What with that iPhone HD/iPhone 3G showing up on Gizmodo and now two prototype iPod touch devices temporarily showing up on eBay, we'd sure hate to be Apple's prop master right now.

Oh, you didn't hear about the iPod touch (with cameras!) yet?

Someone has put up two semi-working iPod touches WITH cameras and a development version of the iPod OS on Ebay. They are marked with 'DVT-1' and 'DVT-2', 'Apple Development Team' and one is running some sort of 'switchboard' OS window.

They've been pulled of course, which isn't unexpected, and they seem to look like that prototype from last year that got out shortly before the official, camera-free iPod touch G3 debuted in September.

So is this from the same 2009 batch or a new 2010 batch? We're thinking the former, and we're also wondering just who is losing all this secret Apple test gear?

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