iPhone 4S six months later: Community report card

You've read our original iPhone 4S review and our iMore and Mobile Nations six months later round table, but as always the take that matters most is our community's. We asked the iMore Nation how the iPhone 4S was holding up for you some six months later, if it was still competitive, and if you'd still recommend it to a prospective new iPhone buyer. And boy did you answer!

Are you still satisfied with the iPhone 4S?

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The question was simple: six months after the release are you, the members of the iMore Nation, still satisfied with the iPhone 4S?

  • 56% said extremely, nothing else comes close
  • 23% said mostly, aging well but getting old
  • 11% said meh, starting to look around for alternatives
  • 10% said not at all, they regret getting it

iPhone 4S community review: Six months later

From the iMore Forums

And here's a sampling of what the iMore Forums are saying about the iPhone 4S, six months later.

All I can say is that the iPhone 4S is so much more than I expected. Still reasonably priced. Easy to use. Easy to sync all of my Google contacts, calendar and of course Gmail. FaceTime. Great camera and a beautiful device.

I think the 4S is still very competitive in today's market. The speed of the A5 chip rarely leaves me waiting for anything. If someone asks me what kind of phone to get I generally ask them what they like to do with a phone. If they like to take pictures or videos, I show them what the 4S can do. If their life centres around Google and its products, I suggest an Android device, but I let them know about the 55 or so hardware devices running the Android OS and (in my opinion) how buggy it can be. I also inform them of Apple's "closed ecosystem" which I've never really been a fan of, but like Bla1ze once told me, "at least they have an ecosystem".

I must admit, I've really come to appreciate Apple, their products, and the ecosystem. There's a reason they're the most valuable company in the world. So, how do I like the iPhone 4S six months later? I... love...it.

The iPhone 4S in my opinion is still the best mobile device out to date (that I've used). Nothing even comes close to it in terms of usability--let alone the sheer beauty of the device. I do think; however, that the HTC One X is going to give the 4S a run for its money. At the same time though, its slightly an unfair comparison for the two devices. The latest iPhone was launched in October of last year, then the HTC One X is literally fresh from the factory.

After six months I can still say that I'm highly satisfied with the phone. I was looking towards a GSM Galaxy Nexus for a while, but once I saw an announcement about the One X, I was more interested in that. I'm probably going to pick up a One X on AT&T once its released--but after about a week of use, I'll most likely be reaching for my iPhone yet again. It simply works.

Screen clarity - Nobody can touch it. Camera - Nobody can touch it. Battery life - No Android can touch it. Processor - Not the best but not the worst. Siri - Is my best friend. Use it a ton. Gaming experiece - Nobody can touch it

Yes I would still recommend it. It just works.

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