Today Weather for iPhone is simple, informative, and perfectly minimalist

Savvy Apps, the geniuses behind Agenda Calendar and Buzz Contacts, have released a new type of app for them -- a weather app called Today Weather. Although weather apps aren't a genre that Savvy Apps is known for, they've done a great job with Today. It's simplistic, informative, and unique.

Today Weather consists of three different levels: the "Zoomed" level that allows you to edit your locations, the "Dashboard" that shows the main weather information at all your locations at once, and "Location" that has detailed weather information for the selected location including the 3-day and hourly forecasts, the high and lows, humidity level, windspeed, and more. To move up the levels, you simply tap the little arrow in the lower left corner.

From the Location level, you can swipe left and right to see even more. Swiping to the right will reveal the basic forecast over the next week. This isn't your typical forecast, however, as it is displayed as a bar graph where each bar represents both the high and low for the day. Swiping to the left from the main Location view will display the hourly forecast over the next 36 hours. Swiping up or down will navigate through your different locations.

If there is an alert for the location you're viewing, there will be an exclamation point next to the location's name. Tapping it will reveal detailed information about the alert. Also, the little map icon at the bottom left of the Location view will flip the screen around to reveal a map with a precipitation radar.

I've used a lot of weather apps in my time and Savvy App's Today Weather is a unique take on the popular category. Today Weather is definitely meant for the minimalists as it doesn't include detailed maps or multiple radars, and for those minimalists, Today is an excellent choice. I frequently have readers approaching me during their search for a weather app that displays the current weather conditions of multiple locations at once, and now I have the perfect app to recommend to them.

Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • Question is... During your testing did you find the Today Weather observations to be accurate?
  • Yes. I've been using it for over a week and been comparing it with other weather apps. Today was always one of the most accurate.
  • Agreed... SºLAR was beautiful too, but it's original version was at least 8-10 degrees off.
  • For 2 dolls?! Ridiculous. Maybe sometime for free. Everyone finds out that the essential apps are enough for these things, after all.
  • Two whopping dollars. How much did your coffee cost this morning? This app culture has totally spoiled us
  • In your review you said it doesn't have radar but the description for the app says, "Radar with upcoming precipitation." I'm confused, so it doesn't have radar? I'm glad I didn't buy it yet if it doesnt
  • It does have radar
  • That was a complete mistake on my part and I've updated the review with mention of the precipitation radar. So sorry :(
  • I often wonder why someone would pay $2 dollars for a weather app when there are hundreds of other excellent weather apps that are completely free. Maybe I'm a cheapa$$, but still.
  • Why can't someone at imore delete these regular spam posts? Should be easy enough....
  • We do, believe it or not.
  • Dark Sky still has my heart. :)
  • I bought this thing and IMO it really sucks quite badly. I was fooled into paying the $1.99 by the pretty UI but it totally isn't worth it. It's confusing to use and once you figure it out you realise that it's not that accurate and doesn't do anything that the free app doesn't do anyway. Don't be fooled by "teh shiny." This app isn't worth your time.
  • This is HOT! I'd pay $10 for such lovely crafted software.