Seth's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

These are Seth's most used apps of 2011. Others have their own most used apps, but these are Seth's.


Top 5 alternative Twitter apps for iPhone and iPad

I've come to rely on Twitter for far more than the occasional distraction from my day, and Tweetbot has been the only app to deliver all the features I want in a package I like to look at. With support for TweetMarker syncing between clients, it's become my go-to place for news, conversation, and everything else Twitter has to offer.


With a bigger selection than iBooks and a library I can share easily with my wife, the Kindle app is my reader of choice. Kindle delivers apps on almost every other platform you can think of, perfect syncing of reading position, and a simple, clean reading environment of which I never seem to tire.


Couldn't run the office without it. I store everything in this app: passwords, software licenses, notes, screenshots of web pages - and so on. Absolutely the most indispensable app on my Mac, and always with me on my iPhone.


The winner in the great podcast client war of '11. I've tried almost everything available, and Instacast, though not perfect, is the best client for my needs, which consist of downloading podcasts quickly and playing them with minimal physical interaction required on my part. The addition of iCloud syncing and the appearance of Instacast HD late in the year definitely helped cement its place on my phone.



This seemingly ancient app (in App Store years) is still one of my favorites. There are a million different music services on iOS, and there's something for everyone. But more often than not, all I want to do is hit play and let the app do the work, and Pandora still works better than most other things for me. Again, my wife and I share an account, so we are always discovering new stuff based on what the other person's given a thumbs-up to, and the removal of the 40-hour free account listening limit is the icing on the cake.

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