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Star Wars Force Arena is now live in the App Store

You can battle against the world in PvP style MOBA gaming as your favorite Star Wars character!

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Board game geeks! Mysterium is now available on iPhone and iPad!

The run-away hit board game Mysterium is now playable as a digital board game for iPad. Now you can play alone!

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How to use Puzzle Maker Mode in Deus Ex GO

The long-awaited Puzzle Maker mode is now available in Deus Ex GO. Create your own levels to share with others!

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Board game fans get ready: Mysterium is coming to iPhone and iPad

The 2015 hit board game Mysterium is headed to digital. Soon, you'll be able to play it on your iPhone or iPad with friends around the world!

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The best iOS games: Collectible Card Game edition

Enjoy these collectible card games—without wasting any paper.

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The week's best iPhone games: Ball King, Triangulae, and more!

So many iPhone and iPad games, so little time.

Tired of scrolling through titles and top ten lists, unsure which games for iPhone and iPad are worth your money or download? I'm here to separate the wheat from the chaff, the gems from the rocks: Here are my picks for week's best iOS games — the ones that stick out from the crowd with memorable mechanics, cute graphics, clever story-lines, catchy music, and more.

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QuizUp for iPhone lets you test your smarts against others, in hundreds of categories

QuizUp is a trivia game where players compete against each other, answering questions from several topics. Sign up with Facebook or email to get started, then select a topic you want to compete in. QuizUp has a number of popular topics available as well as a general list. Topics include things like Arts, Geography, Logos, and Game of Thrones.

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Dragon's Lair 30th Anniversary fights its way onto the iPhone

The 30th Anniversary edition of arcade classic Dragon's Lair is now available on the App Store. You play as Dirk the Daring, on a quest to save a princess from a powerful, evil dragon.

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Badland update brings Day II Dusk levels

Badland, the hit iOS game, has been updated with a continuation of the game's Day II levels, adding 10 new Dusk stages. The new levels features 30 original missions and five new achievements. The update also adds new game mechanics, including the gravity modifier and time stopper.

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Chipotle Scarecrow wants you to save the world from industrial food production

Chipotle Scarecrow is a new game from Moonbot Studios and Chipotle Mexican Grill. An adventure game that takes place in a world where the evil Crow Foods has a monopoly on food production.

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