Apple job posting hints at iPhone 5 possibly coming to Sprint

Apple has put up a job post requesting a carrier technician familiar with the Sprint network, which has led many to believe they may be prepping to include Sprint in their ammunition chest of US carriers that support the iPhone.

Apple in a newly discovered job posting effectively gave away plans to make a Sprint iPhone. A position for a "carrier engineer" is being offered that would work out of Kansas City, Missouri, just a short distance from Sprint's Overland Park, Kansas headquarters. The recruit would be responsible for getting technical certification of devices in an area where Sprint is the only company with a major office.

This goes along with recent rumors of the iPhone 5 possibly including Sprint and T-Mobile as supported carriers, and also backs up Verizon's claims that the next iPhone will be a world phone supporting both CDMA and GSM networks.

You may recall Apple was seeking CDMA engineers in a similar job posting late last year, which eventually led to the Verizon iPhone being released on the network shortly after.

Do you think we'll be seeing the iPhone on Sprint anytime soon? Let us know in the comments!

[Stop it, AT&T via electronista]

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Reader comments

Apple job posting hints at iPhone 5 possibly coming to Sprint


Unlimited data
Unlimited calling to any cell phone on any carrier
Rollover minutes
5300k down and 1300k up all day long for $87 a month, plus the perk of using an iPhone. And I habent dropped a call since September of 2010 in a tunnel.

Well at the Verizon unveiling they did say the CMDA iPhone wasn't exclusive to Verizon

If any of these carriers offer a data-only plan I will jump from AT&T in a heartbeat. With the quality of voip apps out there now, there is absolutely no reason to pay for voice and text.

I just want to hear "unlocked" iPhone 5. not "must use carrier A B C or D only"
I travel to various countries. Any one who travels often knows it is easier and cheaper to get a prepaid-use SIM with local number in the country, so calls there are local, than have to carry a 2nd phone or roaming charges. I want to put any GSM SIM in my iPhone and use it.

T-Mobile is no longer going to exist. So there's no need for a T-Mobile iPhone. Verizon & at&t are the only carriers that have real compition. I wouldn't be surprise if sprint went out of business within 5 years.

With the pending AT&T-Mo merger, Sprint would be the only remaining US carrier without an iPhone. They would be foolish to ignore Apple in favor or more gimmicky Android phonesm

Sprint has other business divisions other than just Mobile phones but it is a large factor of their business and it would be a welcome addition to their phone selections. With all the T-mobile "new" plans for data and wi-fi calling, and they didn't do this before until the upcoming possible merger, makes me wonder if they are doing all this to increase their customer base and value for the acquisition and then slap t-mo users in the face with At&t if the merger happens. But I do like their Wi-fi capable handsets. Wish that could be ported to Sprint phones!

Sprint iphone would be awesome as long as they don't cap the data plans as well. Sprint has an unlimited data plan bundled with their plans so if they keep this I would love it.

Apple should have offered phones on all carriers long ago. The only person the exclusive truly benefitted was AT&T, which hit consumers with high fees and never investing in their network. AT&T's greed is showing -- their network is failing. The exclusive cost Apple market share as many refused to switch to AT&T and opted for Android devices. That said, an iPhone on Sprint would be welcomed. AT&T has to be the worst carrier -- I hope the FCC doesn't allow the merger with T-Mobile. It would be bad for consumers!!

A sprint iPhone would be amazing. As a Sprint consumer I think it would help regain Sprint's fan base and help them become more relevant. And it would help Apple even more because there are people who would love to have the iPhone but aren't willing to leave Sprint's plans.

I think it would be great. Sprint has made a huge turn around and I love the unlimited data and fair priced voice plans.

I believe it will come to Sprint. If nothing else, Sprint knows that it has to get in on the iPhone game if it wants to survive, and Apple will be able to market more devices this way. If it does come to Sprint, they will have the advantage because they believe In keeping their entire plans unlimited. They will have to do this with the iPhone as well, and I don't see them imposing any tiered plans. I can see people flocking to Sprint to get away from those data caps. Eventually, it would seem the other carriers would have to follow on that so customers will have a reason to stay. It's time that the iPhone makes it way to Sprint.

I've been a Palm customer with Sprint forever. I actually am still using the original Pre that I got in 2009. My wife has been on Verizon since we've been married and I've completely refused to leave Sprint because of their awesome plans. With the HP acquisition of Palm and their complete lack of ability to get ANY phones to market I would welcome with open arms an iPhone on Sprint. I can't do Android. Their UI is terrible. For me it's really down to iOS or WebOS. It would really make for an interesting decision to have to pick between them. But it would be a nice quandry to have!