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Rogers Live 2010 FIFA World Cup now in Canadian App Store (Rogers subscribers only)

Rogers has released a free iPad app called Rogers Live 2010 FIFA World Cup, allowing users on their network to watch:

All 64 games available in English (including consecutive “Round of 16” broadcasts) and 56 games broadcast in French.

Works over Rogers 3G (7.2 HSDPA) or Wi-Fi, and incredibly:

Data consumed by the application over 3G will NOT be deducted from your data bucket.

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WolframAlpha for iPad - app review

WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine on the web, and with their iPad application, you can perform calculations and look up information even easier. WolframAlpha is a universal application, so you pay once but receive the optimum experience on both your iPhone and iPad.

Using WolframAlpha is simple. Just type what you're interested in and WolframAlpha will provide you information about it. For mathematical expressions, the keyboard has an additional 3 rows of numbers and symbols. Tapping "more" on the keyboard will expand the keyboarding adding 4 more rows of symbols.

When solving advanced problems like integrals and derivatives, WolframAlpha not only provides the answers, but displays the steps taken to find it. The steps are very clearly written with sentences describing the procedure. This is my favorite feature of WolframAlpha because it is an excellent learning tool and because it is a feature missing from calculators.

Although the mathematical computing power of WolframAlpha is extremely impressive, I don't find it to be a good calculator replacement. For example, calculators are often used when making multiple calculations and being able to see previous results and quickly access them is something I've found invaluable. However, I view WolframAlpha as a separate tool in itself because it offers some features (like showing steps) that calculators do not.

The mathematical abilities of WolframAlpha are excellent, but it's not all the app has to offer. You can look up information on anything scientific, stocks, weather, health, linguistics, people, organizations, sports, music, and much more. There are very few things that WolframAlpha does not have information about. For example, when typing in the word "apple", WolframAlpha initially provides the stock information on Apple (AAPL), but at the top, there is a yellow bar that says "assuming "apple" is a financial entity". Tapping this gives alternative interpretations of the word "apple", including food. Using this meaning of the word, WolframAlpha provides an ample amount of nutritional information on apples.

The only disappointing thing about WolframAlpha is that you must have an internet connection to use it. So if you're somewhere without wifi or cell reception (for iPad 3G users), this application is useless. This is understandable because of the vast amount of information that WolframAlpha contains; however, it would be nice if the calculator-like functions were available offline. I would also like to see the ability to save certain pages for offline viewing.

WolframAlpha is a very powerful application despite it's inability to do anything offline. If you're a student, scientist, or someone who enjoys discovering information, I recommend adding WolframAlpha to your collection of iPad applications.

Video and screenshots after the break!

[$1.99 - iTunes link]

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Official Apple Find my iPhone app now in App Store

Apple has released an official Find my iPhone app, and it's a universal binary for both iPhone and iPad. (Yes, it's still called Find my iPhone on the iPad and iPod touch, what's in a name?)

It works pretty much as you'd expect -- enter your MobileMe login (it asks for the password each time, which might annoy you until you realize someone could use it to track you or your family members), see a list of your devices, tap one to locate it, send it an alert, lock it, or remotely wipe it.

I couldn't get locate or alert working in my quick tests, but it could still be rolling out. I'll try again later. If you installed it, let me know how it's working for you.

iPad screenshot after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad now available

The popular and award-winning Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite is now available for iPad. The application enables robust viewing, editing and creation of Microsoft Office Word and Excel files and integrates with mobile cloud storage providers such as Apple’s MobileMe, Google Docs, Box.net and Dropbox. Quickoffice has been completely redesigned for the iPad and offers improved menus and functionality.

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MindNode for iPad- app review

I am always looking for tools to help me be more productive. I am very excited over discovering MindNode. MindNode is a suite of mind mapping products across multiple Apple platforms that allows you to brainstorm or mind map out thoughts and ideas. MindNode is available as a universal app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad as well as a free and paid version for the Mac. Today I will be looking at the iPad version, but functionality is the same across apps.

You start off with a simple node. That node can be an idea or thought, perhaps an object. You can rename the node to what ever you like. From here, you can add another node by tapping the plus icon. You can really start to branch out quickly too. You can branch from the main node, any children nodes, or just make a new node from scratch. If you find your ideas are taking over on a particular node, you can detach it and make it a new node.

To help differentiate nodes and thoughts, you can change colors of the connector lines and the node itself. You can even setup the colors that will be used and what order they appear if you like. If you need to move around a node, simply drag the title to a new location, or you can cut, copy or paste by double-tapping on the node. To help keep your mind maps organized, MindNode gives you the ability to search within your document and look at a list of all of the existing nodes and their parent-child relationships in your document.

Sharing documents is a snap in MindNode. You have several options at your disposal:

  • Mail to MindNode
  • Freemind
  • png
  • Text Outline
  • OPML Outline


  • WiFi sharing with MindNode Pro only
  • Websharing, provides URL, port and user name/password

For all that MindNode does it is an incredible value. The ease of exporting is a particular plus in such a specific type of product. If you enjoy visually brainstorming ideas, concepts and more, MindNode for iOS is a fantastic product that helps to make us more productive.

[$5.99- iTunes Link]

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1Password on Safari 5 extensions, designing for iPad, and iPhone 4 - TiPb at WWDC 2010

During WWDC 2010 I had a chance to sit down with the team from Agile Web Solutions -- Roustem, Dave, Jamie, Dan, and Chad -- to talk not only about their newly launched 1Password for iPad, but about the big news of the show including official browser extension support from Apple in Safari 5, and of course iPhone 4 and iOS 4.

Apple called Agile about their new Safari 5 extensions before they debuted in hopes of having a demo ready for the show. Dave found the preview was polished and well documented and it took them only a few days to put something together. That sounds like good news not only for developers but for Safari users as well.

Agile also said making the iPad version was a chance to start from scratch and figure out how users were going to interact with the larger, wider display, and with the ability to do things like scrolling independently with each thumb.

While I used 1Password on Mac long before the iPhone debuted, Roustem pointed out they now have a whole new user base introduced to their product via the iPhone and iPad and with no Mac-based preconceptions. While the iPhone and iPad versions [iTunes link] are great for Mac or Windows users as an extension, Agile is also working to help iPhone and iPad-only users get more out of it as well.

As for iPhone 4 -- they want it. (Even if Dan has to re-render his artwork at higher resolution to support it). Chad's also looking forward to iOS 4 multitasking and like the way it runs select API rather than full apps in the background.

(Though I suspect they were just humoring me when I asked for Game Center integration so I could see where my 63 character pseudo-random passwords place on the leaderboard compared to Leanna's!)

You can find out more about 1Password for Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad, and the newly acquired Knox, via Agile's web site, below. Video after the break.

[Agile Web Solutions]

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Apple's magic developer numbers: 100, 100 million, and 1 billion

We've all heard huge numbers thrown around as measures of iPhone and iPad App Store success -- over 200,000 apps and 5 billion downloads being some of the most recent and most impressive. There's a couple of other numbers that are even more interesting when it comes to iPhone and iPad development: 100, 100 million, and 1 billion.

Roughly 100 million iOS devices have been sold to data and they are all broadly software compatible. There's some fragmentation to be sure -- older devices are slower, there's no cameras (yet) on the iPod touch and iPad, no GPS in iPod touch, iPad Wi-Fi, and the iPhone 2G. Apple mitigates this somewhat by offering services such as CoreLocation where, if no GPS is found, it gracefully degrades down to cell tower triangulation or Wi-Fi router mapping. Even the iPad with its odd-device-out 1024x768 display will frame iPhone apps or pixel double them, which is awkward but still workable, still compatible. When iPhone 4 ships, it will be precisely double the vertical and horizontal pixel count of previous generations, meaning older apps will simply look the same as they did before (using 4 pixels in the space they used to use 1).

Likewise, most iOS devices tend to get updated to the latest version of the OS, or at least fairly recent versions. While iOS 4 will drop compatibility for iPhone 2G and iPod touch G1, it will also be free for all other devices for the first time, ensuring iPod touch G2 and G3 owners are more likely to update.

Everything isn't perfect, but for a vast majority of apps it doesn't need to be. They just work.

The sheer size of that install base is stunning. Code an app once and deploy it to a theoretical 100 million devices -- and growing -- all with a drop-dead-easy to use icon on the home screen to help them get your apps?

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iPad live podcast #7: WWDC wrap-up

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iiPhone international launch... with delayed deliveries, will the iPad replace your desktop, Apple TV to get iPhone OS and $99 price tag, B&N eReader, Wired, OmniGraffle and the rest of the week's news and apps. Listen in!

Want to make us new theme music and win fabulous prizes?

iPad Live! needs your help, check out our theme music contest for your chance to win over $200 in prizes!

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MathBoard for iPad - app review

MathBoard for iPad is an educational application designed to help you or your child excel in arithmetic operations. The level of difficulty is customizable, making MathBoard a great learning tool for children in kindergarten through elementary school as well as adults who wish to brush up on their basic math skills.

MathBoard is simply a multiple choice quiz generator. You can customize which topics you wish to be quizzed on, how many questions are in the quiz, and what range of numbers you want in the problems. Topics include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, cubes, and square roots.

While taking a quiz, there is a small area at the bottom of the screen where you can use your finger (or stylus, if you prefer) to work on the problem as if you were using a pencil and paper. This is an excellent feature of MathBoard, however, the area is too small. For example, when working out a multiplication problem of two numbers with two or more digits, you quickly run out of space to complete all the calculations in the traditional manner. Instead, you must continue your work next to the work you already did. This can be very confusing for a child who is new to the procedure. I would like to either see a pop-up to do scratch work on or landscape support. Most of these problems require vertical space to work out and rotating to landscape may solve the lack of space issue.

After completing the quiz, MathBoard displays your score and gives an option to save the quiz. If you do, you can come back to it later and retake the entire quiz or just the questions you got wrong.

Despite the small scratch work space, MathBoard is an excellent application for learning arithmetic. The interface is very beautiful and much more enjoyable than taking printed quizzes with pencil and paper!

Video and screenshots after the break!

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