Review: Belkin Clear Acrylic Case for iPhone

There are several choices for an iPhone case at the Phone Different Store. One that caught my eye was the Belkin Clear Acrylic Case ($14.95) due to its unique "kickstand". I was very excited to see this type of case become available for the iPhone. It is perfect for setting on a tray table or on any table for that matter. But the real question is how does it hold up as a case?

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The Belkin Clear Acrylic Case is just that; completely clear. The design is clear around the entire case so you can gaze upon the iPhone's beauty wherever it is. The iPhone is encased on both sides by the clear plastic. Every opening you need is available from the hole for the camera to the volume buttons to the bottom exposed for the microphone and speaker. There is an optional second attachment that snaps onto the rear of the plastic case. The attachment offers two forms of functionality; the aforementioned stand and a belt clip in one.

How it Holds Up

I found the case a little difficult to separate after unpacking the case. After "forcing" the case apart, I was able to determine how the case worked. There is no real latch or snap, the case simply fits together. In my opinion, it does not hold together well, a latch-type of mechanism is desperately needed. When I attached this case to my belt as intended, I felt very, very nervous that the iPhone would just plop right out of the case onto the concrete. The clip allows you to rotate the iPhone horizontally or vertically, but either way, it felt just as insecure. I do not trust this case while attached to your belt.

It is not all bad news though. The optional second attachment acts as a stand for the iPhone when attached to the rear of the case. The stand expands to a 45 degree angle making it a great solution for watching your TV shows and movies on your iPhone. When using the stand the iPhone was very sturdy and there was no concern of it falling over.


I don't feel this case was made to be carried around. The weakness of the plastic encasement while on your belt is just too much to be ignored. I have to assume the main value for this case is for its aesthetic look and stand for movies. I know without a doubt that if this case fell from my belt to the concrete, the case would either shatter or break, ultimately not protecting my iPhone. However, if you are looking for a case that looks good and works amazingly well as a stand to watch video your iPhone, look no further than the Belkin Clear Acrylic Case

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Look and Feel: 5
  • Stand: 5
  • Clip: 2
  • Latch: 2
  • Protection: 2

Overall: 3.2


  • Looks good
  • Great stand for watching videos


  • Weak case latching
  • Poor protection

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