ZeroLemon Nintendo Switch Battery Charger Case review: Stand and deliver power while you play

With the Switch Lite and the New Switch coming out soon, you might be wondering if the extra battery life provided by either device would make purchasing a new system worth it. Of course, another option would be to purchase a reliable battery charging case that can provide your Switch with up to 10 hours of life. You could even purchase one of these charger cases for the new Switch if you want to have a lot of battery life.

I tested this ZeroLemon Nintendo Switch Battery Charger Case for over 16 hours to understand how well it worked both when the Switch was and wasn't in use. In that time, I determined that it is a helpful device that more than doubles your battery life and provides plenty of other conveniences to make it a worthwhile purchase.

The Good

  • More than doubles battery life
  • LED battery indicator
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Storage for 3 games

The Bad

  • Makes Switch heavier
  • Expensive

A great charger

ZeroLemon Battery Charger Case: What I like

I initiated my first test by playing my Switch while it recharged. I was happy to find that my console's battery percentage steadily increased as I continued to play. The company states that the charger will give you up to 10 hours of play, but I only got about eight and a half hours out of my Switch. I was disappointed that it wasn't longer, but it's still a lot more battery life than I had before.

Next, I was curious to see how fast it could recharge my console when I wasn't using it. So I completely depleted the battery life of two Switch's and then placed one on a regular Switch dock and the other in this ZeroLemon Battery Case. The two devices reached a full charge within 15 minutes of each other, with the dock being the faster option. This means that if you use the battery case when you're out and about, it will recharge at a decent speed.

Pro Tip: To get the most out of this or any other charging case, you'll want to keep your Switch at the lowest screen brightness possible and keep the device in airplane mode whenever you can. This will help your battery last longer.

At $55 it isn't the cheapest accessory in the world, but it is comparable to other attachable battery cases. If nothing else, it's cheaper than buying one of the newer longer-lasting Switch systems. Considering I was able to more than double my Switch's battery life, I'd say I got my money's worth from it. To install your Switch you simply pull the top component until it slides upward, then you line up the Switch on the USB-C port and push the top component closed again.

Considering how wobbly and unstable the Switch's kickstand is, I really appreciated the one provided on this case. It lays flush with the rest of the device when not in use and you simply pull it out when you want the case to stand on its own. Since it features two legs instead of one it provides better support than the Switch's own stand. This will make it easier to use on uneven surfaces or when on the go.

Just below the kickstand, you'll find a small compartment with a covering that slides from side to side. Here you can store up to three Nintendo Switch cartridges and take them with you wherever you go. I was afraid this covering might slide open of its own accord during transit, but I found that it clicks open and closed to prevent that from happening.

You might have noticed in the pictures that the casing provides an opening over the Switch's vent to keep it from overheating. It also has an opening for the headphone jack so you can still plug your wired headphones into the Switch while it charges. As you can tell from the picture above, this case can be charged via USB-C or micro USB. You could even place cables in both ports to get the device to charge faster.

I also liked that the LEDs on the side of the case helped me see how much juice was left in the battery. All you have to do is tap the button near the LEDs quickly to see how much battery life is left or hold it for three seconds to begin the charging process. Note that charging doesn't start until this button is held down for three seconds.

ZeroLemon Battery Charger Case: What I don't like

My main complaints with this accessory are the same ones you'll find with any attachable battery charger out there. Obviously, adding a battery pack onto the back of your Switch is going to make it heavier, which can be super noticeable when you're playing games for long stretches at a time. When added to the 14.08-ounce Switch console this 11.5-ounce case brings the total weight to roughly 1.6 pounds — a decent increase. You'll just have to decide if that's something you can deal with. Remember that since this device has a kickstand, you can easily prop it up on a desk or table and save your hands from cramping up.

The next couple of things I'm going to mention aren't as much of a con as they are things to note. The charger only sends power to your Switch if you initiate the process by holding down the button for three seconds. As I said before, this is a common process for many attachable Switch batteries. But it can be easy to forget when you're in a hurry. The worst thing that can happen is you place your Switch on the dock thinking its charging and discover later that you forgot to hold down the button when you placed it inside.

Lastly, this might not bother everyone, but I did note that when I was charging my Switch without playing it, the screen turned on and off several times during the process. My console still charged plenty fast, but it was annoying seeing my screen light up every now and then.

ZeroLemon Battery Charger Case Bottom line

As with any attachable battery case, this one will make your Switch weigh a bit more, but that's the price you pay for adding an external battery pack to your Switch. Despite the extra weight, I personally found this charging case to be a very helpful device. It more than doubled my Switch's battery life, recharged my Switch at a fast speed, and allowed me to play while my console was charging. Whenever I was curious about the battery life remaining I simply checked the LED indicators and moved on. It's a great little device that will be a good help to any Switch owners.

Rebecca Spear
Gaming Editor

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