Siri App Store app to be discontinued Oct. 15. iPhone 4S Siri not coming to Canada?

Looks like the old Siri app will officially be yanked from the App Store on Oct. 15, hot on the heels of Apple baking it into iOS 5 on iPhone 4S. It also looks like while Siri for iPhone 4S will be available in the US and UK, it won't be available in Canada at launch. At least Apple's Canadian website is completely devoid of any Siri mention at all.

I'd make an accent joke here, eh, but if true, it's disturbing for Canadian users. Why would Canada be left out? Either a patent issue or a licensing issue that's unique to Canada?

And without Siri -- the highlight of Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event -- is an iPhone 4S enough of a new phone to still interest Canadian consumers?