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If you plan on taking your portable Nintendo Switch with you anywhere then you're going to want to invest in a carrying case and maybe even a protective shell of some kind. At the very minimum, you want something that can protect your Switch from damage while providing at least a little storage space for games and gear. Most of the cases on the market are relatively similar in design, but every once in a you might stumble across something unique, like the Manji Command Case.

Unlike many other Switch travel cases out there, this one offers a distinct two-part design. One half is a protective shell complete with a kickstand and finger bands while the other is a storage box that can house your Switch games and accessories. You can snap the two halves together to create the full carrying case or can remove the shell-enveloped Switch to play your games with.

During my time testing it, I discovered that this product solves several issues found with other carrying cases, but also bring it's own set of challenges.

Case by case

Manji Command Case

Manji Command Case

Bottom line: The Manji Command Case offers a unique design to protect your Switch and accessories. It's a bit bulky and expensive, but it offers solutions to common handheld problems that many other Switch carrying cases fail to do.


  • Protective shell and storage container in one
  • Includes a kickstand
  • Comes with right angle USB-C to USB cable
  • Elastic finger bands


  • Expensive
  • Only 4 game slots
  • Potential wearing issues
  • Hard to press the Joy-Con release button

Manji Command Case What I like

Manji Command CaseSource: iMore

This Switch case is so different from many others on the market and offers several innovative features. For instance, most other cases aren't large enough to accomodate a Nintendo Switch that is enveloped in a protective shell, but this design makes it so players can have the shell and the carrying case storage space at the same time. Plus, the two cannot be separated unless I pull down on the release tab, which makes this setup feel secure. Here are all of the things I like about the Manji Command Case.

Elastic finger straps Less likely to drop your Switch

Manji Command CaseSource: iMore

There are elastic finger straps on the backside of either Joy-Con shell. This better ensures that I don't accidentally drop my expensive console or Joy-Cons while playing my favorite games. This is especially handy when interacting with motion controls that require me to wave my Joy-Cons around. Plus, the elastic makes it so I don't have to grip my Switch as hard, which means that my fingers don't go numb while playing in handheld mode. Manji does sell the Command Shell on its own if you're solely interested in this part of the package. The straps are also very subtle and conform to the shape of the shell when not in use, so they don't get in the way when I'm not using them. Since they are elastic, it is possible that they might loosen over time, though.

As you can see in the picture, the Joy-Con shells are separate pieces from the main Switch shell, so they can be removed from the console and still keep the Joy-Cons protected. Granted, it proved rather difficult for me to remove the Joy-Con shells from the main unit, but I'll go more into that later on in this review.

Kickstand and right angle cable Can easily recharge your Switch

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I was surprised to find that the Command Case comes with a threaded, right-angle USB-C to USB cable. This makes it so that if I lay the Command Shell back on its kickstand that I can plug the charging cable into the Switch and continue playing in tabletop mode without issue. It makes using this setup that much more convenient.

The kickstand on the Command Case shell and the door to the storage compartment are both held closed by magnets. They are strong enough that the plastic will not come open without me pulling on them, so I don't have to worry about my accessories going flying everywhere unless I pack the storage compartment too tight to begin with. Speaking of the storage space, there's plenty of room inside to hold a pair of Joy-Cons and some cables. I could even fit the charging cable in there, which is something many other cases cannot do and makes this a decent traveling case.

Manji Command Case What I don't like

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While this case does a lot towards solving common issues that players face with other Nintendo Switch cases, it also brings a few new problems to the table. Here are the things I don't like about the Manji Command Case.

Plastic casing causes issues Potential wear and Joy-Con difficulties

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It was pretty difficult for me to put the Manji Command Shell on my Nintendo Switch. The plastic is very strong and form fitting so it took some effort to install. But it is even harder to take the shell off and I can potentially see it causing wear to my Switch if I did it too often. If you plan on keeping the shell on at all times this won't be an issue, but if you intend to take it off every once in a while, this will prove difficult.

Additionally, the plastic shell makes it very, VERY hard for me to press down the Joy-Con release buttons, so buyers might be stuck playing in handheld mode. It honestly took me about 10 minutes of trying before I got both Joy-Cons off and that's partially because it hurts my fingers exerting that much pressure on the plastic button.

Expensive Cost more than many other cases

Manji Command CaseSource: iMore

This is a really expensive carrying case compared to several other Switch cases out there. While it does come with a nice USB-C to USB cable and offers some features that we haven't seen in other Switch cases it's still doesn't offer all the features I look for in a case. For instance, there are only four designated cartridge slots in the storage section. I prefer it when cases can hold at least eight games.

Granted, I could have a few cartridges rattling around in the container, but I'd feel better if there were more safe slots for my games. Not to mention, the way the slots are designed I have to snap my games into place against the plastic. This design holds them in place securely and also allows me to remove the games easily enough. However, I can forsee the repeated action of snapping in and pulling the games out might cause damage to my cartridges' casing.

Manji Command Case Should you buy it?

Manji Command CaseManji Command CaseSource: iMore

The most important requirements for any Nintendo Switch carrying case are protection and storage space. The Manji Command Case has an innovative design that is part protective shell and part storage container. It's the only case I've seen that allows a Nintendo Switch shell to become part of a carrying case. There's plenty of room to store cables, Joy-Cons, and other small accessories within the case. I particularly like that the shell has a kickstand and comes with a USB-C to USB cable where both ends have a 90-degree angle.

3 out of 5

While the shell casing definitely feels like it could protect my Switch and Joy-Cons from drops and bumps, it also makes it really hard to press the release buttons that allow me to remove the Joy-Cons from the main console. Having to fight with the shell for ten minutes before I can play in tabletop mode is not ideal. Plus the whole product is rather clunky, unlike most other Switch cases out there. It honestly feels like a homebrewed accessory someone might have made in their spare time.

On top of that, this product is relatively expensive, especially when you consider that there are plenty of other cases and shells out there that don't cost as much. Still, if you like the unique two-part design of this case and the handy elastic straps on the back of the Joy-Cons then you might want to consider it.

Unique Switch case

Manji Command Case

Manji Command Case

Protection and storage

The Manji Command Case offers a unique design to protect your Switch and accessories. It's a bit bulky and expensive, but it offers solutions to common handheld problems that many other Switch carrying cases fail to do.

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