Review: iGrip Custom Fit Flexible Mount for iPhone 3G

The iGrip Custom Fit Flexible Mount for iPhone 3G is available in the iMore Store for $19.95. This mount is an excellent alternative to having your iPhone float freely within the cabin of your car. In a day when more focus is being placed on distracted drivers, this mount allows you to affix your iPhone 3G and view the display while keeping both hands on the wheel. How does it measure up? Read on for the full review!

First Impressions

There are very few pieces to the iGrip; holder for the iPhone, the flexible "gooseneck" with suction cup and suction cup mount (for dashboards, etc). The quality of this product is top-notch. The holder is solid plastic, no fear of cracks here, and the gooseneck is very strong, almost too strong! The added mount is useful too. I found mounting the iGrip from my window, just below the rearview mirror works perfect for me, but it really depends on the vehicle. 

Daily Use

After thoroughly cleaning the interior windshield of my car (for those that want to know, it's a 2007 Honda Accord sedan) I had to experiment with where to place the mount. Windshield? Dashboard? Somewhere by the gearshift? After experimenting with various locations, I decided upon the windshield. This is the perfect location for me. I typically keep my iPhone in the drivers-side arm rest. This works OK, but I always have to look down at the screen. This, of course can be distracting. So, the eye-level positioning of the iGrip from the windshield is just perfect for me.

Once installed (this took about 3 seconds- simply find your location and press down on the suction lever...) the iGrip was secure. I only noticed a slight wobble from the base-neck of the device, but it "play" simply stems from the rubber suction affixing itself to the gooseneck. It can be quite challenging to manipulate the gooseneck to your desired position however, but this is a good thing. You see, once the iPhone is mounted, you don't want that neck swaying anywhere!

Using the mount is a joy! I can easily reach my iPhone homescreen to change my music (the Belkin TuneCast Auto works well) and access Google Maps.

The real disappointment with the iGrip has to do with the oversight of the 30-pin connector on the bottom of the iPhone. While the connector is still accessible for FM Transmitters and A/C power adapters, it is not completely flush. Knowing that people would mount the iGrip in their cars and need power, I would think the engineers would have devised a way to securely hold the iPhone in place while not hurting the connectors functionality. So remember, though the adapters plug in, there is an ever-so-slight extra push you have to give any adapter to plug it in smoothly.

I did find an great use for the iGrip while driving. I had to look up a phone number for an Indian restaurant I was going to (I had to make sure they still had the buffet). So, I tapped the Google Mobile App and spoke the name. Amazingly, the Google App picked my voice and successfully completed my search! Man, it was great.


I may seem a bit giddy, but I have not been this excited about an accessory since the Griffin PowerDuo! This mount just frees up some much space for me in the car and the ease of accessibility using apps like Google's Mobile App, just make the package that much more appealing. If you need a car mount, look no further that the iGrip, for $19.95, it is well worth it!

I have tried to include plenty of pictures so you really get a sense of what this looks like inside the vehicle; enjoy!


  • The iPhone is held securely in place. No worries of it falling out
  • Flexible arm that is very strong. It does not sway on the window or dashboard easily
  • You can keep your eyes on the road while using the iPhone! It's a savior!


  • The bottom of the holster ever so slightly prevents a charger or radio transmitter from fitting 100% securely. Still useable, but I wish they had accounted for this in the design. 

TiPb Review Rating: 4/5

The iPhone Blog Accessory Review: 4 Stars

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