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Best of Smartphone Experts, 21 Feb 2010 - MWC Edition

TiPb Live #87 -- Macworld 2010

Join Chad, Mickey, Leanna, and Rene for our Macworld 2010 wrap-up, WinPho7s, BlackBerry, and Android thoughts from Mobile World Congress, and iPhone 4.0 predictions! Listen in!

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TiPb Apps #1.4 -- Documents To Go for iPhone to get Google Docs, Desktop Sync (MWC 2010)

We just finished having a sit down with the fine folks from DocsToGo and they shared some exciting news about DocsToGo Premium: Desktop Sync and Google Sync are en route! They expect they'll be submitting the app to the Apple in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for the release. DocsToGo is currently $14.99 in the App Store.

Document Sync with the desktop works just like you would expect it to: plug in and Sync. What's more exciting for me (and for cloud-lovers everywhere) is that you'll be able to sync with all the documents you've stored up at Google Docs. It's a full sync client - meaning that you can download and edit documents offline and then sync them up with Google Docs later. Another thing worth noting is that Google recently updated Google Docs to allow you to upload any file - which means you will be able to upload and store PDFs, images, and documents to Google Docs and then access them later with DocsToGo. (Video after the break!)

Otherwise, as it always is with major mobile conferences, the iPhone isn't officially here but unofficially it's everywhere. My completely unscientific method of "hey, what's in people's hands" poll shows that it's slightly edging out Nokia as the most popular phone at Mobile World Congress.

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TiPb on APR Marketplace Discussing Wholesale Application Community vs. iPhone App Store

American Public Radio's Marketplace was gracious enough to have me on yesterday to discuss the new 24 telco Wholesale Application Community with Stacey Vanek Smith.

Can a coalition agree on standards and deploy them fast enough to keep up with Apple's App Store juggernaut, or is this just a play to get trendy, hot apps on low end feature phones?

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Ballmer on Bing as iPhone Default, Google and Apple Still "Stable"

Given the rumors surrounding Apple and Google lately, and the iPhone and Microsoft Bing, it's no wonder Mobile World Congress 2010 has raised both topics again, earning a smile from Steve Ballmer, and yet another "stable" comment from Google.

First up, Reuters has comments from Vic Gundotra, Google mobile engineering lead:

"Apple is a very close and valuable partner and we're very excited about the relationship we have with them today. We have no reason to believe that's going to change." [...] "We don't want to comment on those rumours. We think that relationship is stable."

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HTC Desire = Nexus One + Sense UI -- The Competition

While yesterday's Mobile World Congress news was all about Windows Phone 7 Series (henceforth WinPho7s), the Android invasion has returned with news of the HTC Desire, which looks to be Nexus One-style hardware running a new version of Sense UI.

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Microsoft to Unveil Windows Phone 7 Series at MWC -- The Competition

By all accounts, Microsoft is set to unveil it's next-generation mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 Series (say that 10 times fast!) at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona today, and WMExperts will be live-blogging the whole thing.

Join Dieter and Phil starting 9am ET, 6am PT, 2pm GT, 3pm CT for all the Steve Ballmer keynote action!

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