Apple announces new M7 co-processor for use with health and motion apps

Apple announced new M7 co-processor for use with health and motion apps

Apple has announced the addition of an M7 co-processor at their live iPhone event today. The co-processor technology will assist in continuously measuring motion in a better and smarter way. This will open up the door to much better fitness and apps that deal with motion specifically.

The most interesting part of the M7 is what Apple will do with the technology. It's also something we would see pop up in a future iWatch, especially for use with fitness apps such as run and walk tracker apps. Nike is already working with the technology in their own fitness apps.

Photo credit: Wired

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prlundberg says:

Nobody who sweats works out with their phone. This is for people who like to pretend to workout.

John Flud says:

That isn't true. my sister loves to run five miles a day using her iphone. she has it in an armband. She uses an app called Runkepper. I use it too, though I don't like running and just walk 2.5 miles a day.

prlundberg says:

OK, I exaggerated a bit. But no serious runners I know run with their phone, as they are too fragile and don't provide speed, distance, and heartrate information at a glance.

granadzo says:

I think they will soon provide all of that!

mazzmoney95 says:

Is this any different than the contextual computing core on the moto x? Aside from the fact that the moto x actually takes advantage of it.