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Comic: Too Much Good Stuff at WWDC!

Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in between.

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Reminder: Check out our 'Ask Rene' Q&A forum!

Got an Apple or technology related question or just want to chat about coffee, tea or geek culture? Our new 'Ask Rene' forum is for you!

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What's on Rene's iPhone 6 Plus right now!

Apple has just finished their yearly iPhone update, so it's time for those of us here at iMore to update what we're using on our iPhones. I'm going to kick off this round with my iPhone 6 Plus because, of the new devices, it's newest.

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Watch Rene get doused in the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS!

The Ice Bucket challenge is simple — fill a container with ice and water, dump it on yourself, and then challenge someone else to do likewise. All to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). My friend and co-host Dave Wiskus did it a couple days ago on Better Elevation, and Apple's senior vice president (SVP), Phil Schiller, did it at a beach yesterday. So now it's my turn. Inspired by Wiskus and Schiller, in the frigid Canadian summer, I'm dousing myself in ice and water in hopes you go learn about and donate to ALS — and I'm challenging Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson, Daniel Rubino, and Georgia Dow to do the same!

If you've done the Ice Bucket challenge please share the link below, and share your challenges!

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iMore and Mobile Nations podcasts: Behind the scenes 2.0!

About 5 months ago, in response to a ton of questions about how we handle podcasting here at iMore and Mobile Nations, I took everyone on a virtual tour of my studio. Well, I've made some changes since then. Some things have moved and some new things have been added. So, what's where now and why?

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What's on Rene's Mac dock right now!

Escalation. Costner brings a knife, Connery brings a gun. Wayne dresses in a bat suit, a smiling psycho gets green hair and a purple suit. And I write an article about my iPad Home screen, so Peter goes and posts about his Mac dock. Well, two can play the escalation game. So, here's what's on my Retina MacBook Pro dock right now!

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iMore and Mobile Nations podcasts: Behind the scenes!

One of the most frequent questions I've been getting lately, both here and on Twitter, is — how do we run podcasts on iMore and Mobile Nations? So, we grabbed some video gear, hit the studio, and knocked out this quick behind-the-scenes tour of all the equipment I use, and how I currently use it. Check it out!

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What's on Rene's iPad right now!

Since there aren't a ton of iOS devices — like there are Android or smartwatches — the staff at iMore has traditionally shared our favorite apps instead. We didn't get to it at the end of last year, what with the best app awards and CES and all, so we decided to do it now, as a way to ring in the new year. Last week I shared what's on my iPhone for The Sweet Setup, so I'm going to focus on the iPad now. Here's my current iPad Air Home screen, and a few words on why I have it just exactly that way...

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Rene's gift picks: 2012 holiday guide

This season we're asking everyone here at iMore to share some of their favorite gift ideas. Sure, there'll be iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps and accessories included on everyones' lists, just as you'd expect, but there'll also be other stuff, great, geeky, gorgeous other stuff that's as multi-facted and fun as the people themselves. I'm up first, and don't be surprised if I hit every cliche in the nerd handbook. Hard. With an Uru hammer.

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Top 25 gadget gurus you should follow -- Oh hai Rene!

Business Insider included our own managing editor, the illustrious Rene Ritchie on their Top 25 Tech And Gadget Gurus You Should Follow On Twitter.

Rene Ritchie is the French Canadian master of iPhone apps and news, editing and writing for, one of the most well known iOS blogs.

Follow Rene at @reneritchie

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