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The iPhone 7 is now free at Verizon for a limited time

Verizon has a stellar offer on Apple's iPhone 7 available right now that may just be the best deal to ever reach the device. For a limited time, you can pick one up for free when you add a new line to your account. This offer is valid for new and current Verizon subscribers and saves you $350 off the regular price of the phone. Verizon includes free two-day shipping with your order, or you can select in-store pickup where available.

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Anytime you see the words "free iPhone" together, it's usually too good to be true, but Verizon is really offering customers a free iPhone 7 when you add a new line to your account. Your bill receives a discount for 24 months to cover its cost.

Choose between Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Black 32GB models of the device while supplies last. The discount will be applied to your monthly bill over 24 months to cover the cost of the phone's monthly financing price of $15. You could also choose to pay the phone's full cost of $350 up-front and still receive the monthly bill credit over 24 months, which might be useful if you're trying to rack up credit card points (opens in new tab) by making a big purchase. Otherwise, it's easiest to go with the first option so your money stays in your pocket.

Originally released in 2017, the iPhone 7 is equipped with a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front-facing camera, along with a 4.7-inch screen and an A10 processor. The iPhone 7 was also the first splash, water, and dust resistant iPhone with a rating of IP67. To learn more about this device before its purchase, check out our review of the phone from March 2017.

Make sure to find a case for your new iPhone while you're at it. Our guide to the best iPhone 7 cases in 2019 likely has a few that you'll be interested in using.

Note: A one-time activation fee will be charged to your account, though you'll save 50% on this fee by using Verizon's website rather than going in-store. That brings the fee's cost down to $20 which will be added to your next monthly bill.

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