Review: Case-Mate Vroom for iPhone 3G

[Ed: New Case-Mate Vrooms in new spectacular colors now available in the TiPb iPhone Store! - Rene]

The iPhone 3G certainly has a ton of case options. Everyone has their own take on what constitutes a good iPhone case—some prefer silicone, others want a hard plastic, some prefer loud cases, others search for more subtle options. We take a look at a lot of cases here at TiPb and there’s a different qualification for the case we’re about to take a look at—this falls under the ‘fun’ category.

The Case-Mate Vroom for iPhone 3G ($14.95) is a subtly-fun designed rubber case. From afar the Vroom case looks like a basic, black silicone case that protects the back of the iPhone 3G. Upon closer inspection, whoa what?! The back has tire tread!

Is this merely a gimmick? How cool is it?

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Come on. Laugh a little. Ease up. The Vroom case for the iPhone 3G is funny and a definite conversation starter. I mean, it’s a tire on your iPhone 3G! You could even come up with a far-fetched story on how you custom made the case with your old car tire’s or even say its a special edition made by Goodyear or Michelin. I mean, a tire on your iPhone? What other crazy designs can we get?

Jokes aside, the Vroom case is a basic black rubber case that protects the full back of the iPhone 3G while leaving room open for all of the iPhone 3G’s functions. It even comes equipped with a plastic screen to protect the iPhone 3G’s touchscreen. We’re not fans of those plastic touchscreens preferring to go with Bodyguardz or Invisibleshield for cases like these.

But in all, I think it looks great and adds a ton of character to the iPhone 3G.


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The rubber is a lot different from other silicone cases I’ve encountered. Instead of a soft, grippy feel the Vroom case is harder and slicker. I don’t prefer this finish because it doesn’t offer the same amount of grip as other silicone options but I think that’s just a matter of preference.

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What’s great about the Vroom case, other than the design of course, is that it doesn’t add much thickness to the iPhone. I found that the case was really easy to hold and didn’t change the contours of the iPhone 3G. And though the rubber is a bit different than most cases, I feel like it’s a stronger grade. Instead of being just a sleeve or a skin, this feels like true tire rubber. I guess it succeeded in its intended effect, right?

But this case does have its fair share of limitations—more thought was put into its design than its actual construction. It attracts lint and dust very easily, I could never really manage to keep the case clean. This may be more of a color issue than anything since dust simply shines on a black case.

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Also, this is personal preference but I don’t like it when a case ever-so-slightly exposes the chrome rim around the iPhone. I feel as if you’re going to cover the back of the iPhone you might as well go the extra millimeter to cover the chrome rim.

But in all, the Vroom case offers just enough protection. It’s not going to be mistaken as an OtterBox but it definitely does a good job in preventing nicks and scratches from daily routine.

Final Thoughts

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If you’re looking for pure protection, this case probably isn’t for you. I won’t lie, there are better options for you if protection is your biggest concern. For starters, take a look at the TiPb store.

But if you like quirky designs and/or conversations revolving your iPhone 3G case—hey, this is as good as it gets. Let me tell you, when I was testing out this case, I got numerous compliments and questions about its origins. I found that I personally LIKED the case enough to ignore its limitations.

Though it only offers middling protection—this is the case I reach for most for my iPhone 3G.


  • Great, Fun Design
  • High Quality Rubber
  • Adds Minimal Thickness


  • Offers Average Protection
  • Attracts Dust


  • I just got one of these the other day at Wal-Mart, and out of all the ones I looked at at the AT&T store, Best Buy, etc., this was by far the nicest design and the best deal (at least $5 cheaper than the other silicone cases, and it's thicker and more durable).
    However, the design on the back of my phone is ever so slightly different, so I guess mine is a revamped version. The tire tread is pretty much the same, but the logo is positioned differently (still looks good). The biggest difference I'm noticing, when compared to your pictures and comments, is that the ridge of my case actually does completely cover the chrome rim around the phone.
    So, perhaps your concerns were so widespread that they decided to fix that issue, because the case as I got it is just about perfect for keeping the back from getting all scratched up while not hindering any phone usability, as well as for raising eyebrows. Four other people have gone out to get this case after they saw it.
  • By the way, here's a link to the perfect wallpaper to complement this case. A bit of leather and brushed metal will go a long way to turn the entire phone, case included, into a sexy little sports car. ;-)
    (Note: unfortunately, this image must be cropped before using it, since it's not just 320x480, but a square with white space off to the's just the only version of it I've been able to find.)
  • Doyle: just found your website...very impressive. I saw you for the first time at the 2011 Fall Homecoming and was completely blown away...purchased several of your CDs over at your tent. I am overjoyed to see that you are on the 2012 Fall Homecoming Schedule. By the way, you guys are real road warriors...what a schedule you keep. I will be retiring in September, but it doesn't look like you are contemplating that anytime soon. I know your faith gives you the strength to keep going and taking your wonderful music to all your fans throughout the country. God bless you!