iPhone 4S coming at WWDC? [rumor madness]

Electric Pig claims Apple PR has been inviting top UK journalists to WWDC next month and guesses it's... to have them there for an iPhone 4S launch. WWDC takes place June 6 through June 10 and this is where Apple is set release iOS 5.

A source tells us that Apple’s UK iPhone PR team is approaching journalists from major publications to fly out to the event in San Francisco next month. The obvious conclusion would be that Apple is announcing a new iPhone. Or rather, an updated model. The iPhone 4S is slated as a stop-gap before the appearance of a true, ‘&%!*, they’ve done it again!’ game-changer next year.

So far everything TiPb and other blogs have heard makes it sound like there'll be no new iPhone hardware until Fall, but Electric Pig thinks otherwise. We're guessing it's to see iOS 5, which should be a big deal. What do you think, is iOS 5 the most likely bet or could an iPhone 4S be the secret card in the deck?

Electric Pig

  • well digitimes and all the other rumor bs sites said the ipad 2 was no way being released on time. Turned out they were wrong. I dont bother listening to rumors anymore.
  • Absolutely,
    Here's hoping I can finally upgrade my 3GS
  • You don't listen to them but you'll read about them. lol
  • I think we're more likey to be getting an iPhone 4s rather than a 5 this time round.
    Whether we see it announced during WWDC or the fall, I think WWDC
  • u were right XD,
  • that is a great point Dan, to be honest, all the rumors are a bit much when it comes to cell phones....but its so much fun speculating!
  • and hoenstly, Apple knows what the hell they are doing, they are a lot smarter then us...they will bring something to the table
  • I can't see it being called an iPhone 4S, why call a 5th-gen iPhone an iPhone 4XXX? We'll only ever see an "iPhone 4-something" when we get 4G. Because that 4 will related to a terminology, like 3G and 3GS did. The 4 in iPhone 4 is because it's the 4th-gen iPhone. Calling the 5th-gen iPhone and iPhone 4S would just be baffling.
  • it is my opinion that they called it 3Gs so that they could simplify the names of future iPhones (4, 5, 6, ...)
  • Nope. iPhone 4 has nothing to with 4G. Thus, iPhone 4S has nothing to do with 4G either (except it will work on what AT&T is currently calling "4G").
    IMHO, it'll be an underclocked dual-core A5 with more application memory. It might have some better megapixel cameras. But other than that, it'll be the same as the iPhone 4--much like the 3GS was similar to the 3G.
    Essentially, it's designed to compete--spec-wise--with the raft of dual-core Android phones coming out this summer.
  • Don't forget to add the that Apple may include dual antennas for GSM / HSPA+ / CDMA to make it a world phone.
  • And by similar you mean it was only the same on the outside, while being completely different on the inside (biggest iPhone internal upgrade yet)?
  • i dont really think that the new iphone will be released in fall, thats when they refresh the ipod line.
  • The theory behind that is the iPod line is fading, other than the Touch, which can be thought of as the iPhone-lite. The iPod no longer justifies a separate release event. Apple may be inclined to make the Fall the new release point of the iPhone to better capitalize on back-to-school and holiday sales. That's why the iPod was in that spot to begin with when it was Apple's biggest product. Now that iOS devices, the iPhone and iPod Touch (a.k.a. iPhone-lite), are the biggest products, it makes sense to release them together in the Fall.
  • I do not believe they would release them together. Why would you buy the iPod Touch, when you can buy the iPhone? They are roughly the same price. May be they are phasing out the iPod Touch.
  • Maybe because the iPhone costs more like $2,000 counting contract and the iPod a couple hundred?
  • I sadly believe the rumors are true about a Fall release but hope they are wrong. I just think we would have had a legitimate leak on what it looks like by now and Apple hasn't done a big drop on their orders of IPhone 4's as far as I know. Foxcon isn't Fort Nocks, things slip out all the time...
  • I highly doubt that.
    And i higly doubt, that Apple will call that phone iPhone 4S.
    They will stick with the ongloing numbers, because it makes sense and its logic and after an iPhone 4S there only can be an iPhone 6 (because the iPhone 4s is #5).
  • Ah yeah, and no new iPhone without a new iOS.
    And because there is only a iOS preview at the WWDC there will be now new hardware.
    Also, do you really think, that the new iOS 5 will be implemented into a iPhone 4S? No way. iPhone 5 with iOS 5 it will be!
  • I thenk all of you are wrong the 4s makes sense just like 3g and 3gs it will have a faster processor better camera then and will be on t mobile and sprint tgen a year later iphone 5 with 4g and a redesign lets look at tge history 2007-2010 there was no style change
  • Umm... WTF?
  • -4, giving you a grade of 1/5 on this short writing assignment.. I will however let you review and resubmit
  • i really cant see apple launching a new iphone only four months after verizon got it. maybe they will announce it, but for a fall release?
  • But the verizon iPhone was not a new Phone. Waiting till September just seems like a long time to go witout a new model.
  • I think it'll just be iOS5 seeing how they just released the iPhone 4 white version. However, I think Apple may be planning something big, so it could be another upgrade iPhone 4S.
  • LOL... iPhone silly season is in full swing! I don't pay much attention to the rumors anymore. Just give me an A5 chip, better notifications, and a 4" screen on the next iPhone, and I'll be happy.
  • This subject makes me laugh. I am betting on new hardware at WWDC. Apple was mad last year when the iPhone 4 was leaked. So this year, they leaked false info that said there was no release until Fall. Then a surprise!
  • +1
  • ........and 1 more thing.........
  • Even with all their money Apple couldn't buy the kind of will they or won't they press coverage that's been in the media for months now. I've always thought there would be a new iPhone announced at WWDC,but we will find soon
  • Er, Apple explicitly stated, they told us, that they will be previewing the next version of iOS (iOS 5 presumably) at WWDC. You'll be seeing iOS 5 at WWDC.
    As for the next iPhone, Andy Zaky has also speculated that it will arrive in June or July based on his interpretation of Apple's financials.
  • lol... whats with the iP 4"s"... c'mon isn't it obvious apple is changing the trend in rename it to its generation?? iP4... iP5... iP6.... its logical... coz apple loves simplicity... for me... i dont call iP 3G and 3Gs... but iP 2 and iP 3 respectively.. coz that their generation... -.-" lol... look @ windows... naming their OS Windows 7... simply the 7th version... same concept... sometimes the simplest is the best.. so i'll stick with iPhone 5... even though "rumored" to be a minor upgrade.. so what.. its the 5th generation.. full stop.. :P
  • There are some rumors that the new iOS5 will not work on iPhone 3GS.. Since Apple never had an update that would not work in less than 2 released updates of the gadget, Apple will have to launch the new iPhone.. This way iOS5 will only work to iPhone4 & iPhone5.. I also believe that this new version will work on both iPad1 and iPad2 !!
  • I don't think a new iPhone will debut at WWDC. I think the show will be big on iOS and its integration with Mac OSX. My instinct tells me the iPhone announcement will occur in September but could be a month or more later for general availability. If October is the release, then I believe the iPhone will be significantly enhanced including larger display and 4G/LTE. If it's September or earlier, the iPhone update will be incremental with its new processor and better camera.
  • It wouldn't surprise me if they name the next phone iPhone 5 regardless of whether it just gets a CPU/GPU upgrade.
    I'm not going to get much work done that week of June. iOS 5 preview at WWDC and Wii2 at E3? Oi!
  • I really hope it's not a 4s. I always seem to have the worst timing when it comes to getting an iPhone. I loved my 3G when I first got it but it go slow real fast. I'm going to be going back to using a cell phone soon (instead of Skype + iPad 2 3G) and would hate to get a 4s and not really get much as far as new features compared to iPhone 5 proper. Blah! Hopefully iOS 5 has some tasty new features (and better notifications)
  • I think it'll be called the iPhone 5.
  • Me Too
  • I was just thinking maybe after last year's iPhone 4 leak maybe Apple has clamped down even harder on their partners, maybe even controlling all this misinformation about parts and stuff. Just so at WWDC Steve can say "You've never seen this before."
  • You have quite a point. Makes sense to just keep it under wraps. Perhaps not even begin testing outside the Apple campus UNTIL it's announced. I can see Steve getting ahead of the story, announcing the new, next gen iPhone at WWDC, and then begin testing with a fall release, perhaps coinciding with the September iPod/music event. I also believe September will be the release of this cloud-based iTunes.
  • Hey Apple, iOS 5 has to be the star of the show. After seeing what MS has in their latest update coming in the fall, Apple needs to step it up.
  • iPod sales are down--and the lines are blurring between iPhone and iPod. Really the iPod touch is a iPhone without SMS/MMS, and cellular data and voice capabilities. I think the September event will be a new phone from now on. The summer will be the new iPod. Who knows.
  • Or it could just be called "iPhone". As they say: it will change the world. All over again.
  • I'm wondering if it's too crazy to think that although the Verizon and White iPhone 4 are both recent releases, couldn't Apple consider those sales "icing on the cake" and go ahead and roll out the new iPhone at WWDC? From the 1st iPhone to the iPhone 4 Apple has almost exponentially increased their unit sales aka exponential profit increase. So it's possible that they are not as concerned with pushing back the release in order to scrap for more sales and appease customers. Therefore, I don't think it too far fetched to see a new iPhone in June unless certain components of the phone really need further development. The only people who REALLY know are Apple. It's no big deal either way though, I just want the phone.
  • iPhone 5 will be on the shelves by the end of June.
  • doubtful, likely sold out.
  • Im a Verizon user and hope iPhone 5 will be here november or december
  • Ohhh twaddi
  • I concur.
  • Y'all sound like broken records..........
  • does it... does it... does it look like I give a f@#k...
  • I'm really excited to see what's going down w/iOS 5. First time that we didn't get a preview. So I'm sure it's about that more then the iPhone 5. ... Maybe. One can onely hope that Apple says w/the current plan. iPhone 5. & iOS 5 to run it on.
  • I was going to try to hold off for the 5 but I finally said to heck with it. Got a 4 last night. I may be behind the curve, but the 3G was just too bogged down with iOS4 and the battery having been recharged over 600 times was showing capacity loss. I just wish I had done it earlier because this iphone 4 is faaaaaast!
  • Maybe they'll start naming the iPhone like Cars ... 2012 iPhone o_o
  • Ten bucks says my HTC Inspire will have better features than the next updated iPhone.
  • Probably
  • Ten bucks says the next five android phones that come out in the next month will have better features then your HTC Inspire. One of many thing I don't like about android phones. When you get one three weeks later there are 4 better ones to chose from. Anyways... I still believe there will be a new iphone in a couple weeks they have been throwing people off this whole time. If not a overhaul of ios would be fine by me.
  • Let's use our brains here guys: ios5, 5th gen iPhone, A5 chip. So many reasons to name the next thing the iPhone 5.