Apple discontinuing iPhone 5

Apple discontinuing iPhone 5

Apple has just announced that they will be discontinuing the iPhone 5. This is a change to their usual pattern of lowering the price of last year's phone. It will be replaced with two new models instead.

Source: The Verge

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Reader comments

Apple discontinuing iPhone 5


iPhone 5c is like iPhone 5 but cheaper to make so it only makes sense for them to do this rather than sell the iPhone 5 at iPhone 5c pricing.

Hmmm... What's the advantages of discontinuing last year's iPhone? I wonder if they're gonna provide an enticing trade-in for iPhone 5 owners... I hope they do ;)

And why would they do that?? Your 5 isn't just going to stop working. SMH.....too much damn (false) entitlement these days. Please don't respond as I really don't care what you have to say past that 1st comment, sarcastic or not.

Geez! I have a right to express my opinion on these forums, don't I?

I can understand why Apple would discontinue the iPhone 5 device given the iPhone 5C is pretty much it... But it's a fact that AT&T and other networks tend to provide a cut-down price for newer models for those carrying older iPhone devices and such... so it's just plain simple observation to wish that they'd provide an enticing trade-in program for those looking to trade-up from their existing iPhone 5 devices to iPhone 5S.

And you don't have the right to tell me not to respond to your rude and sarcastic reply to my original comment. Either don't reply to my comment, or if you do, then I reserve the right to reply to your comment.

I know your comment wasn't aimed at me, but I felt need to reply.
JUST going to stop working? No. Mine hasn't worked properly since I purchased it in February. It's been exchanged, through Apple, 9 times... 9 times in 7 months is a lot if you ask me (it's about to be 10). The vibrate works intermittently, and is a known problem. The solution "if you hit the phone real hard, it will work..." I shouldn't have to hit my phone, hard or soft, to get vibrate function working. So not everyone has FALSE entitlement. When I pay what I did for a the iPhone 5, I expect it to work. So for me, a trade off with some hella good discount would be warranted. Otherwise, I will be switching back to droid in November.

Luckilly i just got the iPhone 5.
But will it still get updates in the future or what? I don't get it :/

You will. Just not all of them, because Apple will say it isn't capable of running them. Even though it's basically the exact same phone.

It's not basically the same. It is the exact same phone except it is now wrapped in plastic rather than metal. The only difference is apple will now begin to withhold features so that people can do what they do best "consume".

I can understand the 5c phone being developed. Not everyone is willing or able to spend 200 to 400 dollars for a phone. This opens a new market for Apple, and it's a win for Apple either way. Apple is in the business of making money like every other producer of consumer goods. I'd be glad to have some shares in Apple stock.

The value of the 5 is more than the 5c and people are gonna still try and get one because it was just so awesome the 5c will start to look very cheap with that plastic the colour will start to go and look dirty!!!!!

It's not the same as iPhone 5 look on there site, the 5c has more lte bands it can connect to. Then iPhone 5 only has two if its a AT&T iPhone. That is the one I got in June, I have had 4 brand new iPhone 5's since then. It's loses data while talking, and shows no services. This is the 4th new one and its doing it too, I got mine thru bestbuy where they give u a two year warranty. So there is something wrong with the iPhone 5.

Nope, nothing wrong with the iPhone 5, I've had mine for almost a year now and it works just fine. You're just having strokes of bad luck.

Apple is doing the biggest mistake of it's life. iphone 5 is the most beautiful model ever and in my opinion it looks much better than 5S. 5c has no comparision with it. Iphone 5 has the greatest look in all apple devices. No any other device can compete it. Best from Jonny's innovation.