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Apple is number one in the world! (At getting patent trolled..)

Over the course of its long, storied existence, Apple's been number one in many things, in many ways, from customer satisfaction to profit share to mainstreaming technology itself. Being the world's number one target for patent trolls, however, is likely a distinction they wish they didn't hold. John Paczkowski on AllThingsD:

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ITC once again slapped down on Apple ruling, this time by Federal Appeals Court

Back in 2012 the ITC (America's International Trade Council) dismissed Apple's claims that Motorola infringed on a couple of iPhone multi-touch patents, and the Federal Court of Appeals has not only overturned that decision, but pretty much pantsed the ITC for the error. Here's what the court had to say, along with Philip Elmer-DeWitt's plain language summation, from Fortune:

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Former Star Wars audio company THX sues Apple over speakers

THX, the audio company founded by George Lucas to ensure the audio quality of the Star Wars films, has filed a patent infringement suit against Apple for the speakers used on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Independent since 2001, THX holds a 2008 patent for a sound-boosting speaker. Karen Gullo & Joel Rosenblatt of Bloomberg report:

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Judge vacates $450 million in damages from Apple vs. Samsung, orders new trial to re-determine amount

Judge Lucy Kho, the federal judge which presided over Apple vs. Samsung, has today vacated a little more than $450,514,650 from the over $1 billion judgement awarded to Apple at the end of that trial. Kho determined that the jury had made an error in calculating the damages owed from fourteen of the devices. Florian Müller of FOSS Patents reports:

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Wearable accessory patent application reveals some Apple iWatch-style thinking

Given the growing number of iWatch rumors, it's no wonder this just-released Apple patent application is getting a lot of attention today. Here's what the USPTO document, attributed to Fletcher R. Rothkopf, Derek W. Wright, and Scott A. Myers, tells us in abstract:

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Apple acquires eighteen user interface patents from Maya-Systems

Apple has acquired eighteen user interface patents from Canadian company Maya-Systems. The patents are all related to its axis-based interface where documents and files can be stored and grouped in the cloud. A searchable timeline can then be created based on a files tags or attributes; it all sounds very similar to an Evernote type of system for notes and storage.

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Apple's request for import ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus rejected

Apple failed in its effort to get an import ban on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. A U.S. appeals court rejected Apple’s request after revisiting an October decision by the same court. Apple had been hoping that the new panel of judges would overturn the earlier ruling.

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Samsung facing EU complaint, Apple patent rejected

Samsung is facing an antitrust complaint in the EU regarding FRAND patents, and Apple had a patent rejected by the US Patent Office. Yeah, it's going to be one of those...

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US Patent office invalidates previous validation of Apple multitouch patent, unless and until they validate it again

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which often seems content to grant patents willy-nilly and let companies fight out their validity in court, has just ruled that Apple's massive multi-touch patent is invalid. At least for now. They approved it before and may approve it again. But they're invalidating their previous validation unless and until they validate it again. Yeah, it gives me a headache as well.

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