Todo for iPad - app review

Appigo's Todo for iPad complements their existing Todo for iPhone app very well and if you already use Todo for iPhone, you will be quite pleased with the iPad version. If not, you'll certainly appreciate Todo for iPad on its own merits.

One of the first things you will notice is the aesthetic; Appigo went for a traditional three ring binder look and feel. You can change the color of the binder, paper and rings in the settings menu. Appigo promises more themes in a future update.

Outside of looking pretty, Todo gets the job done just like its iPhone cousin. You can create a your standard task, project, checklist, contact or website. If you are a Getting Things Done (GTD) user, you will be happy to know that @contexts as well as tags are supported. Holding the iPad in landscape gives you full view of all your task information. On the left side you have your lists, Inbox, Starred and Focus list. Let's discuss this in a little more detail.

Inbox is where tasks go that you have not assigned to a list yet. They just kind of hang out there till you move them, they can stay there, it is all up to your own workflow. Starred tasks are a way to flag a task. I use this functionality to star any items I want to do today, regardless of due date. Focus list allows you to create a dynamic list based on filters. Maybe you want to only see tasks with a due date of one week from now. You can do this with the Focus list.

If you are like me, you have a bunch of tasks you have given an arbitrary due date to, and inevitably that date slips. You can very quickly and easily move these items to another list, simply reschedule or reassign to a context in bulk with Todo.

For me the biggest benefit with Todo is online synchronization. Sure you can sync via Wi-Fi from your desktop with iCal, but for me it has to be the ability to sync with the excellent free service Toodledo [link]. I have used all of the other major task apps that sync and currently they all sync via the desktop through Wi-Fi. This can be very frustrating for me. During the day I may add a task only on the iPhone, complete a task on the iPad, but there is no way to merge them together till I get home. By Appigo partnering with Toodledo, I get free over-the-air (OTA) syncing and web-based management of my tasks from any web browser when I am not near my iPhone or iPad.

I find few faults with this application and I am so glad it is finally available. The functionality and price cannot be beaten. Checkout the video and pictures below!

[$4.99- iTunes link (opens in new tab)].


  • Beautiful
  • Themes
  • OTA syncing
  • Bulk editing for time and lists
  • Different types of tasks (project, contact, etc.)
  • GTD contacts and tags
  • Search tasks


  • Slow startup time
  • List colors don't sync from device to device

TiPb iPad 4-star rated

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  • I really love this app. Yes, it is beautiful. I love it for all the reasons above. There is only one major flaw as far as I am concerned: there is no way to leave yourself a voice reminder. I miss AskSandy when you could call into a number and say, "call bill smith at 10AM Monday January 15" and it was inserted into the app and you got a text and/or email reminder 30 minutes before the event. This is seriously missing in most apps these days. Doesn't any one else want to leave themselves a voice reminder w/o having to type it in? Like when you are driving or walking?
    otherwise guys, this is a great app.
  • I dont want a to do list that looks like a notebook. It wastes space and interferes with simplicity and if i wanted to use a notebook I would
  • can this be synced via google docs?
  • @NeilJB
    I use "Jott" for that. It sends it to toodledo(free) which then puts it into this App.
  • OK, I'll bite. What happened to the 5 winners? I set my todo to come back and check, and every time, nothing. :)
  • Maybe I am missing something. I have my outlook, iPhone and iPad all pointing to an exchange server and my todo's are managed via my calendar, so I can make a change any place and they are all synced!
  • Mk... yes, Jott did that but got too expensive for what I was getting and it gets too complicated having a third party app that is not really set up for it. I use ReQall with Todo now but it only leaves a task and not the date or folder or time. I have to come back later and log in and then edit it. Does Jott work with Todo? can you tell it time/date/folder now? I am hoping that Todo would actually figure out a way of having it all in one app. N
  • great review, but who won the giveaway? I'd like to win a free copy, as the iPhone version just doesn't cut it on the iPad. don't get me wrong, it's nice, but when you show such a clean, HD version like this, it's no comparison. keep us informed!
  • I couldn't wait for the giveaway any longer I just purchased it. It really is amazing! My question though is obviously it shows the task but how/can it show the task details und the task? I can't seem to figure out how to view the details other than clicking on the task and then the text is squished.
  • Darwin kind of missed the point; the nice thing about the iPad is you can have your notebook, and your novels, and your textbooks, and the meaty parts of your laptop, without lugging all of those with you.
    I, too, would like to see a voice memo feature built in, and maybe also an additional "page" in the notebook for calendar/true "day planner" items. I love what it does, but was a little disappointed that it wasn't more of an "iCal" style app.
  • great review. ipad apps are really maturing nicely.
  • The company had told me that there didn't seem to be enough interest in the voice feature. So, if more of us ask for it they would be more prone to work on it. Come on all. Ask for it!!
  • During download a diagnostic message says I can only proceed with download form my computer (my ubuntu can't)
    So, looks like linux can't buy this app.... Any valid reason for that?
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