A video purportedly showing the iPhone 4S in action reveals a new "Raise to Speak" feature for Siri, letting users bring the iPhone up to their ear instead of holding down the home button in order to active the feature. The video also reveals benchmarks showing the iPhone 4S to be about twice as powerful as the iPhone 4.

Early Sunspider marks show a total score of 2222.1ms and a BrowserMark score of 89567. For comparison, it appears that the BrowserMark score for an iPhone 4 running iOS 5 is44856, so the new iPhone 4S benches twice as fast in the browser.

Additional features found in the video show more options for Siri, including language selection settings, voice feedback, user information and the ability to turn off the service system-wide.

These benchmarks are in-line with Apple's suggestion of the iPhone 4S being roughly twice as powerful as the iPhone 4 with its new A5 SoC powering the device.

Source: AppVV via MacRumors