Why would Apple "delay" iPhone 5, iOS 5 to fall or 2012?

People with good sources at Apple are saying there will be no iOS 5 preview this April and no iPhone 5 in June and that might be so. However, many of the reasons being giving to support this idea are just... nebulous at best.

First, they aren't "delays". You can't delay something that's never been announced. We've already gone over why Apple not announcing hardware in the WWDC press release is meaningless -- they never have announced hardware in WWDC press releases but have never-the-less shown off the new iPhone there ever since 2007.

There's been some talk that with the Verizon iPhone launch, Apple doesn't need "another" launch so soon this year. However, the Verizon iPhone launch was US only. For the rest of the world -- and make no mistake, Apple sells globally -- the Verizon iPhone launch was very literally a non-event.

A white iPhone 4 launch would be international but would also be for existing hardware -- hardware originally announced in June 2010. It will make some buzz and get some sales, but it probably won't provide significant enough momentum to really place-hold a June iPhone 5 launch.

What strategic reason could Apple have to delay iPhone 5? They aren't waiting on LTE anymore than they waited on a Retina Display to release iPad 2. LTE is primarily a US-only, Verizon-only story and nothing to risk tens of millions of international unit sales on. Is there a feeling nothing besides LTE is "big" enough for an iPhone 5 bump? I'd argue an A5 chipset (2x performance, 9x graphics) is as significant as the bump from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS. Add in a 4-inch screen, HSPA+ radio (which would have wider support than LTE), metal back, etc. and Apple could easily release that in June as a much more impressive update. (Just don't call it iPhone 4S.)

Would breaking with their past June release schedule change things up and keep the competition off balance? Maybe -- if they released earlier than June. Releasing later doesn't seem to provide as big a disruption, not when Android devices are already shipping or about to ship with NFC, dual-core chipsets (and built-in espresso makers for all I know...)

Same with iOS 5. Citing the "preview the future of OS X and iOS" line as an indicator we won't get an April iOS 5 preview this year the way we got an April iOS 4 preview last year. (Because it will only be previewed at WWDC). However, Mac OS X Lion has already been previewed -- has already been released in beta in fact. If OS X can be previewed before the WWDC "preview" then certainly so can iOS.

Apple could release this fall or they could release next year. They could be whispering that now to re-set expectations, or even just to throw said competition off guard. Apple could release iPhone 5 and iOS 5 at the September iPod + iTunes event but why would they? What advantage does it give them?

[Thanks to Phil Nickinson for the video suggestion!]

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Rene Ritchie

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Why would Apple "delay" iPhone 5, iOS 5 to fall or 2012?


He meant that only Verizon has their LTE network set up and ready to go. And even still, they're not done expanding their LTE network.

Even with Verizon's LTE system. The rollout will not reach a decent coverage until well into 2013, Now I am sure that even if they were waiting for even a reasonable coverage for LTE rather than just the areas proposed by Verizon for the end of this year, the coverage will still cause the same disappointment in connectivity or connection speeds that Apple has had with AT&T with their 3G coverage.
This was one of the reasons that I decided not to hold back and wait for the iPhone 5 on Verizon or wait for a 4G capable IPhone. By the time that I reach the end of my contract again with verizon the 4G LTE coverage I the US will be at a level that any smartphone using the LTE system will be connected more to LTE and less to EVDO.
Though to get back to my point, people that purchase 4G smartphones are inherently disappointed when they realize that coverage of any of the '4G' standards is really inadequate to give a seamless service and unless you life in one of the areas that do have coverage compatible with your 4G smartphone then you will feel unhappy with your 4G phone, especially if you are on a 4G plan and for the most part getting only 3G.
As for the rollout globally of LTE it will be a slower process due to the adoption of the HSPA+ as a simpler upgrade that offers decent Bandwidth and for the likes of AT&T it gives them a bolster to their service until they can roll out their LTE service (if they do decide to do this or maybe not).
I personally believe that this rumor may be a reaction to the distinct possibility of higher component costs due to everything that has happened in Japan or the risk that supplies of required components may be limited and delaying a launch until the cost of components returns to a satisfactory level would allow Apple to keep their pricing within their favored price point.

4G Apple phone won't hit until next year when AT&T has LTE. Why don't you enjoy an iPhone now an quit waiting. The iPhone 6 will be better than the iPhone 5. If you have that mindset you won't ever buy an iPhone.

Why? If you want a un-necessary led notification light, buy a Droid..or better yet simple unlock your phone, it takes a half a second..

I'm thinking that they will announce an iOS 5 preview event this week for the 5th of April.

Why not? It's a small little light that is useful and aesthetically pleasing. If you don't want it turn it off. I'd be nice to see Apple adding more small features like this.

It's not a feature at all. It's a pointless light that people are used to from old mobile phones. If your phone is in sight and you would be able to see an LED notifier - then also you can easily reach over and click a button to turn your screen on to see a message.
Put your sunglasses on and deal with it.

Dood: But the LED or some other kind of indication would actually let you know that there's a message to be checked in the first place…! Right now people just keep hitting the home button when they come back to their desk or whatever just to see if they've missed a call or something…

I'm the idiot? Because I think a useless blinking LED would be a battery drain and annoying worthless indicator? Sure. Keep thinking that.

Ummm..so you check your phone hundreds of times a day looking for notifications? I have a feeling you're complaining about this only because you don't have it. LOL

how about part of the screen light up instead? it can be far more flexible than a boring red light. different colors and shapes can be used

Why? If you want a un-necessary led notification light, buy a Droid..or better yet simple unlock your phone, it takes a split second..

If you are jail broken and have an iPhone 4, there is a Cydia download that will turn the flash into a notification led light

LTE is not global and won't be for the next 2 years at least, it's 1 country, 1 carrier, therefore insignificant on a global scale.

It's being tested all over the globe and already offered in some countries besides Germany, such as Norway, Denmark and Thailand.

Yep. The writer probably ment it in a U.S. demographic though. And this is Apple's home base. Even if they built much more impressive stores and the like internationally rather than back here.
Let's not forget in a way Vodafone and Verizon are really one and the same. Sure they only have a stake but it reflects.
One thing to remember is nations abroad in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa are more advanced in the cellular space/or reached certain marks before us. Overall LTE buildout will take a few years in terms of urban space and that's why Sprint jumped on Wimax although at this point the buildout speed will be evened.

Celltech is right, LTE is already being used in some global markets. it is supposed to be the new global standard. That is why VZW picked LTE over WiMax. To me I think a none LTE phone soon would be foolish considering the new android phones that are already out and coming out.

The report was about the FY2012, not CY2012!. FY2012 ends on September 24th. So we are only talking about a move from late June availability to late September for the iPhone. And it does make sense. WWDC is primarily supposed to be a software developer event. So iOS preview in June at WWDC, new iPhone and iOS in September. Why not. And this way Apple could move the yearly iPad release a few months back, away from the problematic "right after the holidays" spot in March.

The answer to "Why not" is obvious. Because Apple has been married to the cyclical developments for some time. If they're switching up cycles, they need a reason to do so.

Move the iPhone closer to the holidays and the iPad farther away and highlight WWDC as a pure software developer event.

Why would they move the iPhone close to the holidays? Does that increase OVERALL sales through year-end? Or does it serve only to increase holiday sales at the expense of mid-year sales?
I can see the argument for the iPad because its timing is oddly placed, but we're not talking about the iPad.

Well, it's not practical to release both the iPad and the iPhone in June/July. So one has to move to the fall. And e.g. it makes more sense and has manufacturing advantages to release a new SoC in a tablet first and then move to a smartphone than the other way around.

You're right they do need a reason (internally at least) but that doesn't mean they owe you the reason. Apple always has moved to the beat of their own drum. Besides, if they release iPhone 5 late September, that's only an extra three months you have to wait. No big deal.

If I were directing the comment at Apple, you might have a point. But I wasn't, so you don't. Simply asking "what's the reason?" doesn't mean that Apple has to put out a press release explaining the decision. It's just requesting an explanation (from anyone) of a possible reason for the move.

Seriously, I get royally cheesed off with all this speculation and rumour crap around Apple product release schedules. Does anyone actually care or want to read it? I honestly doubt it. Anything about release dates I completely bypass now.
Spot on Rene IMHO.

If there isn't a new iPhone at WWDC I won't be that surprised. If they don't do it then I bet they will do a little press conference after. I think we will see iPhone 5 and iOS 5 out by July or at that latest august.

There are the true blue iPhone owners. Others like the newest tech out there. If Apple waits until September to put out an iPhone 5, will owners wait until then, or buy something else. The iPhone 4 will be getting old hat by June. There are alot who did not jump on the Verizon phone for that reason. Did not want to get stuck in a two year contract. I think it would be a bad move on Apple's part to wait.

Really? Because I think it'd be a bad move to release 3 versions of the iPhone 4 (GSM, Verizon and then the white iPhone) in one year, then release an iPhone 5 into an already over-saturated market.
It's going to need to be an LTE phone to compete. The iPhone 4 will by NO MEANS be 'Old hat' in June.

Over saturated? You clearly haven't seen Androids success. And a different colored iPhone isn't a different model, same thing with a iPhone with different radios.

Humm...Android has got twice the market share of the iPhone, and it was released one year after. If that's not success I'm afraid to ask what it is.

Android has gotten "twice the market share" from 14 different devices provided by 5 device manufacturers. Nokia also had the world dominance on mobile devices until recently, am I right? Does that mean Nokia was superior? No. You guys are seriously simple minded.

ipods are decreasing. Would Apple want to save the Fall spot for iphone hardware and move the ipad forward to June starting next year?
I wouldn't think so. Both iphone and ipad have shown enormous success where they are. And ipods need all the help they can get with a fall release. Besides, of the two, an ipad would fit the fall release better than an iphone.
Plus Apple has spent years building expectations for consumers. They expect an iphone in the summer whether its a redesign or a slight bump. Apple would be foolish to to screw with what is working. Heck, there was talk last year whether Apple was taking too long with iphone upgrades being a year. They won't make it worse.
I expect an iOS 5 preview in Apr or May with an iphone 5 release in Jun/Jul. It's that combo of releasing iOS 5 and new hardware at the SAME time that helps iphone sales (even if you can download iOS 5 for the iphone 5). We saw this with ipad 2 and 4.3 (not to mention garageband) being mentioned in every ipad 2 review. Iphone 5 needs iOS 5 IMO for better reviews and marketing.

typo: even if you can download iOS 5 for iphone 4 :P
Same thing with garageband. It was downloadable for first ipads. But every ipad 2 review mentioned this app as if a new ipad 2 feature.

With the release of the Verizon iPhone in February, and the white iPhone coming up in April, this would dilute the potential release for an iPhone 5 in June/July. Apple doesn't need to release a new device this year like they did last year. The iPhone 4 will stand it's ground for another 6-8 months while they prepare to deploy the LTE iPhone 5.

It would be a severe strategic DISadvantage to launch iPhone 5 after their usual June cycle. The other manufacturers have set themselves up to release their big bad smartphones this summer and consumers choose the phone they want based on the 1% which separates the phones. If Apple isn't on top when those summer contract-seekers are up for grabs, they're going to miss out on sales. It wouldn't kill the company or anything dramatic like that, but it's something they would consider for sure. Being unpredictable for the sake of being unpredictable isn't a strategic decision -- it wouldn't knock Apple's rivals off balance, it would just mean that said rival's phones would have a hardware edge when it comes time for customers to choose their next phone come June.
I think we'll see an iOS 5 preview at WWDC, and hot on the heels of that will come the invitations for iPhone 5's release event.

Kevin, the iPhone 4 was the fifth model, you're forgetting the 3GS. These numbers aren't sequential versions of the phone, they are numbers to mark the "generation" of the technology -- and marketing numbers to set expectations.

The iPhone 4 WAS the 4th model, unless you're counting the Verizon iPhone 4 as a separate, 5th model.

Mark, research before commenting:
iPhone - 2007
iPhone 3G - 2008
iPhone 3GS - 2009
iPhone 4 - 2010
iPhone 4 was indeed the 4th iPhone... Hence the "4".

Another possible is that Apple could be making one phone that works on both ATT and Verizon. And since the Verizon phone just came out, and those people cannot upgrade, a new ATT only phone (in the US anyway) could cause trouble for them. We don't know what type of deal they have with Verizon about this. I can't see them wanting to always play catch up with ATT over new phones. People would want to go back to ATT so they would always get the new phone first. I see the ATT launch window moving closer to the Verizon window for this reason. Verizon won't be shaving 1-1/2 years off the update time if a new phone comes out this June for their customers. Apple wouldn't make phones for them that no one will be eligible to buy. Skipping this summer would place ALL iPhone 4 customers on ATT eligible and if Verizon "helps" their customers the way ATT did, EVERYBODY would have an iPhone 5 next year. It would also give them a year to update the iOS to something clean sheet new. It is getting a bit long in the tooth when compared to the competion out there. Some changes HAVE to be made to it.

I hardly think the verizon iphone will trump all the gsm iphones and dictate what Apple does concerning its gsm iphone. The verizon iphone is pretty insignificant compared to the gsm model.

The verizon iPhone is already that phone - gsm and CDMA radios internal Flashed by carrier.

Don't forget that they may show more for Mac OS and maybe they will show of the new hardware for the Mac.
Also Apple has 4 iOS devices and maybe one of them are going to be delayed or maybe the runners of different iPhones like ones smaller or with dIffrent keyboards will be delayed I don't think that Apple. Is going to have an LTE iPhone not this year

Do people not realise that apple don't want people to know they will announce the iPhone 5 until they do. As soon as you announce a new model, sales of the old one slow down, that's why they typically announce then release only a few weeks later. I still expect we will get a new iPhone announced in June

Well, Verizon had a slip saying Apple will bring LTE, China Mobile in talks about LTE iPhone, AT&T T mobile expands LTE, Verizon more eager now, Sprint expanding faster: my small town just got 3g (never thought that would happen from AT&T). Maybe apple needed more time for battery management with LTE. Plus, it is just 3 to 4 months post-phoned launch. It's easier for me because my contract ends in November, but it is just a few months to enjoy LTE.

Apple is allowing the two large US carriers, ATT and Verizon to have the same device on LTE. With ATT purchasing LTE, it will give them all the ability to use the new phone.
There is a lot of iP4 stock in place. The new devices can not have products produced at the correct price point and demand at this point. Too many folks in the games that are using finite LCD resources.
I do not like the Fall date but it is OK. Why should Apple keep playing the the "schedule"?

Iphone 4 i still selling great, the new ipad 2 is selling great...let apple catch a breath...they can have a break cant they? I think they are going to preview just iOS 5 with something like a cloud service and addons from Mobileme, with the higlight: "Its FREE for everyone!", thats enough for the year....

No. Apple is a corporation and cannot take a break. They exist and are paid to make money for the stock holders. They are expected to move forward, increase market share, increase revenues and increase profits. Taking a break would have a negative impact on the goals of any corporation.

Azii - you are almost correct - they are driven to innovate, but the true way to make money is to sell the most of what you have invested in, without more overhead costs - that protects your OI (Operating Income) and Expense, thereby improving your liquidity and stock.
That is what makes shareholders happy.

I was more excited about iOs 5 than a new iPhone. I can see one being delayed (even though it hasn't been announced, I consider it delayed given historical release dates) but not both. iOs is pretty much a done deal, it just needs a few tweeks, not a rewrite of the code.

probably the same morons that said the ipad 2 was going to be delayed.
that worked out great too

Another theory, Apple may have concluded that past 2 years after each iPhone releases, there were android phones releasing after had newer hardware features making the new iPhone dated. Some say Nexus s is better than iPhone 4 as an example. So, we may see next iPhone to be a huge upgrade! A6 maybe!

That's funny. When I google "Nexus S Sales Figures" most of the websites are "Poor Nexus S Sales figures...".

The iPhone 4 is still an impressive device when you compare it to phones like the HTC Thunderbolt as the iPhone still sells and so does the 3Gs so they probably feel that they can hold off on a new iPhone.
They're probably waiting for more Verizon and AT&T figures to see how many Verizon sold to new and existing customers, how many left AT&T for Verizon, what's being used as afar as wireless data is consumed to see if they should hold off on LTE or move on to a new radio system. Because if the numbers weren't big enough for them, then there would be no reason to invest in LTE radios at this time.
However, I don't think they will hold off. Look at Nokia, they ignored the American market for so long that iOS and Android grew wildly out of control for them to compete. If Apple were to hold off on releasing a new iPhone then Android will shoot past them.

Yes, once the better be of the two are taken are removed over to the left, it goes without saying.
We used it to film a clip in our video at www.rrpvideo.com. The primary camera was 1080p but the 720p iPhone 4 camera was able to do the job for one of the scene. It was cheaper than buying an HD camera.
it will continue to sell for a while.

As a g1 user (1st android phone), i really hope they at least show off the iphone 5. Had enough android, but the techie in me cant move to the ip4 when 5 is just around the corner. i know many 3gs users that are feeling the same, regardless of the ip4 being a great phone. i cant see att liking all the 3gs users off contract waiting...

Is anyone REALLY interested in a white iPhone 4 at this point? I want to ditch my 3GS as soon as possible! My two years are up in June!!

LOL @ that video. But anyways, I believe there is reason for them to "delay" the iPhone 5 because of the stuff Apple is doing this summer, Mac OS, white iPhone in the spring and so forth.

Wow, makes no sense at all, Apple would be killing the iPhone, I bought the iPhone 4 on launch day and AT&T moved my upgrade date to June 24th. I'm buying a new phone this summer, if Apple can't build one phone per year that would be pretty pathetic, I'll buy something else, plenty of good options out there.
If they didn't come out with the 5 until 2012 it would have to be some sort of God-phone to be successful again, the OS is feeling dated enough already.

There's no way Apple is going to make one LTE phone that'll work on both Verizon and ATT. Apple didn't even do it for 3G CDMA and GSM with the iPad 2 when the opportunity presented itself. Apple will be delivering minimum 2 LTE phones with one serving CDMA carriers and the other GSM carriers.
The only strategic reason I can see Apple delivering the iPhone 5 in September instead of Junr is because 2nd gen LTE-CDMA and LTE-GSM chipsets will be in mass production over the summer. Maybe this was Apple's strategic component.
The first gen LTE chipsets seen in the Droid Thunderbolt and modems are quite power hungry. Apple really needs the 2nd gen chipsets to be twice as power efficient to have any hope of seeing 6 or 7 hours of medium use.
2nd gen LTE chipsets would be the primary technical reason for them to wait. The only other one I can think of are 40nm A5 chipsets.

I agree with an earlier post.. This June/July I am upgrading regardless, several other options available.. Ready or not, here I come!

Another possibility is that Apple doesn't have complete control of the entire planet yet and actually CAN'T release the next iPhone by June. Everyone seems to assume Apple can do anything they want, whenever they want, so any delay must be a strategic decision.

Ever since the reality of the Verizon iPhone4 hit, I've always felt that the iPhone5/iPhone4GS wouldn't come until fall 2011. Apple knows that they have a strong hand in the marketplace and that the iPad2 would drain quite a bit of money from consumers. Stretching it out has a lot more strategic benefits over releasing the new iPhone during the summer. I would agree that waiting until 2012 would definitely be too late in the game. Waiting for a fall release would also allow for the very possibility of 4G version. A big thing to remember is that the world economy isn't in that great of a shape so by extending periods of when consumers spend money for the newest Apply product would allow for consumers to be ready to buy the next newest product. This in turn would allow for some disruption in predictability by competitors.

my wife has a 3G and I have a 3GS. She is anxiously awaiting an upgrade to the latest phone. Sure I can move her to a 4 this summer but I'd rather push her to the latest and greatest. I know that I am waiting for my own upgrade as my 3GS feels old now.
Will I wait until the fall if I have to? Of course, but I will be rather upset about having to wait that long.

If they announce iOS in June then I expect an overhaul of the UI or something huge that will take full advantage of their new A5 chip. The UI should be more aesthetic pleasing and graphic intensive with the 9x performance boost maybe even throw in some widgets and an info screen, but at the same time keep the 7 hour battery life. I could care less for LTE at the moment. Anything less would be a disappointment.

I honestly don't understand why a lot of people are set on LTE? When Apple 1st released the iPhone, it was EDGE don't forget, when multiple devices were already running 3G. So why wouldn't Apple wait till the networks perfect their "LTE" or "HSPA+" networks so that it runs seamlessly instead of choppy. Because let's be honest, how many times have we heard "We'll be bringing 'insert network speed here' to 'insert random percentage here' by 'insert random day/date/month/year here'." It's been said, and then we get discouraged when it doesn't happen. And even if AT&T and Verizon got their act together, who's to say this network won't have a million and one problems? So who wants a phone a network that isn't fully developed? Let Apple see how "LTE" or "HSPA+" play out, and they feel the network is ready, they'll add the chip set.
As for a release in Fall...I don't know how Apple could benefit. Like other's have said, that may put them behind the competition, considering Android releases a phone any time someone sneezes. I think someone said, the release of iPad 2 and then the iPhone 5 would be too much. It wasn't too much last year when the iPad 1st came out, was back ordered for weeks, and they did an overhaul on the design to iPhone 4. Still sold really well.
Idk, all these rumors tick me off. I just hope we stick to something normal with a release of iPhone 5, with minimal updates to hardware "3G-3GS" and some good overhaul to the iOS.

Why does nobody think that when they say "a preview of the future of iOS," they coudnt also preview the iPhone 5. After all, it is an iOS device and it would contribute to the future of it

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A preview possibly, but release - very unlikely.
They have a lot more to win by waiting until the Autumn (fall) or even early 2012.
It would ensure iPhone 3x consumers bought the i4 this summer on contract renew (thereby boosting their single line sales), and not pi$$ off the i4 users who only bought their device less than a year ago...
They cannot be compared to any other mobile phone company who makes a multitude of devices to meet consumer and network operator demands (eg Nokia, HTC, Moto, etc). Apple has one phone and would only release a new model when they have maximised the sale of the previous, and the consumers are in an optimised purchase cycle...

Doesn't seem like anyone is considering that maybe they just don't have a new product this year. They dont have magical elves making these things. It's possible that they've come to the conclusion that the next generation iPhone just isnt read for the market.

I know why they would delay the iphone 5. They want to let google innovate and wait till they have a decent amount of features. Then they will copy it and say its magical and revolutionary.

after thinking about this, several things come to mind
1:Hardware and Software are not joined at the hip. It is possible to release a new piece of hardware without new software. Take Ipad. it came out without new software of it's own and look at it.
2:Tsunami effect(follow me on this one& yes i know bad metaphor)
Like clockwork Apple likes to update and improve it's product line. I use the metaphor because like the metaphor, competitors know it's coming but are powerless to stop it.
3:Iphone 4-Last year it was leaked and basically let the cat out of the bag. The question i have is would Steve ever let that happen the next time? I would comfortably bet everything i have that security at apple is tighter than the DPRK.
4:Verizon:Verizon users, please acknowledge that you knew of the strong possibility that the next gen phone was right around the corner when u got it. the idea that Apple would delay it's next product for you doesn't make sense from a business perspective. i mean how do you think ipad1 users feel with the Ipad2 coming outwithin a year?
5:September-there's been allot of talk about pushing the Iphone 5 and IOS baack to september but think about it this way. september is the Ipod/music event. with IOS set to include strong cloud services such as music locker(online storage) releasing IOS5 at the event makes a great deal more sense as opposed to the Iphone 5 which would seem really out of place.
6:WWDC keynote:the WWDC keynote is one of the biggest events of the tech-media's year. DO we honestly expect that apple's just going to talk about the new features of the IOS and Mac OS for an hour and a half or more?(average WWDC keynote)
7:but can they walk and chew gum at the same time: Apple's one of the biggest tech company's in the world. are we really suggesting that they can't roll out multiple programs and products at the same time?
8:Hand of Jobs:Steve is still very much involved with these products as he's working on them from home. Steve,being the showman that he is would be an idiot if he let this opportunity to stun the blog-sphere pass him by.
those are just my thoughts

Let's face simple facts, ios is out of date, the truth is its the same phone that came out in 2007, sure they finally added a camera flash, still no battery covers, no sd card, still the same basic look to the ui. The only updates they've added was hardware, and even then its still a tiny 3.5 inch screen, and really in my opinion its had 4 years to change and it hasn't. Htc, motorola, lg, samsung all are innovatve, and change and adapt and this is why if apple doesn't get it together I honestly see people losing interest, oh and I happen to have an hspa+ phone and it blows away most phones. And despite what att says they have one slow ass network, its so sad to see tmobile be sold to such a crap company, and to think tmobile just lit up its 42.2mbps hspa+ which att would never do because there network stinks.

Oh lord this is some funny $hit to read. All of these opinions on what Apple will or won't do, release or change that.... Apple doesn't give a crap about what you want, they will make what they make and you will LOVE IT! You will all say how you won't buy it if it doesn't come out by mid year. You say you won't buy it if it doesn't have LTE or better screen. You say this and that but at the end of the day most all of you are tools, or sheep, that will scream and cry and run out the door like their hair is on fire as soon as the next iphone is out. All this big talk about "I know this" and I won't buy if it's not this".... Bah! You buy it and you'l cream yourself to have it. Even if it's 3g and the same crap they have already released before but this time it's white (I can hear Steve Jobs selling it already) That guy could sell a polished turd to rich man. That's because it's a cool new magic turd.
Here is how I see it. I think the iphone has a solid product but they can't mess around at this point with releasing two year old crap with a new face plate and Jobs throwing pixi dust into the air. Whether you apple fanboys (and that isn't a reference to all of you) want to believe that Android devices are a joke, you're sadly mistaken. You need to look at the market sales and if you don't see it I'm damn sure that Jobs does. It's competition catching up... and fast. Apple needs to release something that has current technology, not yesterdays news, that isn't going to fly. They need LTE for sure if they want to make any significant sales on the next release. I think Apple knows this is a big moment and they know they have to deliver. If that means that they release the next revised iphone later in the year so it will be more updated and push innovation, so be it. They can not afford to throw crap out there right now. On the same token they can't wait to long to release it as there are some amazingly good alternatives to the iphone coming out in the next few months and they don't want to show up too late to the party.
At the end of the day it is what it is. Apple will make what they want (not what you need) and people will pee their pants to have it But mark my words that if they don't start making major improvements they are going to start losing market share very fast.

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