Need a new iPhone? Maybe just want one? The iPhone is pretty awesome after all, and it doesn't really matter which version you've got you get access to one of the best ecosystems in the smartphone world. Right? Well, right now you can save a lot when you get your iPhone at Verizon. From the iPhone 7 to the newest version, Verizon has deals that include up to $700 off the price. Let's break down some of these deals for you:

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Switch & Save: $300 Verizon Gift Card

Do you actually own an iPhone you want to keep? You don't have to get a new phone to save at Verizon. Switch, keep your old phone, and get a $300 gift card just for going through with it. This deal is normally just $150, but it's up to $300 through the end of July.

Free Money

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App Store

Trade-in & Switch: iPhone XS

If you do decide to switch to Verizon and want to change out your old phone for a new one, Verizon will give you the iPhone XS at no charge. You just have to trade in that phone you've got right now and switch to a select Unlimited plan.

Free with trade-in

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iPhone 7

Best Deals are Free: iPhone 7

This deal actually applies to a couple of different phones, but the main focus for us is the iPhone 7. Get it free and get 50% off your activation fee. That's an extra $20 off since the fee would be $40.

Free & 50% off fee

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Iphone Se 2020 Hero

Special Savings: iPhone SE 2020

Sign up with a new line on an Unlimited plan and you can get the iPhone SE for just $5 a month. It's really that simple.

$5 a month

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Apple Arcade on iPhone XS Max

Upgrade & Save: iPhone XS Max

If you're upgrading, you can go with the iPhone XS Max and save as much as $550 off its regular price when you sign up on a select Verizon Unlimited plan. The discount will be taken out over the course of 24 months.

Up to $550 off

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The biggest savings: iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro

Save up to $700 on the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro. Things you have to do to get this deal: Switch to Verizon, trade-in your old smartphone, and pick a select Unlimited plan. As long as your phone is at least semi-modern you should get the full value for the trade in, saving you literally hundreds on one of the best iPhones around. Deal expires July 22.

Up to $700 off

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All of these deals, except the last one on the iPhone 11, are good through the end of July. Many require you to sign up for a new line of service and pick an Unlimited plan. You can learn more about those plans here and figure out some of your options.

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