PSA: Don't pay for fake iPhone 4S or iOS 5 Jailbreaks

We're getting tons of email asking us about a supposed iPhone 4S/iOS 5 untethered Jailbreak that's being shopped around -- yes, a paid Jailbreak. Needless to say, it's fake. Fake.

Don't ever pay for a Jailbreak. Not ever. Every legitimate Jailbreak to date has been given away to the community by the well known Jailbreakers and/or Jailbreak teams.

If someone is offering you a Jailbreak for money, they're trying to rip you off, just like any scam. They want to steal some money now before the real Jailbreak is released.

Until that time comes just sit tight, the moment the real Jailbreak is ready, the news will be everywhere.

(Please pass this on to your friends, especially new iOS users.)