shows carries name on the top,,, 3G sing with no signal bars (just five dots) and i cant make calls, cant receive call and cant send or receive msgs.. interesting thing is this, i can access to internet via SIM card. i tried switch 3G on/off from settings, still the same. WIFI is working properly.. can anybody plz help me on this will be much appreciated. thanks heaps in advance.
    p[s help me i tried everything restoring all settings etc but dose not work...
  • Thanxxxxxx it's so helpful
  • Is there any way to jailbreak without the tethering for 3Gs? I hate to keep rerunning the blackra1n in the event my phone dies or i have to reboot
  • hi ,is their any way i can jailbreak the 3g without it being tetherd?
  • I just JB my iphone 3GS. Now I cannot connect to my wifi at home but my boyfriend's phone can ... ANyone know how to fix this problem??!!
  • This thing is great. Works like a dream. Awesome!!! good job.
  • I updated new firmware when it was already jailbroken
  • If i jailbreak my iphone 3g will i still be able to download apps from the original iphone appstore?
  • wew
  • I have a 3gs and I'm on the fence on wether to JB
    will I lose my SMS mms or push?
    Or have these issues been fixed?
  • Hi everyone!
    Could someone possibly help me with my jailbroken iPhone?
    Last night I was downloading something from Cydia and when it was finish it said (I think) Restore Springboard, so I did, but then it got stuck so I had to reboot my phone, then the apple icon appear, then a USB and iTunes Icon pops up, so I connect my device with the USB and then to my computer (PC Vista) and then I run the blackra1n, hit the "Make it rain" button and then "The Dude" comes up... and that's where my problem is, I get stuck, iTunes says that my device is detected. but I can't reboot my device and it doesn't reboot by itself, trying over and over again, exacly same problem... I jailbroked my phone a month ago, and have reboot it before, no problems at all until now... and I did everything like I used... help please! i'm stuck with the dude!
    and what if i restore my device, will I lost everything? contacts, pictures? apps? because I got an app were I save all my pictures... :/
  • I JAILBROKE THE IPHONE BUT WHEN I GO TO ATT WEBSITE MY IPHONE SHOWS UP BUT I CHANGE IT HOW CAN I CHANGE THIS I DONT WONT TO BE CHrged the extra money for the data and also do you need to turn the 3g off in your settings to not be charged for data
  • hi bought an 2nd hand iphone 3gs which was jailbroken with blackra1n and it had the previous owners contacts and data so i wanted to deleted it so i reset the iphone would this have deleted blackra1n from the iphone and would i have to get the iphone jailbroken again?
  • Jailbreak and unlock iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS with OS 3.1.3 using sn0wbreeze v1.3 (with pics )
  • can i sink with itunes after a jail brake?
  • The jailbrake stops for me at the "done, wait for reboot" step. after the pop up, my phone (iphone 3g) shuts down completely. I turn it on again, and the blackrain icon is not available for me to continue with the cydia and snow programs. Heeellpp!
  • I jailbreak my iphone 3g but i cannot go to the main menu. mobile message i must insert a sim card authorize to be able access menu. what will i do. im in saudi arabia and i dont have pt&t sim card. how can install cydia etc. please help. feeling very badly.
  • btw before my mobile running smoothlly. im using 3g 3.1.2 and when i update to 3.1.3 my problem begun. 5 days now im not using my iphone 3g. i tried blcktra1n then it said "done, wait for reboot", its been 5 hours and my mobile still not rebooting. is it really that longtime? thanks. God bless.
  • Does anyone know when their will be software for windows to iPhone 3GS 3.1.3? I can't seem to get an answer anywhere.
  • what if you have no pin???
  • Still alot of confusion out there about what tethering means. In the context of jailbreaking, it means that in order for the phone to boot it's sexy jailbroken self, it needs to be plugged into iTunes/Blackra1n. You know you need do a tethered jailbreak when your phone enters recovery mode on boot(itunes logo with a cable), even after you've already run blackra1n once on it.
    To add to the confusion, 3GS iphones with an early manufacturing date DO support untethered jailbreaking(mine does). 3GS iphones with a manufacturing date greater than the 40th week of 2009 DONT support untethered jailbreak.
    Here's info on this. Hope this helps someone
  • SO can i use this with windows VISTA or not ?? THNX !
  • I dont mind spending some buks to recover my data from my Mac system or any other media.but the most important thing is to use a recommended mac recovery tool like Stellar Phoenix Mac File Recovery software having wonderful features and great recovery capability...
  • hi guys
    my son has jailbroke his iphone and it works fine. But he also jailbroke his sister's phone and now the apps work but the orange phone setting don't work. Can you restore it back to the original setting even if you haven't got the original computer that has your itunes account on it.?????
  • Hey
    have they fixed the problem yet so when your Apple IPHONE 3gs goes of you do not need to reconnet it to computer. can someone email me a replay
  • i have a new three 3gs which is not under a tethered jaibreak :)
  • ive installed this but i axedently uninstalled it and now it wont come back on my ipod how do i get it back on?
  • how long does it take for my iphone to reboot after doing the black rain jailbreak?
  • I have a new 3GS 32G 3.1.2 and i have already used these steps to jail break my Iphone and it worked perfectly but after I swiched my phone off i had to unlock it with Blackrain but it didn't work as usual.... after i click on make it rain the image of the boy comes on the iphone comes and it takes longer than usual and after that it goes back to the image with Itunes... so it is now stuck in between. I want to restor my phone to 3.1.2 not 3.1.3! how can i do that? can anyone help please?
  • i want to unlock i phone 3g 16 g v 3.3.3 can you help me
  • Hey
    I tried unlocking my iphone 3Gs 16GB. The procedure i thought of following is get it jailbreaked using BlackRa1N and then install CYDIA to unlock the phone. I've first opended the blackra1n website downloaded the software from it and installed and i could jailbreak it successfully. Then i shd actually install cydia opening the blackra1n icon but accidentally what happent was, the blackra1n got uninstalled. I tried reinstalling but i wasnt able to do it. Could you please help me out?
  • My new iphone 3gs isnt coming up at all, dont know why.
  • I have a 3Gs that was factory unlocked out the box. I repeat, this was not a hacked unlocked phone, was bought in Thailand from authorized iPhone dealer with no contract. The problem is that after a restore and upgrade to 3.1.3 the phone seems to be locked. It tells me to insert SIM. I should be able to use the phone with no SIM at all though. I do not want to hack unlock this phone. I need to know how to get my factory unlock back like it's factory settings again to use with no SIM or foreign SIMs like it was when I bought it.
    Has anybody else with factory unlocked iPhones had theirs lock after an upgrade or restore? Of course illegit unlocks like Sn0w and stuff will lock but mine was legit. This sucks, especially since I'm not in a country that has at&t or any contracted phone services.
  • I have an iphone 3G 8GB running on 3.1.2 on 05.11.07 firmware. I unlocked it with blackra1n last night and i have it unlocked working on tmobile. But i cant figure out how to access the EDGE for my internet to work. I have read that i need to add something to the APN in the data network settings but i dont have that option. I only have VPN settings.... Can someone please help me get it working?
  • Hello everyone:
    I used blackra1n successfully with my 1G (model:MA712LL) with firmware 3.1.2 (and Modem Firmware: 04.05.04_G if you need to know).
    The jailbreak worked and I have Cydia and rock installed. I have the old AT&T SIM card in the phone (from my friend) that has not service. When I put in my Tmobile card, for which I have service), it says "No SIM" in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
    Should I have put the Tmobile SIM in before the jail process?
    What should my next step be?
    I have a simple voice plan with Tmobile and no data. It is not pay as you go.
  • Hey looking for some advise/help. I have a the older version iphone. I had someone run the JB program for me to use with my T-mobile. I then got another number which was AT&T so I have been using that number with this Iphone. I am getting rid of the AT&T number and going back to my original T-mobile number. Do I have to Re-JB the phone or can I just change the SIM card and change some settings on my phone to activate the Tmobile SIM card? What do I have to do to make this work?
  • I have ,,jailbroken" mi Iphone 3.1.2. 100% like in this tutorial ,but after i canot instal NOTHING it give me this error
    THE APLICATION …. WAS NOT INSTALED BECOUSE OF UNKNOWN ERROR (OxE8008001) i made a restore and again from the begining an nothing...WHAT I DO WRONG???
    Thx in advance for your valuable answer..
  • TREVOR: I have the 32GB 3GS on T-Mobile, unlocked & jailbroken (Blackra1n & Cydia); not sure where to find the APN on the 3G model but in case you do end up finding it, use: for your APN and leave the Username & Password fields blank. My APN is found by "Settings" "General" "Network" "Cellular Data Network" then the APN field should be at the very top of the page. Good luck!
  • hello and good day everyone i have a 3gs iphone i want to unlock it can someone help me out and let me know how to do it, i believe it is the 3.1.3 version please help me out !!!!!!!!!! THANKS.
  • When I use blackra1n It seems
    to go well and then It sais done,wait for reboot or somthing in the lines of that and then it won't reboot. I might not have waited that long can anyone tell me how long the reboot takes? I really want
    to jailbreak my
    iphone3gs:) thanks y'all:)
  • hi i have unlocked my iphone 3gs by using blackin and iam able to use other carrier sim card in india but the problem is when i restart my iphone its showing symbol connect to itunes so again i have to use blackrain and its working fine...but why is it showing connect to itunes symbol everytime i restart and everytime i have blackrain if i restart it..please advice me....
  • UGH extremely frustrated!!! i ran blackrain and it rebooted.
    let me install cydia, rock, and snow.
    THEN i backed up my phone through itunes.
    it rebooted but it didn't come back on all the way! :( it turns off and on showing the apple logo.
    please help! my phone has been off since 12pm yesterday and i need to get it back on somehow.
    i hold the power & home button and it doesn't seem to do anything at all.
  • p.s. i have used blackrain before and have followed every single step so please do not reply with telling me to make sure i have the correct ipsw restore file.
    i went through all of that and it was fine.
    until it turned off and turned back on.
  • Hi, I have been really struggling with my 3GS. The phone is unlocked and jailbroken, and as you all know on the 3gs if you turn it off you have to reboot it through blackrain. Everytime I try to use the blackrain on it, it does not reboot for me. If anyone knows how to fix this, please write back to me.
    Thank you.
  • Hi
    I was successful downgrading from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 the firmware stay in 05.12.01
    I Jb with blackra1n OK but even that I use SnOw to unlock I got the not service message
    can someone help please
  • I just used blackrain to unlock my friend iphone 3gs. Before i do that i have checked the version on the iphone with my Iphone 3g is showing that 3.1.2 and 5.11.07 as this is the same with my Iphone 3g . so i used blackrain to run and everything is going very well only when is goes to restart and the screen showing to connect usb and i have to use blackrain to reboot it again. as i didnt save any file on shsh. Is there anyway to resolve this problems? or I should just restore it to the 3.1.3 on the iTunes?
  • Do you have black rain for 3.3.3 ? My boyfriend update it but he wants. Black rain again pkease help us
  • For 3.1.3 sorry he wants black rain can some one help r they comeing with a new blackrain for 3.1.3
  • download here for blackrain
  • I recently jailbroke my 32gb iPod touch and all it did was erase everything from my iPod and potentially broke it. Do you reccomend if I do it agin or if I did something wrong
  • Got my iphone 3G. I downloaded blackrain then i double clicked the icon to make it rain, first it comes up as entering recovery then itunes pops up and says to restore my iphone then the make it rain icon says running and doesnt do anything and stays like that....can anyone help me plsss??
  • I'm still running 3.0. Everytime I tried to update to 3.1.3 it would say my connection timed out? Now I want to update it to 3.1.2 so I can UL/JB my phone. How do I revert back to 3.1.2 and update from itunes?
  • WHY could i not RUN my blackrain?
  • i tried fixing the black rain, it says adding entries~
  • poo poo poo
  • hello yotam
    i know u r watching
  • hi guys i have just done the jailbreak and seems ok except i have not got the message on my laptop to say its all done and when phone reboots i dont have the blackrain icon on my phone so that i can install cydia. what am i doing wrong? i am on 3.12 (7D11)
  • I have a 16GB iphone that was jailbroke with blackrain. When I tried to use it on itunes,I didn't know that they up grade immediately when you try to download. It locked up. can I unlock it again using blackrain or is it junk now?
  • hi ppl...i just got a 32GB iPhone and when I powered off and changed sim the phone locked up. how do i unlock it using blackrain? is it the same process as mentioned above here?
  • @ ALL : Best iphone jailbreaks ( all generations) , downgrades and error fixes on this channel .. all working .
  • Kranti and vskb kumar.......
    Am going to get an iphone3gs soon
    just want to know that while doing the jailbreak and unlocking,do we need to put any sim into it, coz am from india too and where do I get a AT&T sim!!!!!!
    Will really be helpful if u answer this question!!!!!
  • I'm thinking about buying a iPhone 3G off of a friend and I have T-Mobile. Will I be able to use the 3G through TMobile? It really dosent matter to me but I would be pretty sweet.
  • I'm trying to unlock my 3g with the 3.1.3 firmware with no success. i run the program and it goes into recovery mode but the screen still stays black. anybody know how to help?
  • does this work if the iphone is unlocked?
  • i have done black rain to my 3gs but now i have to make it rain again every time i restart or turn of my phone kk is it normal ?
  • look to this new
  • just jailbroke and unlocked 3g awsome easy as thanks
  • I have to help someone who bought an i-phone from someone else, which is unlocked but comes with a passcode to access the phone. Also, as suggested by some websites, I went to emergency call and double tapped the HOME BUTTON but it kept taking me to the enter passcode window... can anyone pls suggest a website or provide any hints, directions or clues, any recommendation would be greatly appreciated!
  • I have already unlocked and jailbroken my iphone 3G 3.1.2 with blackra1n and snow when it first came out. I do have slight issues with my wifi and push notifications. if i upgrade to blackra1n RC2 Final will that wipe my phone of all my apps and info etc? or will it keep all that info?
  • Dear sir i want you to help me with 3.1.2 unlock sim softwire
  • Thanks the full guides!
  • please help me i just installeeed the new update and my tmobile stoped working how can i re flash my phone to tombile it wont work please somone help me
  • I downloaded blackrain on my 3gs - it rebooted but i do not see the blackrain icon on my Springboard, should i download it again?
  • Hi i have just follow the instructions to jail break my 3gs and now it wont even turn on? please help?
  • I can't install new version of programs
  • Dear Helping Hand
    I have a jailbroken 3GS, 3.1.3, restored it, then again jailbreak by spirit.
    my cydia is not working...
    what to do?
    please help
    mail on :
  • i woild like to unlock my iphone 3g 3.1.2 . but i do not know i can not unlock . i installed cydia allready, but i can not load data for it. can not manage it. can you help me? thanks
  • please provide the necessary software for my aplle iphone 3gs
  • Tara pass I phone 3GS che
  • hi there i have jainbroken my 3gs and my screen has cracked. i have insurance but to send it back i need to unlock it but it wont turn on please help.
  • when i downloaded black rain the icon never showed up on my homepage??
  • @stumf, you have to be on 3.1.2, if you wanna unlock the 2g on 3.1.3, use kittyra1n,
  • My Iphone 3G was jailbroken using Cydia and last night it suddenly went to connect to itunes screen and has been stuck on this screen and i dont know how to fix it? Its been jailbroken for about 4 months now with no problems ever.
  • hi... after unlocking, the phone started got hung and started searching for network.. as it was hung, i just restarted it.. and now i can just see the applee logo in the start screen.... it isn't restarting.. Can you please help and guide?
  • I have a I phone 3 which has been blocked by O2 because it was lost ,since now ive found it can I get it working as a phone again please help
  • if i unlock my iphone 3gs when i plug it into my laptop to itunes will it lock its self???
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  • I was jailbreaking my iphone with redsn0w and now it just shows me a itunes app with a ubs piont to it idk what to do.
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