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Google app picks up 3D Touch, iPad multitasking support

The official Google app for iPhone and iPad has picked up some handy new features in the form of 3D Touch and iPad multitasking support.

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Google's iOS app can now play GIFs in search results

Google for iOS has been updated, bringing the ability to play GIFs directly in search results.

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Google brings smarter voice search to the iPhone and iPad

Google has updated its search app for iPhone and iPad, making its voice search much more capable. Asking questions while viewing web pages will now yield intelligent answers based on the context of that page.

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Google will soon show you apps related to your searches

Google is rolling out its app indexing to applications for iPhone and iPad. This will allow users to open specific app content from search results in the Google Search app and Chrome.

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Google Search for iOS gets conversational and adds more personalized results

Google Search has picked up a rather substantial update today for iPhone and iPad owners. The app just hit version 4.0 and introduces a handful of new changes and improvements.

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Google Search goes iOS 7, gets better integration with Google Maps

Google today updated its Search app for iOS, adding another one to the iOS 7 optimized stable and bringing with it a few full screen browsing experience. The touches are subtle, but it's an iOS 7 app alright, and besides the added razzle dazzle Google is also promising "smarter integration with Google Maps."

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Google Search for iOS adds notifications, reminders, and more!

Google has released an update to its Google Search application, bringing a number of enhancements to Google Now on the iPhone, including notifications and reminders. Google Search will notify you when it thinks you should leave for an appointment, or if your flight is running late. It will even tell you how to get home using public transportation if you need to.

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Future update to Google Search for iOS to include cross platform notifications

15 years on from the birth of Google Search, the folks from Mountain View have detailed a pretty interesting sounding update to the Google Search app for iOS heading our way soon. While iOS users get access to the pretty impressive Google Now service, it's nowhere near the experience our Android friends enjoy, but Google it seems has a treat in store for us on that front:

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Google Now getting new cards for reminders, media, transit, messages, and more!

If you use Google's prescient assistant service, Google Now -- available for iOS in the Google Search app -- well it's about to get better. At Google IO today they've announced a set of new Cards, including reminders, music, TV, movies, public transit, and messaging.

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How to disable location reporting in Google Search for iPhone and iPad

If you snagged the update to Google Search yesterday, you're probably ecstatic that you now have some of the features Android users have been enjoying including Google Now capabilities. You may have also noticed that it likes to use location services like crazy. If that bothers you or you're worried about conserving some battery when you don't need Google Search polling your location, you can disable location reporting within the app.

Here's how:

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