Apple confirms details for iPhone 5s availability, business as usual

The iPhone 5c pre-orders are underway, so next our attention turns to one week from now, and iPhone 5s day. Apple is in the process of sending out emails to customers confirming the arrangements for the launch, and it's pretty much business as usual. Online orders will begin from 12:01am PDT on Friday September 20, with Retail Stores opening at 8:00 am local time, should you choose to head out and join one of the infamous iPhone lineups.

The same times are likely applicable to carrier stores too. So, whether you want to order online or head to a store, it looks like once again you're in for a late night or an early morning. Conveniently here in the UK, both times coincide with each other, so we've perhaps got an easier time of it! Whatever you're planning to do though, iMore will be here throughout to join in the experience with you. So, you've got a week to decide; lineup or online? Anyone already decided?

via AppleInsider

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Apple confirms details for iPhone 5s availability, business as usual


This is the first time I'd be getting one around launch time. Usually we get it through after demand has waned. What is the buying process from if you already have a contract and just want to renew for an upgrade? Or - will it be available at as well?

Ordering from Apple is simple, straightforward. You select the version phone you want, select your carrier - put in your phone number... if eligible for a subsidized pricing with a renewed contract, you'll get that - otherwise, its retail price. Point, click, and it ships...

Can you order online with the contract subsidy and pick it up in store? Or how does this work?

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Usually you can order online with your upgrade, but no one knows for sure about in-store pickup yet because sales are not live. I am hoping so, because that's my intent.

I'll do what I've done with the 3, 3gs, and 4s. I'll head over to my Apple Store on Friday afternoon and buy a phone without the line or hassle. Sometimes, living in a smaller market has its advantages.

Standing in line at an Apple store! It'll be my first time, and I'm planning to have fun with it. I still haven't decided which one to go to. I'm in the DC suburbs (MD), so quite a few to choose from. For me, it's between one at a mall, and on on a street. I think the mall store is usually busier, so the street one might be better. But if the weather is bad, we can probably get into the mall earlier. Hmmm....

If i don't have to wait in line and I can get it in my hands by the end of the month (September) then I will be a happy camper!

Going away in October and want to have LTE for the trip.

16gb in Space Grey for me and 16gb in Gold for the wife. Lining up at Best Buy, although in my small city, it's never much of a line so guess I'm lucky in that regard. Counting down the days!

How is this business as usual? In the past, you could pre-order and get your Iphone the day it goes on sale in stores. Guess Apple wants to insure there will be lines at the stores.