WaterField CitySlicker Case for Nintendo Switch Lite review: A premium design for any adult gamer

Over the years, it's become abundantly clear that a large portion of the Nintendo Switch fanbase is made up of adults. While some of us are happy to tote around our gaming systems in brightly colored cases showcasing our favorite Nintendo characters, others prefer more elegant, and professional-looking gear. Fortunately, now that the Switch Lite has been out for a while, more and more accessories are becoming available, giving gamers more options to choose from. Anyone looking for a premium Switch or Switch Lite case can find one at WaterField Designs.

This company, based in San Francisco, specializes in creating classy bags and cases that look at home among business persons and fashionistas. The CitySlicker Case for Nintendo Switch Lite is an especially attractive option. It's definitely pricey, but if you're looking for a sophisticated case that's made of premium materials while still offering plenty of conveniences, you'll want to check out this one. I spent several hours testing this case along with two other WaterField Switch Lite cases to see how well they worked. While evaluating them, I considered price, materials used, storage space, design, and any other conveniences.

Without further ado, here's my WaterField CitySlicker Case for Nintendo Switch Lite review.


  • Made of premium materials
  • Super soft inner lining.
  • Gorgeous design
  • The ideal case for adults


  • Super pricey
  • Detachable wrist strap or carrying handle sold separately
  • Only four game cartridge slots

A snazzy case for adult gamers

WaterField Designs CitySlicker Case What I like

Elegant design Made with quality materials

The moment I pulled the CitySlicker Switch Lite case out of the box, the smell of genuine cowhide leather hit me. After examining the exquisite leather flap, I felt the different sections of the case one by and one and immediately could tell that it was made of the best quality materials. The front flap is made of genuine cowhide leather and reliably clasps shut using magnets. The rest of the exterior is made up of a durable nylon. It feels sturdy in my hands, looks gorgeous, and fits the Switch Lite perfectly. There are five elegant colors to pick from: black, blue, chocolate, crimson, and grizzly. I chose the crimson case and am not disappointed. The color is strong without being too loud, which is something I really appreciate.

The front flap is made of genuine leather and snaps closed with magnets.

When I opened the case to examine the inside, I discovered that there are three sections; you place the Switch Lite in the center and then you'll find a pocket on both the front and backside of the interior. One of the pockets is red to match the leather flap and is made of an especially soft microsuede material designed to protect the Switch Lite screen from scratches and even clean it during transit.

This red pocket is really small and thus can only hold small accessories like a screen cleaner rag, or a few game cartridges. The other pocket is larger and could easily hold a pair of earbuds. On the backside of the case, I found a mesh storage pocket. This might seem silly to say, but the zipper feels really good and matches the high quality of the rest of the case. There isn't a whole lot of room inside, but there is enough to hold earbuds, a pair of Joy-Cons, or several game cartridges.

Other WaterField cases Pouch and Slip Case for Switch Lite

In addition to the CitySlicker, WaterField designs a number of other cases for both the Switch and Switch Lite. I spent several hours testing the Slip Case and the Pouch to see how well they worked with my handheld gaming system.

The Pouch and Slip Case both have a super soft plush liner.

The Slip Case sells for $60 and the exterior is made of water-resistant Luna Textiles, so it's more likely to protect your Switch Lite on a rainy day. I was surprised to find that this case doesn't feature a zipper. Instead it uses a magnetic closure that goes along the opening. This kind of gives it the functionality of a coin purse as the opening snaps closed when the two sides get near enough. I was curious to see how strong this opening is, so I placed my Switch Lite inside, closed the opening, turned the case upside down, and shook it several times. The magnetic closure remained sealed and it never seemed like my Switch Lite was in danger of falling out.

The interior feels amazing as it's lined with a soft plush that feels similar to cashmere. I also found the genuine leather bottom grip gave me plenty of traction when I wanted to pull my Switch Lite from the case. There are two pockets inside, one is smaller than the other. You'll be able to carry game cartridges, headphones, and small accessories around in this case. Just be aware that this case doesn't come with a wrist strap, but there is a place to attach one. You'll have to purchase it separately. There are five colors in total, so you can choose the look you like.

The Pouch is the least expensive of the three cases selling for $50. You get to choose between the Black Ballistic or the Waxed Canvas when purchasing one of these for the Switch Lite, but there are also leather options for the larger Switch cases. I got the Waxed Canvas and I absolutely love the look of it. It's rugged, perfectly sized, and the interior is so soft I want to crawl inside and take a nap.

There are no interior pockets in the main zipper, however, there is a decent amount of storage space on the front of the bag that can hold a pair of Joy-Cons, earbuds, and several game cartridges. Once again, it doesn't come with a wrist strap or carrying handle, but you can choose to purchase one separately.

The Pouch and Slip Case are both beautiful and protective cases for the Switch Lite. Like the CitySlicker, they are made of premium materials and will help you carry your gaming system in an elegant and helpful casing.

Now let's turn our attention back to the CitySlicker Case to discuss the things I didn't particularly like.

WaterField Designs CitySlicker Case What I don't like

The expense It's definitely pricey

This is undoubtedly a gorgeous looking case, but it costs more than an average game cartridge. Granted, the materials it's made of are exquisite and it will seriously protect your Switch Lite from damage. However, coughing up $80 isn't an ideal spend for many gamers. Still, if you're looking for a premium case that will last a long time and looks great to boot, it's worth the cost.

No easy way to carry Must pay extra for carrying attachments

One of the biggest things I always look for when evaluating a case is how easy it is to carry. Wrist straps and carrying handles go a long way towards making a case easier to hold. I was disappointed to find that the CitySlicker does not come with either. However, you can pay separately for one of the three attachments WaterField produces for this case. There's a carabiner, a leather wrist strap, or a leather loop that can attach to the loops found on either side of the case. However, just like the case, these attachments are expensive. It would have been better if the case simply came with a carrying attachment, to begin with.

Carrying attachments are sold separately and they're expensive.

I have mixed thoughts about the next thing I'm about to mention. Just under the leather flap, there are four game slots also made of high-quality leather. Only having designated space for four cartridges is pretty disappointing; I typically prefer a case that can hold eight or more. However, the four slots offered by this case contribute to the stylish look of the case and they function really great as well. They're perfectly sized in that I was able to slip four games into these areas and not feel worried at all that they would fall out, but at the same time they were also easy to remove. If you want, you could always store cartridges in one of the inside pockets or on the outside mesh pocket, but it would have been nicer if there had been more designated slots on the case.

The last thing I'll mention isn't really a con, but it's something that baffles me a little. There's a loop on the bottom of the case that doesn't seem to have any function. I can snuggly fit one finger in the loop while the Switch Lite is inside the case. It isn't large enough or stable enough to hold any accessories that I can think of. It could be that it's a necessary element of the design that is needed for manufacturing these cases, but I honestly don't know if that's why it's there. It doesn't look bad, detract from the usefulness of the case or anything like that. It just has me scratching my head over it whenever I see it.

WaterField Designs CitySlicker Case Bottom Line

WaterField's CitySlicker Case for Nintendo Switch Lite is a useful and attractive choice for any gamer who's willing to spend the money. The front leather flap looks great and protects the contents from bumps and potential damages. The interior is soft and is designed to help clean your Switch Lite screen during transit. There's enough storage to carry a few different accessories including a pair of Joy-Cons. I wish it came with a handle or carrying case instead of needing you to purchase one separately. Additionally, it would have been nicer if there were more designated slots for Switch games, but the slots it does have are stylish like the rest of the case and hold the games securely. Overall, this is a great option for any gamer looking for something that has a classy touch to it.

If you're looking for a way to transport your Switch Lite, but don't like the kiddie oriented cases designed by other companies, then WaterField is the company to buy from. The CitySlicker is a stylish case that I found to be both useful and elegant.

$80 at WaterField

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