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iPhone and iPad app developers are the most likely to be making money

It's not easy to make it as an app developer. That's the key takeaway from the latest State of the Developer Nation report from Vision Mobile, pulling together data from more than 10,000 mobile developers (including some of you) across 137 countries. With that many developers they were able to get a broad view of what's popular and (more importantly) what's successful in making great apps.

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Apple launches Swift blog to keep developers up to date on the new language

Apple has launched a new blog focused on their new Swift programming language. At the moment, there are two posts to the blog. The first is a welcome post. The second deals with Swift's compatibility with current apps, source code, and more. From Swift blog:

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Developers can now add Google Wallet Instant Buy to their apps

Google will now let iOS app developers add Google Wallet's Instant Buy to their apps. Instant Buy makes payment using Google Wallet quick and easy, letting customers check out on retailers' mobile websites and apps with just a couple of taps. The feature debuted for mobile sites and Android apps last month.

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iOS apps can now "facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies"

A new section in the App Store guidelines suggests that virtual currencies like Bitcoin may very well be supported in the future on iOS. Previously Apple had placed a ban on those sorts of apps, but section 11.17 shows there's been some easing up.

"Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions."

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Apple pays tribute to awesome iOS app developers in latest video

Today's WWDC keynote kicked off with a great video of everyday users talking about how they're using their iPhones and iPads, and how they feel about the people that make the apps they use every day. The video runs through a bunch of common conceptions about what developers look like and how the act, but more importantly, it's showing the gratitude people have towards devs. Take a watch and try not to feel just a little warm and fuzzy inside.

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Metal helps game developers get the most out of iOS hardware

Apple has announced Metal, a way to help game developers get the most power out of iPhone hardware in iOS 8. Metal reduces OpenGL overhead and is described by Apple as "near bare-to-the-metal" of the Apple A7 chip.

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Apple updates iTunes Connect, brings Sales and Trends into the modern age

iTunes Connect, the portal developers use to manage their App Store apps, has had it's Sales and Trends section updated today, making it not only modern, but much more useful. In addition to the better look, new features include sales within selected time periods, sales groups, filters, and estimated proceeds.

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New OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 beta, Safari 6.1.2 Seed 2 now available — developers, go get 'em!

Apple has pushed out a new OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 beta, and Safari 6.1.2 Seed 2 to developers. They're available in the usual places, via the usual means. If you're a registered developer, they're ready and waiting for you on the Mac Dev Center.

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Apple 2013 Tech Talk videos, presentations now available to developers

Apple has posted their 2013 Tech Talk videos and presentations to their developer center. The talks, given by members of Apple's technology evangelist team, took place across North America, Asia, and Europe, and covered both apps and games, design and development. Here's a sampling of the description from the Interface Design talk, from Apple's Developer Portal:

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Apple tells developers apps must be 'optimized' for iOS 7 by February 1, 2014

Apple has posted a notice advising developers that, by February 1, 2014, all apps submitted to the App Store much be "optimized" for iOS 7. From News and Announcements for Apple Developers:

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