Singapore carriers set to launch an iPhone 4S without cameras

According to a report by the Jakarta Globe, the iPhone 4S will soon be available in Singapore without a front or rear facing camera. One small carrier in Singapore even went live with a web page displaying pricing for a version of the iPhone 4S with no camera; it was later taken down. Whilst it was live, it showed a 64GB version of the iPhone 4S with no camera going for $900. It is thought that these models of iPhone are being made available for those in the armed forces where smartphones with cameras are banned from army camps.

Currently, Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) servicemen are allowed to take only no-camera smartphones into camp. Because of this, many own two phones - one for use in the camp and another outside.Those with no-camera smartphones are able to tap into the Wi-Fi networks, now covering more camps, to surf the Internet.

It is also believed that local Singapore businesses are already offering to remove cameras from smartphones for around $200. Obviously taking this route would invalidate a devices warranty and it is not approved by the relevant Singapore authorities.

Source: Jakarta Globe


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